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  1. Sark74

    Iowa Turrets constantly breaking!!

    I have PM, run a standard tank build .. =/ guess im just unlucky losing turrets then :( i had a screenshot of both front guns destroyed by a FDG! :(
  2. Working my way through the Iowa. I've been having nothing but turrets breaking, BOTH destroyed in 1 game, Yes i run the 50% Module as you can see from the pic.. but with 431mm armor i thought they would be safe Is it a regular thing they break or an i just unlucky?.. growing tired of it really!. its worse than a Jean Bart for breaking guns!.
  3. because playing against a team with an active CV.. You are condemned to 100% defeat.. this 1 class has too much influence.. if another class goes afk.. fine... but a CV.. 100% loss.
  4. he didnt launch a single plane.. a shimakaze gunned him down in the end.. No problem sitting on the border.. but not participating in competitive is taking it out on your new teams mates because either he's an idiot, or he got reported in the last game.
  5. thanks for the advice.. im not stat shaming. this person should be dealt with and if they want to be an idiot.. fine!.. go to Coop!.. but in ranked!! :( If im breaking the rules.. I'll take the punishment but I'm not removing it, if WG staff want to that's fine. But WG must stop this behaviour in competitive!..
  6. its the 2nd time it happened this season.. and it happened mulitple times in the last sprint season we had CVs too.. each time.. those players who ruin the fun intentionally could do it in a class that wont condemn the team to 100% defeat.
  7. This is the 2nd guy who just reversed to the border and did nothing... Didnt even launch a plane. If a cruiser is AFK .. we can cope, a BB is AFK we can Cope.. If a CV is AFK.. its 100% a loss...
  8. Free bump so more people see this. People NEED to see this.. far too many clan-less, camo-less, clueless captains around at the moment. I tend to play 80% off my games alone, hence I'm struggling at a mid to low 49% win rate :( while my XP and Damage are pretty decent .. Sadly i get those low IQ DD's that rush everywhere and try to gunboat everything in Torp ships.. =/ lol.. Great guide.. Definitely making me think how i can improve.. Get more friends that play the same time as me is 1 idea for sure lol
  9. Everyone should be forced to read this!. People in randoms really need help on how to play this game at the moment.. its very poor lately!. Great guide.. hope it helps people improve :)
  10. thanks for the replies. :) I have to take the daughter around to university open days this weekend, but i'll hopefully get a chance to read through these very shortly thanks Sark
  11. I had to leave my last clan (TAW) because i couldn't attend the 2 weekly mandatory events. I started to miss the events due to work and it was going to become an issue so i jumped before it became an issue.. The Guys in TAW are great and very helpful. Still friends with a few. Cant say a bad word against them. My personal situation changed after i joined, so it was only fair to not waste anyone's time and give up my spot for a more active player. I was disappointed to leave but i knew the rules when i joined. About me.. I'm 40 year old. a semi skilled player of wows (see screenshot of recent games) .. I work long hours on a motorway widening project i have limited time but i still enjoy the game so i'm looking for a clan that is flexible, casual, but you want to do well, I don't find it funny to play with people who over extend and laugh at their sinking ship. Cheers Sark
  12. Sark74


    These types of ships totally change the game. there is no pushing to 16km on islands until the Colberts/Smolensks are spotted, My game above with in a Conquerer my Super heal couldn't cope with the damage!.. Its like the CV rework all over again.. they've only tested the fun factor of the ships to play, and not the ships to play against. I know people will be rolling eyes now thinking oh a Conq player complaining about fires, but Conq is 26s reload, Colberts and Smolensks are terminal cancer with 4s reloads?, With 2 in a division you put out 3 fires.. and straight away.. they are starting fires all over.. even with fire prevention!!.. they need to remove HE from these ships or lower the fire chance, Minotaurs had HE removed in testing for this exact reason!.. on Youtube there are video's on these ships of 300k+ games within 2 days of these ships being released.. Just like the CV rework again.
  13. Sark74


    I think Colbert and Smolensk make BB's absolutely pointless to play. 1 Volley every 26s vs 500 shells and within seconds.. triple fires.. I just had a Game with a 2 Colbert Division down at A, forcing me to turn away only to be heading into a 2 Smolensk Division... its was carnage All our BB's just Melted.. .. Its like CV rework all over again.. i'll sit out until like 8.3 when they change something to make the game enjoyable again.
  14. Sark74

    Duke of York and KGV... Reload times

    Thanks for the info :) I'll try out the AP a little more, Ive only played her once so far.. Oh and I have the artic camo for the Edinburgh, it's nice :)
  15. These are the basically the same ships except for spotter plane on thr KGV and Hydro on Duke, but my question is why does the KGV have a 25s reload and the Duke of York have 29.5s reload, same guns, same shells, same everything :/ KGV was probably my favourite in the British line, I just got the Duke from a container and I'm a little bit disappointed it doesn't have 25s reload :/ anyone know why?.. Some historical fact maybe? Cheers