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  1. gopher31


    I think a pretty large volcano was in the news this week. That was in the sea.
  2. gopher31

    Incomparable out of NDA

    I had the same worries due to its stats. Now watching better players with it and every one has sung its praises! Even Trenlass rates it above his beloved Shikishima! So many good players enjoying it is enough to change my opinion based on its stats.
  3. gopher31

    General Submarines related discussions

    Nice that subs are gone. Is this why battleships are queueing against destroyers at a rate of 9 to 1?!
  4. Got Yukon a crate so happy to grab that now. Thank you.
  5. gopher31

    A few kind words for Wargaming

    Armoury flag area now shows how many you have in your inventory. Very helpful as we now have to buy MANY flags!
  6. gopher31

    Sevastopol Slapped

    Battlecruiser dispersion and a lack of 50mm plating make me worry about this ship. I wonder if it might get Stalingrad sigma before release?
  7. First battle in Marlborough. Was going well until I met a P. Rupprecht's secondaries!
  8. gopher31

    Coal Cruisers

    Then you have barely more then half the Des Moines dpm at one tier lower.
  9. gopher31

    Coal Cruisers

    I just can’t get over the 14.8km range. moskva is probably the strongest coal cruiser. Excellent at long range with huge tanking ability when angled. mine if the best radar in the game with rail gun arcs make it a bug threat to DDs. Salem is strong but I think Des moines is stronger due to that radar. The benefit I see from Salem’s heal is that I can let the health get lower before healing allowing me to proc adrenaline rush. This is probably worth 6-8% better reload over the course of a battle.
  10. gopher31

    Closed test, changes to test ships (DB 264)

    Sevastapol starting to look very good 28k per heal. Lovely.
  11. Don’t worry. At the kind of speed these things are flying at, they will out run all flak and take very little continuous AA. With 6000hp it’s a guaranteed strike even into a division of Austins! Probably.
  12. I was watching Flamu's stream and someone posted this link shiptool.st It's a ship stats checker similar to wowsft.com with a particularly good comparison function. I was very surprised that I had not seen it before so i thought I would share it!
  13. gopher31

    Incomparable for steel

    I think they still want these huge guns to be special and out of reach to many players. Good coal ships seem to overpopulate the server very quickly. That said, we now have two superships with 500+mm guns.