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  1. gopher31

    Hayate - WG responds to the community feedback

    Heal? Defensive AA? Smoke? Shell arcs? Grozovoi looks better for now.
  2. I loaded up my kronstadt yesterday and the guns kept trolling me. I realised this when I was happy to get 6k on a broadside battleship! That should be 15k! Kronstadt: battleship dispersion Alaska: Battlecruiser dispersion Azuma/Yoshino: cruiser dispersion. mall with 2.05 sigma. Kronstadt belt does work well for baiting the shots and feels amazing after the Azuma of course.
  3. gopher31

    Will Legendary De Moines be nerfed

    I would barely use that extra range as the shells get far too floaty. The legendary is fantastic when moving around mountains. So far it seems very strong but only in certain situations such as if you are stopping to fire over islands often. As the enemy ship moves you move to block line of sight, this mod is great for that. I do wish it allowed some open water play though. Does the range mod give you enough range to kite or do you still find the Des Moines to be too squishy?
  4. gopher31

    Will Legendary De Moines be nerfed

    Just finished the grind and it’s fantastic though you’d be foolish to sit waiting for someone to fire before accelerating. It only works once and the Desmoines citadel is big!
  5. gopher31

    ST, ships balance changes

    The Henri, still strong but without speed boost it feels like a GK. If Wargaming nerfed the Kremlin in the way it nerfed the frenchies it would have removed the soviet close range dispersion buff or reduced the sigma to 1.6 like the Vlad. Instead a nerf that is not huge even in a CV game and as most T10 games seem to be without CVs, it's no nerf at all. Apparently the Russian server thinks the Russian battleships are underpowered. Is this why the Kremlin nerf is so underwhelming?
  6. gopher31

    Venezia Torps

    Balance. The Venezia has better armour and more guns.
  7. gopher31

    How to spend 1,000,000 fxp; Need some advice.

    It will be the first tier 10 premium to be sold for freeXP so you should keep saving. hoping they’ll buff either it’s concealment or manueverability. It doesn’t seem to gain much for what it loses in comparison to the Shima.
  8. gopher31

    How to spend 1,000,000 fxp; Need some advice.

    I’ve been thinking about the uniqueness of the experience. There is no tech tree ship like the Alaska. If you want a Dakka dakka ship the daring has very similar dpm to the Friesland as well as torps and a heal. The HE needs IFHE to pen superstructure but the AP has ridiculous ricochet angles And will be your primary ammo. For that reason my vote goes for Alaska.
  9. gopher31

    How to spend 1,000,000 fxp; Need some advice.

    Friesland is great but as others have mentioned, no battleship or cruiser is scared to charge you down in smoke. It’s a strong ship but having no torps is a big downside. Alaska is very strong and a real cruiser killer. It’s armour is also fairly effective against battleships. Both are quite unique experiences and very fun.
  10. gopher31

    Submarines are here! Montana edition.

    It’s a big ship....
  11. gopher31

    If Kremlin is so OP

    I’m not a big fan but this ship is highly resistant to HE. The GK has 50mm plating so a number of ships such as the Hindi can pen it. The Kremlin has 60mm stalinium and is immune to anything but battleship HE. The GK also has a much larger superstructure that doesn’t seem to saturate. I’m not a big fan of the Kremlin but it’s HE resistance is ridiculous.
  12. gopher31

    wrong ship purchased by another family member

    Could have been the Yoshino!!
  13. gopher31

    Submarines are here! Montana edition.

    I once got mounted by an Izumo at the border.
  14. gopher31

    WG please remove AA completely from the game

    T10 and even T 8 CVs can drop my Desmoines with ease.
  15. gopher31

    Poll: Imperial (doubloon) Bundle drop chance

    5 containers with a chance of a tech tree ship or a choice of Leningrad, Graf spee or perth( my favourite premiums for this price). I do find Wargaming’s pricing on this a little high. Should be perhaps 500 per bundle.