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  1. Kosmonopo

    The Scariest Night of the Year Is Coming!

    Doa, lol! You get the measly Twilight Tokens from playing other game modes than this, which won't be sufficient to buy anything decent anyway.
  2. Kosmonopo

    A Nevsky Cammo

    I found a WG container while the camo got taken away. Its something at least.
  3. Kosmonopo

    A Nevsky Cammo

    Im one of those people who got A. Nevsky camo yesterday and I did not have it on Moskva prior it becoming a special ship. Better not play any games on that ship with the camo on or there will be account rollback when WG eventually takes it back
  4. Kosmonopo

    Submarines in Random Battles

    Gg WG, uninstall. O wait you don't play your own game, nvm.
  5. Kosmonopo

    Waterline, superships feedback (DB 227)

    So these things are coming to randoms too? hoo boi as if subs arent "enough"
  6. Kosmonopo

    Birthday Gifts

    Alright, still the first response about me being wrong was still delayed since i had already edited the statement. :)
  7. Kosmonopo

    Birthday Gifts

    Oh, your birthday? well then that was mighty generous to take into account by WG. What I ment by my edit was in my og post about not being wise to select 30th September was that on the following day I did also receive the email and thus went to correct my initial statement.
  8. Kosmonopo

    Birthday Gifts

    but did you read my edit, you even quoted it :)?
  9. So the type 1 and type 2 will be the same as type 5 in terms of bonuses, they'll just look different. The worrying part is "part of the big change". Economic bonuses of existing flags and camos are going to change? Let me guess: for the worse. why?
  10. Kosmonopo

    Ways of distribution of new ships (DB 218)

    no free exp ships anymore
  11. Kosmonopo

    Birthday Gifts

    pro tip: if you have not set it yet and are thinking of setting it as this day - don't ive done the research for you: you get to wait for a year Edit: The following day 1st Oct. The message came anyway, saying "since you had birthday recently", maybe some other people with birthdays during September especially during the later days might have gotten the same.
  12. Kosmonopo

    Unable log in via Steam acc

    Its apparent that many steam users have same problem so i doubt it will be of any help.
  13. Kosmonopo

    Unable log in via Steam acc

    Yup, many hours potential grinding time lost and ranked is also open now, cant login thus cant play.
  14. Kosmonopo

    Unable log in via Steam acc

    it has been persisting for 6 or so hours (for me)