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  1. Wicket_Boomber

    Combat Discipline: Disabling Friendly Fire

    You just get out battle , and play other ship .
  2. Wicket_Boomber

    Combat Discipline: Disabling Friendly Fire

    I am pink few times in month , but 100% reason behind it is torpedos , sometimes I am to concentraited on target and I shoot them and they hit more that enemy , other times my team mates do somethig crazy like steam in to it cause they want to ram enemy , that is annoying , I have even once sunk my self being pink... I have been orange once , after I got pink I have made misstake to taking Youshino with it frendly fire torpedos ...
  3. Yeah I guess you right but after your post I am sure WG will make some changes -_- , cause you know there cant be any player frendly exploits ,only riged santas gifts .
  4. Wicket_Boomber

    Ships Departing From the Armory and Premium Shop

    No worry community you can still get those ships from santas containers , and asashio is also Black so no worry there , I wonder when WG will introduce Uber santas containers with chance for Puerto Rico , Summers , Thunderer , Smolensk all those "removed" T10.
  5. So for me there will be 3k PT , cause my recruting captains quit game as is just too "elitist" , so I guss 10 months for T7 container for me.
  6. Yes that "maden of orleans " ? something like that , but I would be most happy with perma camo that give more that 50% xp bonus.
  7. Wicket_Boomber

    Launch Day Calendar: June 2021

    So WG set up auction with secred result , anouce winnig bids around 80 mil (54k db , or 210$) , and refuse to just do honest thing , and annouce winners with winning bid ... so if WG have nothing to hide and all was "legit" , why WG wont post winners list ? , that absolutly hurt no one , what is the problem ?
  8. Wicket_Boomber

    Launch Day Calendar: June 2021

    ... so do I hear that corectly , WG have no intention to prove that whole auction house is legit ? , this is ridiculus can you please name persion that have made that decision ?
  9. Wicket_Boomber

    Launch Day Calendar: June 2021

    Credits are avelible for cash , you can buy them in premium shop , so WG offer item in auction for courency that can be bought , but hold auction secred , I realize that WG is private company , but honestly that smell with fraud , I think that every WG "accident" like Puerto Rico (2019), Santas Crate (2020) , or Kong/Godzilla camo/voiceover (2021) is getting WG to serious problems with EU institution and group lawsuit against WG , cause WG need to face fact that , WG dont play fair , there is a loot of space in every wows "event" for some scamy practice , and that suck cause wows is good game but there are too many people with bad intentions that made decision . Making bids public is helthy thing in that game , I would have no issue to lose a bid if I knew that everythig was done right , now I feel scamed by WG , was there 5000 winners ? , or there was 1500 winner that offered amouth that WG juged worth it ? , or that was just a showcase to make people bid big in future auctions = change cash for credits , as majority of players in community dont have 100mil , and pubishig bids are issue ? , but when WG made any other contest there is no issue with publishing winners ...
  10. Wicket_Boomber

    Launch Day Calendar: June 2021

    you calling me "crazy" , that is abuse reported.
  11. Wicket_Boomber

    Launch Day Calendar: June 2021

    Reported by who ? WG ? NOPE , by players on reddit ! , so you basically make NO point what so ever , why you even answer on my posts , if you have nothing smart to say ? , only way that community will know for sure what is going , if WG will publish whole list with winners and bids , case I doubt that 5000 players payed so much for 100k coal , I belive that WG made min bid 25mil , but they made reservation min 80 mil , and I bet that there was less that 5000 players that won 100k coal bid , and belive me I am not only one who belive in that . And if WG have nothing to hide , why they not pubish bid winner list ?
  12. Wicket_Boomber

    Launch Day Calendar: June 2021

    Damn dude , you are just naive , posting result of auction is NO issue for wargaming... of course if they have nothing to hide . (BTW Is totaly weard that lowest bet was exacly 80mil 200k , if you dont thik that is not suspicious , I guess you did not pay attention for past few years)
  13. Wicket_Boomber

    Launch Day Calendar: June 2021

    Yes a loot of salt & nuts ...
  14. Wicket_Boomber

    Launch Day Calendar: June 2021

    So information about auction result is not FACT ? , are you living in same planet as I am , WG and whole player base ? , cause that information should be ABSOLUTLY no issue ... of course if WG wish to be honest .
  15. Wicket_Boomber

    Launch Day Calendar: June 2021

    Mate you are delusional or you work for WG , cause who regulate WG ? , WG regulate WG ... " monopol work well and create no corruption what so ever " , if you belive in that , give magic bean a chance ...