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  1. Murqy

    European Branch by Swedish Branch.

    It's good as it is, because most pan EU tend to have the Bofors guns in common which offers a similar way of playing. You can an already hoist Swedish flags and the way it is now it gives you much more flexibility for captains to move around. Also a pan EU BB line could be made with the coastal panzer ships and that would need ships from differens nations. Same with cruisers.
  2. Murqy

    A buff for a balanced meta

    That's my point exactly, they were originally planned for something that doesn't exist anymore. When the Shima was designed the British DDs didn't exist, nor did EU - DDs and things like Småland and Yy. This thread is about adding small changes to make ships more relevant. Shima with faster traverse wouldn't make the ship OP in any way, but could hopefully make it a little more attractive in ranked and CB compared to the Somers (that doest almost everything better). With so many ships in the game, its so depressing to see only a few being used because they are just slightly stronger than their tier counterparts.
  3. Murqy

    A buff for a balanced meta

    Finally someone who gets the idea of the thread 😊
  4. Before I started playing this game I was spending a lot of time with Rainbow Six Siege. Not that I know how the meta is in that game this very day, but three years ago I was amazed how the developers really took time to balance the old operators after new ones were relised. The new ones were always strong and changed the meta, which put the old ones in the same state as many of the ships in Wows today (they became obsolete). This was compensated in different ways, and some operators had their main gadget reworked. Some guns (that no one were using) got buffed. Some operators had their flashbangs exchanged for grenades to make them stronger. Anything to make the operator relevant again and not leaving anything to be definitely a "no pick ". My point is that noone really got left behind (few exceptions that created some nice memes) and there was always the ambition to at least try to create balance. This resulted in were unique lineups of operators for ranked matches were it came down to ingenuity to create a unique setup. Everything could be a good pick, if you knew how to implement it in a nice synergy with your teammates. My experience with WG is that they are rather lazy and couldn't care less for old ships (that still has a lot to give and holds a lot of potential fun). These minor tweaks by simply buffing /nerfing gun reload time leaves a feeling of indifference. I still believe smaller changes can make a difference, but but they have to be smarter and not just based on spreadsheets. In this thread I was hoping we as a community could help WG out, by putting some good ideas how out-dated ships could be freshened up to fit the current meta better. For example, the German DD line struggles in the CV and 12 km radar meta. My suggestion would be to increase torpedo range. * Z-52 new torpedo range 12,5 km (and lowered to 11,5 if to strong) *Z-46 to 11,5 km *Z-23 to 10,5 km and gunrange improved to 12 km (mirror the Z-39) Their concept remains, but they would certainly bring more to the table now. JN torpboat DDs could use a much faster turret traverse. Guns are still good and this minor change would offer a good way to kite and shoot. Dpm is still low, but they would be able to bite back better against pure gunboat DDs. Zao, a very nice ship (that has lost its purpose in todays meta) could have a new unique role as a surprise predator by having the concealment lowered 1 km. Engament would be more focused on lining up torps and have AP ready for punishing cruisers. If detected it still works okey as a long range kiter and fire starter. French DDs should have their concealment nerf undone and instead reduce the range of their guns to 10 km (no range mod) and go back to the role as ambush predator (and leave the role of long range fast gunboating for the Soviet DDs that now feels forgotten and pointless) Soviet DDs Khabba, Tashkent and Kiev could all have 10 km torps, to offer a variation and different means of engaging when long range gunboating no longer is possible in the same way as before with the Italian and new Soviet cruises in the game. I could keep going, but im interested in hearing ides from you guys now 😊 PS, there should be a limit in CB and ranked with only one ship of each type. Could follow the same model as R6 Siege when you pick operators. This would encourage locking up more ships and would increase the importance of a better balancing.
  5. WG as a company really got some leadership issues. It's so obvious that the CV remake is a total failure but someone high up in the leadership still needs it to happen in order to not loose their face (investing huge amount of time and money into the project). WELL ITS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN, no matter how desperately you try. Suck it up and take the loss, make the game fun again before you loose your dedicated and invested community.
  6. Murqy

    When will you nerf Kitakaze WG??

    I'm a DD main and I agree the class got it tough. 12 km radars in abundance and CVs is not really adding to the fun of the game. DDs as a class in general has been taking awfully a lot of limitations, which has made the interesting DD vs DD interaction (that I miss) less likely to happen and the well deserved king of the hill feeling when the (competition is eliminated) is gone. However with Kita, I would like to compare it to a Tier 10 rather than 9. Even tier 8 DDs can take down tier 10 in some situations depending on what's going on in general. Kita doesn't have a fast torpedo reload but when the right circumstances appear it has the capacity of a Yugumo in the strike power of a salvo. I already stated that it can take on everything with good results, and that's the problem. Just like the Friesland comes with no torpedoes and bad concealment, Kita also needs some weakness (or limit). It's slow and clumsy, but still much more agile than a cruiser. It also got speed boost (and maybe this should be traded with a defensive AA fire).
  7. Murqy

    When will you nerf Kitakaze WG??

    How do you kite broadside? And even if Jutland score some ap hits with the improved angles then the Kita just angles more. And then the 4 back turrets still out trades the Jutland. And as you said, Jutland got nerfed. Kita needs one also. I don't like the the concept of op ships, I like balance where it is the skill of the captain that decides outcomes.
  8. Murqy

    When will you nerf Kitakaze WG??

    To me it sounds like you need to practice dodging torps or smoke-Park with an angle. To deal with a Jutland in a Kitakaze is not that complicated. Concealment is relatively the same so all you need to do in a pure 1vs1 situation is to wait the Jutland out. His smokes are short duration and then you simply out trade the Jutland. If you can hold the engagement at 6~ km you can kite away (once the Jutland opens fire), then your dpm and fast shells should do the rest. Jutlands slow torps shouldn't be a problem at that distance. Of course, the engagement will come down to the skill of the 2 players and the outcome is not always granted, but as far as I see it Kita really has the high ground. In the end, it comes down to the good concealment. With a 6,2 it would be trickier...
  9. Murqy

    Current karma system

    I would like subs in this game, but can they be balanced this time? And if WG can't get them to work in the game, like with the CVs, then don't push it down peoples throat with a sadistic grin. People in my clan talk about quitting, thx to CVs. There are other games to play, people want to have fun. But as a paying customer, I've stopped doing just that.
  10. Murqy

    When will you nerf Kitakaze WG??

    The Kita is too versatile in my opinion and that's the problem. It's concealment in combination with a with the gun dpm makes it to strong against other DDs. The pen of the guns in combination of smoke makes it too efficient and cruisers and BBs. The torps are too strong with both damage and range, when things mentioned above is taken into consideration. Increase the detectability to 6,2 and (if that is not enough) lower the chance of starting fire even further. Not only Soviet ships needs nerfing, but that being said they also got waaaaay to much going for them. Poor Khabba line could actually use a buff (see, I'm not biased).
  11. Murqy

    Current karma system

    Sadly that is the tip of the iceberg when reporting a CV is the best counter play against the class so far. This is a symptom of a much deeper problem in this game, and a strong signal to WG. I wish they would focus their spreadsheets on reported CV players to get some statistics on how the community actually feel about the pressens of carriers and how they currently are balanced. If CV players get reported so frequently, one could only speculate that their pressens in the game is actually not that fun for people who spend their few moments of spare time playing , just to be a piñata...
  12. You know that they dumped planes overboard when things got problematic. And beside, CV:s are too strong atm so surely they could be easier to kill if someone finally made it across the board. Can we get back to the topic please, and talk about the alternative version of Cv as part of a bigger battlegroup.
  13. But surely planes run on fuel and carry bombs, and if one goes up in flames (lets say the first in the squad parked) it might spark a little tension for the rest of the planes.
  14. The problem with the Carrier is that it has 2 modes. One is its strength, the BVR capabilities. The weakness is that if detected its super vulnerable with all the loadouts and fuels on the flight deck. This game with a small board cant make the carriers justice in any of those ways. How fun would it be to fly in planes from outside the map? Maybe the carrier cant detonate by a single BB-salvo, but it could sure be a lot easier to kill compared to how it is now. However, I got 2 CV:s in supercontainers. The Graf Zep and Saipan. I sold them both, as a statement and also because I find the plane/ship interaction to be highly unfair, unbalanced and boring. A carrier (as in a Battegroup) though, now that would be fun. I get to evaluate the game and support where I feel I can make a difference (and not just hound DDs and stress to farm as much damage as possible). I get to place the subs (maybe 1 or 2) in strategic positions for the endgame. Set a trap for 12 min into the round that can work out amazing when I sink that low hp BB who sneaks behind an island to heal up. I get to heal up a poor DD that almost got deleted by a radarship. I can place mines in some narrow straits where I suspect ships might be passing later. I get to charge a cap with a torpedo boat fleet to support the DD pushing in. They might we weak, but they will be comparable to 2 torpedo salvos and if I make that count, the outcome of the game can really depend on that cap. Honestly, I think I would be a CV main if it was changed in this way :D
  15. When I said that the CV won't be comparable in damage output with the rest of the classes, I'm not saying that the Battle Group shouldn't be. The damage should just be distributed between the subs, mines, torpedo boats and planes (depending of the approach WG picks) so it equals the other ship types. In that way, the planes won't be perceived as OP because they are part of something bigger. Also the repair ships, they are slow and its pretty obvious where they go. You can't expect them to warp on the other side of the map. They players have to go to them instead, for better or worse.