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    How to make work Lion?

    hi guys, i was just trying to make this ship work, and i don`t know why, because even in FDG i have better results, i read on other forums and in the wiki, that lion have both good HE and AP, but i cant do something with the dispersion, worse even that the FDG one, even if i land 3-4 hits on a target, (hard thing to do) i still not start a single fire, and the ap are only okay-ish, i can always land a 6-8k salvo even on angled BBs but i never citadel something, even CLs, and in all of this dispersion doesn`t help. I tried different playstyles like midrange shooting or brawl, and nothing work, i tried to do the shot and hide with her 12km concealment but nothing work, i can do barely 50k dam every game, i need many advice, HALP! sorry if i made errors, im from Italy, i wrote here because the only way italians play every BBs is kamikaze style...