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  1. gopher31

    Charles Martell

    I haven’t played it but it always seems near top of the charts for T8 cruisers.
  2. gopher31

    Anyone get any Ship Missions from Air Supply containers?

    Got an Edinburgh. Is it wise to buy the ship before completing the mission to get full credit value? It’s already researched.
  3. gopher31

    Your favorite cruiser: Tier for tier

    I can't believe I forgot the Nurnberg! The B hull is great I remember a brawl I had with a Graf spee and Scharnhorst: Torped the Scharnhorst and Citadelled the Graf spee to death. Made me smile. Yorck is also good now it has better shell speed is a very good ship also it has better HE dpm than the Roon and very good AP.
  4. gopher31

    Your favourite BB: tier for tier

    3 Dreadnaught or Nassau 4 Nikolai or Orion 5 Konig 6 Warspite 7 Hood (even now) 8 Massacusetts 9 Jean Bart 10 GK or Republique
  5. gopher31

    Exeter's Last Stand. Part 3

    Maybe they assume everyone has a Belfast?
  6. gopher31

    Exeter's Last Stand. Part 3

    I also smoked up infront of not battleships the smoking up with hydro and torp at close range. For some reason my last battle was a random. Fortubately I noticed and while our whole team lemminged one way I nearly held off half the enemy team in my top tier Jervis and got my final 8 torp hits.
  7. gopher31

    Your favorite cruiser: Tier for tier

    4 Pheonix 5 Furutaka 6 Graf spee or Budyonny 7 Belfast, Fiji, Schors, Myoko or Boise. 8 Irian 9 Alaska or Donskoi 10 Zao
  8. gopher31

    Exeter's Last Stand. Part 3

    The torp mission didn't take long in the Jervis Onto the 1000 main battery hits mission. Now: Belfast? Fiji? or Cossack?
  9. gopher31

    Your favorite DD: Tier for tier

    4 I preferred Shenyang 5 Kamikaze is a beast. 6 T61 7 Leningrad is great because you can run and gun or stealth torp. 8 I like Cossack
  10. gopher31

    Exeter's Last Stand pt 3 - borked?

    Belfast has a 6% fire chance(IFHE) not great for this but certainly better than Fiji! I’m using the Nelson but might try the Cossack as tier ten fires are the best!
  11. gopher31

    When are Tiers not going to be +/- 2 levels

    They would implement it if they could. Even in the +-2 matchmaking I just had a 7v7 game with 6 CVs as a Destroyer.
  12. gopher31

    When is Tier 8 NOT going to be tossed in with Tier 10

    When we regularly have 50000 player on at any one time.
  13. gopher31

    [PSA] Giulio Cesare Testing and Premium Ships Status

    I think it's a good move. It will give me greater confidence to spend money on WOWs in future.
  14. gopher31

    So what is the consensus on CVs ?

    I actually feel bad for Wargaming. They spent hours creating this rework and now no one seems to play them.