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  1. Sark74

    CV Rework Discussion

    We don't have to "deal with it".. we can go play something else .. its that simple!.. this is not what we signed up for .. so why waste good money of it? Its like going to McDonald's but hating the menu.. just go to Burger King instead!.. Simples!. I look in on my clan discord. Last 2 clan battles they haven't had enough players to put up bravo team let alone Alpha.. this is ruining the game for a majority, But WG cant see it.
  2. Sark74

    CV Rework Discussion

    this 1 sentence absolutely sums up the rework for me!
  3. Sark74

    Sensible CV change incoming

    Waiting 45s in my opinion wont change anything, just delay the inevitable. Will DD's be able to cap in 45's, Doubtful, so all that will do is give the position of the DD quicker to the CV, if only 1 DD in the game, and 3 caps.. soon as the planes are ready he will know exactly where to go.. by the cap being flipped. Also just make the Cruisers and BB's easier to spot as they move into positions.. This is like putting on a band aid over a gun shot wound.. lol .. gonna need more than 45s to fix it tbh..
  4. Sark74

    too much planes and radar against DD.....

    Radar, I used to dip into caps and flush out those radars, When radar, use WASD sploits as you wiggle to safety. or spot a ship while close to islands and when they use radar.. just sit behind an island and make them waste it. Planes, just stop running as face the inevitable, let them bomb the crap out of you as its fun and engaging!.. You're only here for CV captains enjoyment now not your own!.. When sunk join the next game and PRAY your next game has no CV and you can have some fun of your own. Have a Great day now! <3
  5. Sark74

    CV Rework Discussion

    Was the CV rework ever tested in a way that tests the fun for the ships being attacked or perma spotted by the CV's? Because it clearly feels that WG only tested the fun for the CV captains and no one else.. its just not fun to play against!!.. I've only played 4 DD games since 0.8.0 .. switched to CL's.. and its still not fun to play against.. Where is my fun?? i guess its in the uninstall and play something else? =/ Im at 23 days since my last game and i still have zero desires to spend any time or money in the game..
  6. i got nothing since Tuesday!.. thought i was the only 1 ..
  7. Sark74

    [THGZ] Recruiting for Clan Battle teams

    last bump.. Im not playing at the moment.. but the guys are still doing well in Clan Battles.. would really be good if we had enough for the bravo team too!. :)
  8. Sark74

    [THGZ] Recruiting for Clan Battle teams

    bump.. got a few new members in .. Could use a few more with Storm league experience for Alpha team :) Thanks
  9. Ahoy shipmates!. THGZ are a fun and mature (in age only) clan, We have members from across UK, Europe and further a field, 90% of the time its laid back fun, But when Clan Season comes along, we like to try and progress. We're recruiting a few players to replace a few recent departures and we're looking for the following types of players. We require active participation outside of clan and ranked Seasons, we want to have people who are regularly looking for divisions and join in on discord. We have members in their 20's and right up to 70's. Mainly 30's and 40's. So don't think you will be too old or too young to join in. We're not too focused on overall stats but more recent stats, as I'm guilty of being not very good at the start, I'm not very good now but all my stats are improving so that's all we ask!. - English speaking but not essentially fluent, But you must be able to understand and follow verbal instructions. - Must have Discord as its our only form of voice comms and forum posts. - 18 and above but exceptions can be made. - Must be willing to participate in Clan Battles (2 days a week) - Must have a minimum of 1xT10 Ship (pref CV and CL's). - Must have a sense of humour and not get easily upset. - Have an average XP per game of 1100+ over 1000 games for the clan battles team. If you meet those fairly easy requirements we'll be happy to hear from you!. If you don't you are more than welcome to apply but please don't be upset if your not a regular in the Clan Battle teams. We are especially looking for a Skilled CV player so our current CV player can play other ships and switch around. Our Port -Officers club 5/5 (clan size 50 members) -Academy 5/5 (+10% Commander Xp you receive) -Research Centre 6/6 (+5% Xp you receive) -Design Bureau 6/6 (+25% free Xp you receive) -Shipyard 6/6 (-15% ship purchase costs) -Dry dock 5/6 (-12% Post battle service to all tiers) -Coal Port 2/3 (+7% coal you receive) -Steel Port 0/3 For further information please contact Noach40 ste1701 kesh01 Thanks for reading. Sark74.
  10. Look up a guy called Siegfried_S, he's South African, he's an officer in my former clan, He's a great guy, Clan has some very good members. But sadly me and the clan leader dont get along.. but dont let my opnion of him put you off, seek out Siegfried_S if you want fellow country men to play with. Have a great day! Sark
  11. Sark74

    [TIW] Thames Iron Works - Casually competitive

    Free bump for 1 of my favourite streamers!.. These guys are good!.. Give em a go!.. Nothing to lose, right!?..
  12. Sark74

    Richelieu - Tier VIII

    I dont mind the lack of tankiness in the french like.. it makes to play more strategic .. its just the accuracy is awful .. you have to push in close to get the accuracy but with no torpedo belt.. its too risky ..
  13. Sark74

    Richelieu - Tier VIII

    Dammit!.. i was hoping this was the duff ship in the line.. Would've pushed my german line up but since the rework.. Bismarck's just get shat on greatly by CV's :( no fun to play anymore