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  1. White_Fall

    State of Bismarck in current meta

    Hi All, I was wondering what the current state is of the bismarck and secondary build (14pnt captain)? Positions tactics (domination/standard)when top tier?(random solo) Positions Tactics(domination/standard) when bottom tier ?(random solo) What other ships on the team should I stick with? (Random battle solo) And should I hang back early game to get stuck in later? This is always the big question when the game starts. Move to fast and my bismarck ends at the bottom of the sea. Move to slow and im little to no use for the team. If possible some positions/tactics with pictures or new you tube? And how is the influence on Bismarck with the new CV play style? Slot 1 Auxiliary Armaments modification Slot 2 Damage control Slot 3 Secondary Modification Slot 4 Damage control 2 Slot 5 Concealment Captain skills (14pnt) PM, AR, SI, MFCSA and AFT Thanks
  2. White_Fall

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    Count me in for the Lottery :)
  3. White_Fall

    14 pnt capt bismarck (Secondary build) Advice

    Thanks, i will have a look at it :)
  4. White_Fall

    14 pnt capt bismarck (Secondary build) Advice

    Good advice all thanks :) Well now we are here. Im also looking for some advice how to bismarck these days. What i do now is the same as with Gnei, I hang back(Not to much ofcourse) early game to get in later when the right conditions are there.(At least i try ) 1 Looking for Some advice about map positions?(Standard/Domination) And are there some good pictures or movie's or replays around?(there are a lot but which is good to learn?) 2-Yet I seem to have trouble discerning when to be push and when to retreat/not advance, which I think is now hindering my BB play. Push to fast and i got focus fired. To slow im useless for the team and miss al the action. From start i try stick with some CA/DD(Sail 1/2 or 3/4 speed Not full speed from start) try to support them. But often when the first red is on the horizon all the ships flees to everywhere and im left alone so i retreat when focus fired and then i got complaints in chat that i do nothing. What to do in this kind of situations? Or when my team lost already couple ships in the first 5-10 min?(happens quite often when i play) 3- What to do/how to start when im top tier BB? 4-Same but then for Tier IX X games (also happens quite often with Bismarck) 5 Is it better to sail to the center of the map? And find cover from islands to not have the enemy on both sides of my ship or i better sail to the flanks so that all enemys are on 1 side? I know i have only played 353 battles till now so i still have to learn a lot. Hope you have some good advice for me and i can learn to become a better player. Thanks :)
  5. Hi All, I was wondering what Captain skills and module updrades are best in Bismarck? For now i have PM, AR, SI, MFCSA, AFT Module upgrades are Auxiliary Armaments Modification 1 Damage Control System Modification 1 Secondary Battery Modification 2 Damage Control System Modification 2 Concealment System Modification 1 Thanks :)
  6. White_Fall


    Hi All, Due to work/social life i do not have much time to play. During the week i can play average 1 sometimes 2 games a day and during weekend 2 or more games. ( After 22:00 Dutch time) Any clans i can join who can use me and have players active around my online time? I would like to team up and learn from more experienced players. At the moment i play the German BB line ( Gneisenau) Already can buy the bismarck but i continue some more time with Gnei. In future i would like to pick the US destroyer line. Hope there are some clans out i can join to who can help me to be a better player.
  7. White_Fall

    Why is Gneisenau so worthless?

    As for me i like the Gneisenau but still not play her to its strengths after 42 battles. I find it difficult to find the right moments to push in with her. The first matches I was always following the DD/CA from start to support them from a little distance. What happens in most matches is when the first red was on the horizon all ships spread out and I’m left alone and got destroyed because of concentrated fire at me and no support. Now the first 5-10 min I try to stay 2nd line and support DD/CA Often sail at ¾ speed not full speed anymore from start of the match, and read the minimap to find the right moments to push in. But now what happens often is that my team spreads out by the first contact with red and within 5-10 min my team is lost already. So the only thing I can do is stay at save distance or push in and see how far it goes and then got sunk. I go always option 2 sail to death. But in the rare matches In an "ideal" world 1 or 2 BB's accompanied by 3 cruisers and 1 DD. The DD taking point, CA's second line and the BB's following. When this group encounters the reds, the DD spam torps and pull back. If it's an heavy encounter the CA's fall back a bit as well, giving support fire while the BB's deals heavy damage and tanks damage for the rest. If it's an DD encounter the CA's should rush forward to finish them off. The pest is, often this doesn't happen. But when it happen I have really nice matches with Gneisenau. Also the point is when my team is lost I got often the blame for that because of staying 2nd line from start of the game. So they expect me to be frontline and take all damage and got sunk. Even in up tier matches the same situation. Conclusion: When the ideal world or similar situation happens the the Gneisenau can heave really nice matches but to bad its quite rare for me. Maybe others have more luck then me :) Picture is from a good match for me
  8. White_Fall

    Bayern Modules & Captain skills

    For now i only keep a little distance to see how the match progress and then join the ships who like to team up and then pushing in the right moments. But often there is no to little teamplay and everybody is on their own even after asking for a plan or support often quit in chat. S i try to pick the right moments to push in for example a half health BB of 2 damaged CL Even my last game in 5 min half of the team was already gone. Maybe it is because i often play late evening around 23:30 or a bit later (not much time during the day or early evening to bad)
  9. White_Fall

    Bayern Modules & Captain skills

    Thats the thing try to not to be alone. For example i go with 1 or 2 DD and 2 CL/CA and when the first red is on the horizon the group splits up to everywhere and i end up with all reds firing at me. Now i try to follow from more distance to see how the match goes and then start to push in the right moments. In the rare games i had where the group stays in formation. Then the Bayern shines. But to bad its really rare that the group stays in formation to make a nice push. Conclusion its hard to make a good brawl these days (at least for the matches i play)
  10. White_Fall

    Bayern Modules & Captain skills

    I have a 10 point (close to 11 now) captain at the moment with the following skills -Preventive Maintenance -Adrenaline Rush ( change to Expert Marksman ? ) -Superintendent (change to Basic Firing Training? ) -Advanced Firing Training Bayern modules are as follow Main Battery 1 Aiming Systems 1 Damage Control 1 Damage Control 2 I always try to close in with my team but often the team spread to everywhere by the first red on the horizon and im ending up alone.
  11. White_Fall

    Bayern Modules & Captain skills

    Hi All, I was wondering how to spent my captain points for Bayern? And what module upgrades to install? For sure i will continue to the Bismarck and bring the captain there to. Little confused from other topics to go for secondary build, but also read often that its not usefull for Bayern to make a secondary build. So starting a fresh topic. What should i do with my Bayern? Often i end up alone when i sail with my teammates to support them, and they split up to everywhere when the first red is on the horizon. So grinding to Gneisenau is quite a job with more loses than wins. I always try to support and go with the team and not hanging back and do nothing. Any advice? Thanks
  12. Hi All, Im looking for a (Casual) Clan to join. The point is that i can play only in the weekends evenings and sometimes during the week in the evening. For now my main is German BB T6 Bayern and half way Gneisenau. Maybe will start the US DD line in future. Thinking of buying a Scharnhorst or Tirpitz in future. I would like to play with a steady team since the random teams mostly are each for themselfs and often no team play which results in lots of loses. So if there are clans around who can use a player like me?Please invite.
  13. White_Fall

    Training Room PC

    Ahh so i might overlooked it then will check when back home after job today Thanks
  14. White_Fall

    Training Room PC

    Hi All, I was wondering how to activate the training room in Patch 0.7.4? Or is the training room disabled? Thanks :)