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  1. Nasty_Ninja

    Can USN CAs(heavy cruisers) get a buff or something?

    So how to deal if everywhere I go there are at least 1 BB that is looking in the area(darn the 5 bbs per match) I find the wait till they fire is not effective, since they don’t fire at the same time, which means that the time I’m spotted they can get at least 1 salvo off. Following a BB/ supporting it is not reliable with how the average bb captains act these days(hurr Dee durr I have 20km range so must fire at 20km/ BANZAI and *sees crusier* *BB cap brain:FRESH MEAT)but I Admit that it works if BB is actually competent.
  2. Nasty_Ninja

    Can USN CAs(heavy cruisers) get a buff or something?

    Well fine, then is there any tips you can give me to improve on my play on them crusiers? Also I have heard people say there are spots on maps where you can shoot over islands without getting hit in return, so is there suggestions for those places?
  3. Nasty_Ninja

    Can USN CAs(heavy cruisers) get a buff or something?

    Let me put what both ships has lost: pesnacola: when it was a t7 boat before the split, it had reasonable concealment to get close, good enough turret turn speed and 10 freedom shells for those in the receiving end but explodes as soon as somebody sneezes at it, but the other aspects of it allowed a glass cannon playstyle. now: still has 10 freedom shells, but you can now see it coming from the next continent, so you can delete it before it even gets into its effective range, take steps to avoid it and turret turn speed will make a IJN BB feel sorry for it. New Orleans: it was a mehbote at t8, nothing too intresting. Apart from being able to point bow at a Bismarck and be fine. now: lost it’s 27mm bow to 19mm, not only that deck and upper belt is also 19mm, Lost its radar, concealment got nerfed, super heavy AP became the crappy regular ones. And all that while it’s slower, less agile and larger then the Pensacola. well, since peeps are saying from Baltimore onwards it’s gets better, I’m gonna take their words for it for now.
  4. Nasty_Ninja

    Can USN CAs(heavy cruisers) get a buff or something?

    Fair enough I suppose. However your are wrong on most have superheavy AP part, only t8 and above have that, t6 and 7 gets the regular ap that still have improved pen angles, so technically 2/5 does not have superheavy shells. on the support/ flanker role, you may as well take a German one for the support, and a fast french or IJN crusier for the flanking, due to the overeliance on island hugging just to surive.
  5. Nasty_Ninja

    Petition for HMS Furious(BC config) in WOWS

    Just like the kv2, it has access to the 107mm which objectively is the better gun, but the 152mm howiter is the gun that is made for it. So we probably have something similar here, the 15 inch would have decent reload (19s?) and decent performance in terms of accuracy and dispersion, and the 457mm that has extremely high accuracy, high damage per shot but reletively slow reload and you only get 2 of them. anyways, count me in :D.
  6. Note: I only have experience up to New Orleans. USN CAs feel underpowered/ heavily power creeped, to the point that even IJN DDs rush me.(I have tried every single trick in the book to avoid them, including combining both hydro and vigilance, still seeing significant percentage of them doing this. And no, it does not mean I keep getting killed, I manage to kill them with the help of some other boats present, it’s just the behaviour that I noticed vs my Dallas. However if I’m am on my own, depending on what type of DD is it, I can get downright killed while unable to do anything) Even one of the remaining advantages that CAs has, the AA, has been taken away with the cv rework, being a joke to same tier CLs. The auto bounce AP on them now feels lacking due to the still rather random nature of AP and dispersion compared to the reliable high HE DPM of the cl line, and the inherent fact that as soon as you are spotted in a cruiser, every BB will just drop what they are doing to shoot at you, and you will die cause of the rather large citadel that all of them have. Finally not having torps means that as soon you are the last ship on the flank, every single red ship will try to rush you while you are unable to do anything except run as fast as you can, while if there is still a crusier with torps of something you can see the hesitation in them. My Proposed buffs/improvements: all Lower tier CAs(t6 and 7)get a new gun module which has access to the super heavy shells, which also Carries over to the next ship in line(I’m not entirely sure if that is even possible in here) obviously the shells fly slower then the regular ones. Faster Damcon cool-down or heal for all USN heavy cruisers increased range for all of them. 15-16km was probably okay back then when there is not much boat variety, now with all that damage and HE being thrown around I find that I often require upwards of 17-18km to actually do something and not get immediately killed cause 15km is definitely inside BB effective range, and since they are not the fastest things in the world it can take quite some time to get out, or not even able to. improve their accuracy in the form of higher sigma/better dispersion formula. some armor improvements, as in get the improved upper belt/deck thing for heavy crusiers that I have seen some people mentioned out aready. (Quetionable) give New Orleans and Pensacola Radar, the short duration and the short range one similar to the one found on indianapolis, or a worse version of it. At the same time also make indianapolis a t6 cruiser. Waterline citadels, so they take lol random citadel from random place far more rarely, but should still get punished for showing broadside for a extended periods.
  7. Nasty_Ninja

    Should I stop grinding germans and go for Rn BBs?

    now that USN are good all rounders, but in my experience, it is often better to specialise in one area and do that very well, rather then doing everything decently. Plus they are all slowpokes all the way up till t9, and I’m not willing to wait that long. I am actually a USN heavy crusier guy, I’m playing bbs cause when I play crusiers I first make their cruisers go boomies first, then a random bb salvo out from nowhere make me go boomies, so as they say in the art of war book: “know your enemy”, so I’m doing bbs so that I can learn how do they behave in general, what I should do in general to avoid getting blown up, and what they hate in general. (Brother says HE spam in general, the more HE shells In the air the more likely they are gonna run, and torps, of which usn don’t have)
  8. Sooo right now I have an issue. Currently I’m grinding the Germans, but I feel that they are far too inaccurate, slow in every single way as of now, shite guns but certainly pretty decent armor. So I’m thinking of swapping to RN BBs caus they have the highest damage potential, and easy to play according to wiki, but when I told my bro that, he says that RN BBs although they have the highest damage, they also have the lowest winrate. He says that it is because most of the damage dealt is actually fire damage, which can be healed back 100%, hence the high damage numbers, but since people are not actually dying, low winrate. He also mentions that they often have the lowest hp, and are under armored, and the ap is only really useful of crusiers and dds cause of short fuse time, so getting good in them is not really an option. He also mentions Germans should start getting better t5 onwards, yes you still have lol German dispersion, but you now have the speed to put the muzzles up against thier hulls where it will not miss. So I’m asking should I switch to RN bb line, or stick it out with Germans?
  9. Nasty_Ninja

    Torpedos go straight through enemy

    Seen one PA dd in my games torping a smoked dd sometime earlier, prob is him? Not really sure. All useless in my experience, bad enough to become a game with my brother to see how bad can siri screw up the voices I text thing, and he does have quite a strong accent in his voice, which makes it more hilarious( we went to a cousin’s house, and went spent a lot of time trying to prove that it is more efficient (for him, at least. Alexia voice to speech is more reliable in my case) to manually google what he wants rather then yelling at a black cylinder thingy) Example is when he said Yamato, it bacame tomato. potato also became tomato for whatever reason. Nippon became nipples lewd became lol’ed (what?)
  10. Nasty_Ninja

    New player here, asking for how to improve.

    Huh, thought that they were the easiest cause the wiki said they field better armor, faster firing guns for more freedom AP at the cost of torps. That said carriers everywhere, therefore usn AA spam has aready saved my arse more then once. At least good to know. PS which is the easiest then? Fair enough, I do have plenty of the commander xp bounus flag, gonna put them to good use.
  11. Nasty_Ninja

    New player here, asking for how to improve.

    As far as I’m concerned, flamu tutorial vids imo are of when stars align and you don’t get noobs in your side and the enemy team is somewhat competent. I have aready been warned by my brother that in higher tiers it is reasonable to expect that everyone in blue team is a potato(he keeps using potato instead of noob, what does it even mean here) and red team is generally half competent. also terrible at destroyers as of now, currently my strategy is to rush cap as soon as possible, drive off the other dd, maybe killing it, but after that I often find that I have overextended and 5 angry bbs and crusiers are up my arse.
  12. Hello fourm peeps, I have gotten into this game thanks to my brother, and finding quite fun as of now. Right now i have just unlocked us t7 New Orleans, and also starting to grind other lines(currently Germans bbs at t4, us dds at t4 but placed on hold for now, thinking of resuming German cruiser grind). the issue is while Pensacola has the speed and the agility to evade shells, plus very thin armor that can cause more overpens then pens, the same cannot be said for New Orleans, she feels massive, slow and eats citadels everywhere as soon as a bb looks in its general direction, and me not being sure on how to deal with DDs, which is supposed to be a cruiser’s job according to the wiki. That said, it’s ap shells along with the improved autobounce thing has netted me a lot of damage vs other cruisers, but it’s HE feels meh at best. so I’m asking on how to improve on New Orleans, and how to improve cruiser tactics as a whole, or I should be dropping US cruisers grind for now.