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  1. gopher31

    premium ships

    Alabama is good but I think Massachusetts is better. Tier 8 is better now than it was but still a difficult tier to play. Which high tier ships do you have already?
  2. gopher31

    Harugumo! NERF IT!

    I'm working my way up to it, when I get there they will nerf it.
  3. gopher31

    Is there any point to the Bismarck?

    It's not the best ship right now but it is still solid. It's HE is shocking and should almost never be used. Try AP! Secondaries and hydro can make DDs a little nervous getting close to you. Guns, armour and fire starting secondaries make it decent against battleships. It's only flaw is it's accuracy so you do have to close the distance to use it effectively. It works very well as a pushing ship when supported, it can tank very well.
  4. gopher31

    Santa's gifts are here! Please, share your loot.

    The Arsenal also gave full compensation. if it included all these rare ships a lot more people may have bought it. I might have.
  5. gopher31

    Santa's gifts are here! Please, share your loot.

    Don’t sell them! If you have them in port you will receive a different ship. just thinking about it, my last three ships after the common tech tree ones were the Nikolai, Kutuzov and Kronstadt. next crate must be a Belfast or Missouri!!
  6. gopher31

    Santa's gifts are here! Please, share your loot.

    Decided to take a punt on 5 more big crates today. Got myself a Kronstadt! That's it, no more!
  7. gopher31

    New life for Tier 2 to Tier 4 Premium ships

    I like the idea. I have received lots of tier 6 ships in the Santa crates, I forgot how much I enjoy that tier. Unfortunately most campaigns need tier 8 or above. I suppose one worry would be lots of players taking tier 19 point captains to low tiers and clubbing everything!
  8. gopher31

    Italian Cruiser line

    But you said 'when' ;) I just received the Duco D'aosta. Very different kind of AP cruiser, very fun. I am looking forward to this line.
  9. gopher31

    WG can you please lower the xp reward for last 4 players

    Sometimes a whole team plays well so it just wouldn't be fair. My first game in the Dunkerque I did 89,000 dmg i with no fires and killed two ships I was firmly in the lower half of the scores. For tier 6, I expected higher
  10. gopher31

    Kurfürst Triple turrets

    I agree actually, It's mor of a problem in tier 6 and 7 where everyone can overmatch everyone else. Acutally, It's fun because people have to angle properly.
  11. gopher31

    Kurfürst Triple turrets

    If Wargaming would like to give my GK 8 50cm guns i’d Be very happy!
  12. gopher31

    Santa's gifts are here! Please, share your loot.

    I also bought quite a few and have almost all the tier 6 ships. I wonder, if you had all the non-rare ships and bought a crate would you have received all the rare ones?
  13. gopher31

    "You got citadelled" message

    The sound is not for a citadel but for major damage. It would be good to know if you have been.
  14. gopher31

    Miss dream

    I also spent far too much hoping for a great ship and got a whole load of ok boats and a few good ones I feel you get your moneys worth at least with these crates but who really wants a Huaghe? A Duke of york? A Krasny Krem? On the plus side I have 800 New York Streamer camo!
  15. gopher31

    Is Tirpitz tankier and better ship than Massachusetts?

    Tirpitz has better armour especcially close range citadel protection Massachusetts has better main guns - power and overmatch Massachusetts has better secondaries - Massachusetts' secondaries have 40% lower dispersion Tirpitz 105mm guns penetrate very little but their 150mm will pen more than 32mm. 127mm from Massachusetts will pen 20mm or 27mm with IFHE. Secondary DPM is also in Massachusetts favour, fire chance marginally better for the tirpitz due to more shells on target. Massachusetts as a very short cooldown for it's repair party. Massachusetts has fantastic AA, Tirpitz one of the worst Tirpitz is faster but Massachusetts has a much better turning circle Massachusetts has much better torpedo protection IMO Tirpitz only wins at close engagements with battleships Massachusetts is better at everything else To me i'm starting to think the Massachusetts is a little OP, It feels like someone has just put tier-for-tier the best secondaries on an Alabama with very little downside.