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  1. that's why I want to make it a mandatory in-game read
  2. Hello Sera and first thanks for the answer. Yes there are (good) video tutorials by WG or CCs that make things great for the invested player. However, I would like something basic with each ship or branch that you unlock about how to play them, in 5 lines, that you HAVE TO READ and click "I understand" before being able to play the ship.
  3. Except in all tiers, everyone should focus DDs. Yes you're not going to chase a DD in a BB, but you should still shoot at one every time you can (well maybe except if it's a Marceau).
  4. Dear Wargaming and fellow captains, With the advent of facebook ads, I see sooooo many people who DO NOT KNOW how to play the game. Things should be clarified, such as : 1) Ship roles : If you're a DD, your primary role is to SPOT. If you're a cruiser, your role is to kill DDs and support fire. If you're a BB, your role is to kill DDs and exert zone of control (needs to be clearly explained to people) ennemies. 2) BROADSIDES. 'nuff said. YES, even for you, german BB player. 3) General consumables explanation. Just yesterday, I counted 3 times a DD smoked up in hydro range of a cruiser. It didn't end well for our team. 4) LEMMING TRAINS and why they're bad. 5) Tanking : Who should tank ? Maybe we can stop having backline Kurfursts after that. Feel free to add more topics. One of the main reasons I feel the level of play is going down the drain in this game, is that the ranked system is a joke. Make it like league, with a hidden "elo" system, instead of stupid stars. Yes it will be harder to get rewards, but the level reached will give real value. Also, achievements should give flags again. Achievements rewarded good players and made the community a better place, now they're just for bragging. Also, I have been chatbanned a few times. Some of the times I can understand, others seem to be only related to when I discuss game "balans" in chat, without any swearing or insulting to anyone (yes, not even to the WG "design"/marketing team). It would be interesting for the people to understand WHY they are being chatbanned. Excerpts from their chat and time stamp could be a good way to help. The game is good, the community is great, the CCs are amazing. Please do something so that you retain the good players. 10% of my clan has left in the last 2 months... Thanks, kissforu8