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  1. Had some great offers. I'm flattered honestly!.. I'll make my mind of very soon and be in touch .. Many thanks :) Sark
  2. Sark74

    Unbalanced Matchmaking

    I haven't read all the comments, but I've had games where some teams are made to lose. There is no other explanation!. You get into a position where you think you will be a tactical advantage to your team, only to look up and your 4 ships down already. Your teams DD's all died sat broadside in smoke or over extended and called everyone a noob for not helping them, Everyone here must have been in those teams at some point. I've come to the conclusion that the team with the the best CV or DD captains will generally win. The Poor CV player will get overwhelmed or attack the wrong ships or lesser skilled DD die to sitting broadside in smoke, Using guns while they should be trying to get concealment back.. I'd like to see a game where if u have 5 BB, 4 Cruisers and 3 DD's all of the BB's, cruisers and DD's have similar Personal ratings.. or all 3 Add up to the same number.. if u get a DD captain with 400 PR up against a 1400.. its clear to me who will come out on top :( If people really want a better/fairer match making, they will have to suffer longer queue's is it worth it? just my thoughts tho..
  3. Hi ya, *scratches head* I find myself looking for a clan again, I've been in 2 clan's in the 10 months I've been playing. I mainly play DD's and those are Shimakaze and Gearing, I also have a Minotaur and Salem, various T5-8 ships for random Divs. I try to play BB's but mostly unsuccessfully, i never seem to be in the right position to score decent damage etc.. I have a Alabama, King George V and a Bayern .. but i should stop playing them if i'm honest. MY stats on DD's and Cruisers aren't amazing but in DD's i play for points to win. I have a 1004 Personal rating in DD's, 931 in Cruisers and 867 in BB's. (1250+ in carriers but i just dont enjoy em) .. Looking for a Mature English speaking clan without stupid rules, like Must do ranked if u want to Clan Battle, I'm fairly easy going .. i want to participate in Clan Battles you don't have to be amazing with high win rates, just put up a good fight etc, Happy to sit in a Bravo team :) I'm happy to Div up for XP/Credits here's my stats page.. http://www.wowstats.org/stats/eu/sark74/ I'm average at best, purely because my first 5/600 games i didnt have a clue what i was doing lol .. if u check my lower tier ships the stats are garbage .. I cant join a clan for a few days so leave your messages below and i'll check back over the next few days :) Cheers Sark
  4. I've been taking part in the 3rd round of CV rework.. I've been looking forward to the update as I'm not a very good CV player.. I was decent on the Hosho but the extra squadron on the Zuiho seem to get forgotten as I too much is going on. I'm not a good multi tasker. So I thought this Rework would be ideal for me and something I could get into.. played 5 games.. very bored!.. Final game I spotted a DD about 9km away.. so by the time I got back the map to change the way points for the carrier to flee the incoming DD, I lost sight of the DD, didn't take long to find it again .. but by now its only 6km away.. I was trying to hit it, 3 salvo's missed all 3.. next set of planes. I also ask the other carrier to help deal with the DD.. 2 of us trying to hit a DD and failing.. I got torpedoed and sunk.. as I couldn't outrun him .. couldn't hit him as he was evading … I had no answer.. I know CV's need a rework as on wow stats some players have a rating 10m!!! where I have like 1000 on dd's!. lol in the right hands they totally change the balance of the games.. they Keep DD's (me) perma spotted, and that's unfair.. but this isn't the answer!.. this rework isn't engaging, it isn't fun, its a total nerf.. and if It it goes live I will probably just cash in my carriers and never pay the calss again.. Honest opinion.. the rework is a very generous 2/10 not for me at all.. very dull... And this style of play will only make low tier DD's go carrier hunting more as the small DD's are incredibly hard to hit.. whish is a bad thing to teach new DD captains in my honest opinion..
  5. Sark74

    Elite XP conversion rate (black friday)

    Ahh .. my bad.. :D i got excited there..
  6. Says on the website its now at 35 xp per 1 Doubloon(see Pic). but in game its still showing at 25,, is it just a graphic error or not available right now? Cheers Sark https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/sales-and-deals/november-missions-2018/
  7. Sark74

    Weekends are getting too painful these days...

    the problem is that if you watch Flambass in a DD, he does tactics. caps/ prevents caps. spots.. People only remember the damage done ... They totally ignore the 2 enemy DD's hammering our DD in the cap.. and wonder why they start losing while spamming "I need intelligence data"..
  8. Sark74

    Weekends are getting too painful these days...

    I always try to do more damage (45k average in the shima) than my ships HP (17900) while doing tactics, for example, Spotting, capping, preventing enemy caps, Hunting other DD's and Torping where possible..
  9. Sark74

    Weekends are getting too painful these days...

    its wow stats plus... GarrusBrutus Check out the match making on this... i spent my game spotting a Khaba and ruining his game in my Shimakaze, only for a Worcester and Minotaur to no shoot at him... at all... the Match making needs to be more indepth .. stats not just ships... we never stood a chance.. 7 Unicum players all on 1 side.. where they should've been spread evenly.. and the potatoes need to spread more evenly... that game i survived but it was over very quickly...
  10. wow!.. I've had some really good offers already. I thought i'd struggle to find a good clan, but infact i'm going to struggle pick 1 out the good offers on the table.. thank you all so much :) i'll read through all the messages and be in touch :) Thanks :)
  11. Hi, I'm just putting the feelers out to see whats about, I'm an mature but average player who enjoys a laugh in game, got a couple of T10's (Shimakaze and Minotaur) and various lower tier ships. Currently working on the Gearing, I have the XP and researched the Fletcher, but funds are lacking at the moment. Next would be the Moskva (at Schcors) then Des Moines (at New Orleans) I'm looking for a clan who are relaxed and enjoys a bit of fun, but want to do well, i don't mind loosing at clan battles as long as its not a crushing defeat. Put up a good fight and carry on.. Everyone makes mistakes and its only a game. I don't want to be involved with Ranked, its not my cuppa tea. I was happy in a clan until 3 days ago when they introduced a new rule, No Ranked = No clan Battles. So i thanked them for the fun times and explained its time to move on. I still chat to the Clan members so i feel i left on good terms and made a few friends there. Here's my stats if your interested. https://worldofwarships.eu/en/community/accounts/553659571-Sark74/!/pvp/overview/ Average at best. But i do have the odd game when "SuperSark" comes out and goes on a ramage.. lol :-D I get the odd Heroic Medal :D I dont check this daily so leave a message and i'll check them out as my earliest time, Cheers. Thanks for reading. Regards.. Sark **EDIT** if only 2-3 players are on during the week, then your not the clan for me. I prefer a more active clan!. thanks **
  12. Sark74

    3 clan members in ranked battles

    ty ty ty.. *deep bow* i graciously accept my prize.. thank you!.. I rarely win anything these days so this really means alot.. <3
  13. Sark74

    3 clan members in ranked battles

    LOL! … I don't play ranked purely because I get matched with morons!.. if I could div up and be 100% Guaranteed to be there with clan mates.. I would probably play ranked... in the last 2 season I've played 6 games... don't enjoy it at all.. so I'll probably go play something else until its over..
  14. I'm an average player with average stats.. I'm not claiming to be anything special here But!.. Why is it that every weekend the level of play drops to a level that's nothing short of abysmal.. I was on Friday from about 10am GMT and i was getting a fairly decent % of wins, But mid day came and my teams just went to sleep or forgot how to play , I'm getting to the stage where its hard to find the motivation to play at the weekends... everyone going the same way in a mass lemming line, Ships sailing past caps and not even trying to cap it, DD's saying I'm not that kind of DD when they wont cap... I would cap on my Kagero and Yugamo without Smoke but they simply refuse to help the team and go off BB hunting trying to score 200k as if they are Flamu wannnabe's or something.. me and 2 clan mates had 10 games this morning, our teams were dreadful.. 10 defeats in a row.. I don't mind a defeat if its a hard fought.. but 2 of the 10 games.. only 2 enemy ships were sunk and those were by us.. Is it the ability level of player drops over the weekend, or is the matchmaking programmed to pre pick a winning and loosing side? this was a battle today, it was a Defeat, as you'd expect from the players on the enemy side.. they have 2 exceptional players.. we have players with stats that make me think these 2 teams were assembled 1 to win and 1 to loose before the game even started. if you look at the ratings of our Battleships and DD's.. they are less that the other team, Maybe I'm just venting but Weekends are bad in WoWs right now.. something has to change to get players to want to work together and work on tactics as a team and not think they are Flamu or Flambass lol ..
  15. Sark74

    Radar Discussion Megathread

    give Radars the same cooldown's as Spotter planes... So they cant be chained to Stop DD's capping, You would actually have to leave your comfy hiding place and hunt the DD yourself... Imagine that nonsense!!!.. lol Duration 20 seconds, Cool down 360 or 240 for premium... no more chaining radars in divisions... and making it impossible to defend a cap from behind a rock.. i think thats fair..