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  1. It is the best low tier yolo boat but you know you'll get tier5-7 matchmaking!
  2. I believe battleship SAP only gives overpen (10%) damage
  3. Against itself, AP is the way to go. Doesn't seem to pen the main belt though!
  4. I've claimed it but I still haven't received it. Don't worry, I'm sure there will be plenty of ways to spend doubloons for the higher tiers!
  5. gopher31

    Edit: Brainfart

  6. gopher31

    Florida disappointment

    Does 7 months count as a necro?
  7. Pleasure fighting with you. You've seen I've joined the dark side and got my first tier 8 tech tree on the Journey to the MvR. I do think you overstate my contribution though!
  8. gopher31

    How do i spend my steel?

    Now look at Slava's 406s!!
  9. gopher31

    How do i spend my steel?

    Bourgogne is very strong. I would hold off on the Stalingrad as it is now just a big slow flaming torch. Shiki looks ago but in most case the Yamato is as good or better.
  10. gopher31

    Mysore vs Perth

    It looks good to me. I would prefer Perth to self spotting, HE and torps but Perth is a very strong ship. I expect I'll buy it today as I have many doubloons. Mysore's main problem seems to be when battleships learn they can simply charge it's smoke. AP only and no torps mean a battleship can angle in and just charge. AP alpha will be lovely against destroyers and the heal is nice.
  11. gopher31

    Buff Siegfried's secondaries

    Yes we will. I’m sure w Submarine tab is already in the works. To be honest, large cruisers would do just fine with the battleship skills but WG have made it clear that they envisage large cruisers as having the main weakness of fires. Seems they forgot that most large cruisers are already far more vulnerable to HE than battleships due to 25-30mm armour. And those that aren’t have terrible concealment and citadels that catch battleship shells better than any other ship. Maybe at some point WG will give large cruisers their own classification and match making. There are plenty of them now so it shouldn’t be too difficult to do this now.
  12. gopher31

    Buff Siegfried's secondaries

    That certainly makes sense when it come to balance. However, in the case of Siegfried, the play style was changed completely. I think we need a large cruiser tab in the commander skill tree.
  13. 20.1km concealment Moskva for the win!
  14. gopher31

    Deadeye needs to be tweaked

    For some reason I thought Venezia’s smoke detection would go up but it seems unaffected. I do run my LM Moskva this way. I swapped concealment for the consumables upgrade to help with fires.