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  1. gopher31

    Research Support Bundles

    What’s the Wargaming spreadsheet thing?
  2. gopher31

    Arsenal Ship Refund Rule

    Just realised the Smolensk has been released. I can see why people want to return the Yoshino!
  3. Call it odinson, THOR!!!
  4. gopher31

    Arsenal Ship Refund Rule

    Yoshino is a good ship as long as you stay at range. Burn everyone down!
  5. gopher31

    kremlin dispersion gets buffed accidentally...

    The olive beats the beercan! I'd love that skin on my Roma.
  6. Scharnhorst was my first premium. I believe I got a Kraken on my very first battle. So much fun brawling with battleships and the small AP used to be effective even against DDs due to its low arming threshold and short fuse time. It is unfortunately hard to overcome the fact that only one other T7 BB cannot overmatch 25mm plating and that one has 16 guns! The Hood was my first Supercontainer ship. I had so much fun with that especially in carrier games. It's sigma increase combined with improved ricochet angles make it still very good.
  7. I still have AFT on so many of my non secondary ships, that's going. Might replace with fire prevention. Clearly we should be testing this new skill to see if it' worth it.
  8. gopher31

    kremlin dispersion gets buffed accidentally...

    Still waiting on missiles for my Kirov.
  9. 20% with a 20 sec reload is not great considering most T7 battleships have a fire chance of 30+ with a 30 sec reload. The problem is other battleships HE hits at least 60% harder (Nagato more than 100% harder) It's still a good ship, I'm just not sure that it's HE has much use really.
  10. Scharnhorst HE is abysmal. So little damage you may as well just aim for superstructure AP overpens.
  11. gopher31

    Who should get top spot - Kraken or Survival?

    I believe cruisers always end up below battleships on equal scores. Could be wrong.
  12. Just seems like too many changes all at once. I say implement only the IFHE 50% fire chance reduction but maintain it's 30% pen increase. Lets see how that works, how many people unspec IFHE, and go from there.
  13. gopher31

    Opinions on an accidental friendly torp

    You don't expect torps to come from where there are no enemies. Don't expect a GK to be able to evade your torps.
  14. gopher31

    About the earnable USS Texas from that mission...

    Don't sell premiums for credits or you may receive it again in the next supercontainer Credits are easy to come by.
  15. If this goes live the Atlanta won't be able to pen same tier battleships with IFHE Harugumo won't be able to pen T8+ battleships I do like the way it is now a choice between fire and pen but perhaps that change could be done on its own?