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  1. Caladan12

    Experience regarding the Reworked CV'

    CVs in coop are plain idiotic right now - they do no damage: all you get is flyflyfly dodge the AA and start spamming attacks before AA DOT melts you - for all that effort you get no flooding no fire 10000shatters and overpens and 2k damage, and now after you spent 2-3 minutes on this exercise in frustration you get to repeat the whole thing. Meanwhile after a couple of such feeble attempts at damage dealing the extra BBs that spawned on red team have snowballed into a nightmare for your team and are lazily capping you out of match while slowly and effortlessly dodging your torps (or ignoring their feeble damage entirely) and dive bombers and laughing their asses off at your attack planes (which are surprisingly turning out to be the best aircraft vs anything). In my last match i ended up the last of 2 CVs and entire team standing vs a BB(NM) that had grounded! - it was a stationary target and i spent ~6!+ minutes in Ryujo throwing everything at it (it's AA had little effect as it was either too random or destroyed) and it just stood there and took all the "terrible" damage with no issue - it took me all that time and countless reloads (in the end i was just behind the island it grounded at) to deal that 60k damage - it's pathetic The damage done in match is a record breaker - so far in coop 10-20k is the norm before the red snowball kills the match...
  2. one day premium wont do it at this stage - friday servers out, saturday servers out, and by the looks of it sunday is going to be unplayable too, no forum no communication, when the server is ?up? for half an hour people get booted from ongoing matches wasting time and flags/consumables - we are way past 1 day premium...
  3. one day premium wont do it at this stage - friday servers out, saturday servers out, and by the looks of it sunday is going to be unplayable too, no forum no communication, when the server is ?up? for half an hour people get booted from ongoing matches wasting time and flags/consumables - we are way past 1 day premium... one day premium wont do it at this stage - friday servers out, saturday servers out, and by the looks of it sunday is going to be unplayable too, no forum no communication, when the server is ?up? for half an hour people get booted from ongoing matches wasting time and flags/consumables - we are way past 1 day premium...
  4. Caladan12

    Bug Reports

    The Great 8 Collection: When you get 2 different duplicates from a container, 1 goes into collection as a duplicate but another gets automatically sold for 15k - they both should be going into the collection as duplicates I have had it happento me twice already (that i ve noticed) and i believe in both cases the duplicate that got autosold was "History of achievements" - could be just rng though Edit: looks like those were insignias and not a second collection item
  5. Caladan12

    Anniversary Event

    As a coop player reaching t10 takes a bit longer particularly with multiple lines so 5k battles only got me Essex and some t8s - and t9+ gameplay even at coop level is way worse than ~t7 : stuff dies way too fast, games are over in ~5 minutes flat, so i have even slowed down the progression to t10, opting to try some new lines instead; so flags are of little to no use: it's coop so i get more money by straight selling the special flags and XP boost is so insignificant and even not needed as t10 coop looks plain disheartening (fix the operations) - so all those magnificent flags will go straight to the sell bin. (nothing sucks more than spending all those flags to boost 300xp and 50k from t10 match where everything died in 3 minutes and everybody got same jolly 300 xp, yay) Yet its still free stuff right? why are you complaining then you say? - I am not complaining, not much anyways - not only this anniversary won't even register as an special event with me but I am also just getting tired of T10,T10,T10 and more T10 stuff - T10 is not fun in any game mode yet it is being shoved down everybody's throat cause "reasons"... I am not in the least excited about some 10m pretty pointless cash for 5k battles, that i will get after selling those wonderful useless flags, but! i would get way more excited about a couple of SCs, even though i know from experience, and as Toivia already said, that SCs are overrated (i got nothing but rubbish from them) - yet there is a possibility of a nice surprise in an SC - but hold! you have no T10! no surprises/special event for you! get your cash and move along nothing to see here.... nothing but a slight disappointment and what's worse I am getting used to that particular feeling..... Stop with this t10-only nonsense. PS the highlight of this anniversary for me have actually been the Edinburgh and Z23 camos even though they are very average ships...
  6. Caladan12

    Anniversary Event

    I did - guess i better jump for joy with all those flags as people unpack their SCs; mind you my last SCs were all 100 detonation flags so maybe they are equal after all...
  7. Caladan12

    Anniversary Event

    No t10? no anniversary for ya! thanks for your time! lol
  8. Three easy self-imposed restrictions: no rl cash spent ftp, coop/operations only (i play to relax) and no paper ships! history is one my favourite hobbies As coop is tight with cash I prefer to keep t6-t7max in order not to get broke and get the t10musthaves only; ships marked with * are "to get"; ! marks quite enjoyable coop ships; I like CVs a lot but i enjoy all classes :D; yes, in coop USN: NM! (beasttankAAmode activated!), NC*, Iowa*; Midway*(rebuy Ranger if CV rebuild is good); Mahan*, Gearing*; Helena*, Cleveland* Marine Nationale : Richelieu*; tried Algerie! and CM (oOpapermistake) and went back to USN/RN, might rebuy Algerie though - it's a solid ship RN: KGV!; Leander*, Fiji*, Edinburgh*; RN CVs* and DDs* t7,t10, sorry, compatriot of Mighty Jingles here IJN: Fuso!, Yamato*; Myoko!, Mogami*; Akatsuki*, Shima*; Ryujo!, Hiryu*, Shokaku*, Taiho*; KM: Z-23*; Gneisenau!, Bismarck*;
  9. Caladan12

    AI changes in coop?

    Having fun with kiting bots yet? here have ammo charges back - should be even more fun now!
  10. Caladan12

    AI changes in coop?

    Another thing - as people are not too keen to chase kiting bots to J10/A1/you name it corner, the matches very often end up by points/base capture - which means even less XP/cash because reward system rewards damage primarily - its fine that you have outspotted/outtanked/outcapped the bots and won - here is half your usual XP after triple the time spent cause you did half the usual damage
  11. Caladan12

    AI changes in coop?

    There are some very good changes and some bad ones to the ship roles, if it all sticks: Good: DDs can actually finally do what they were meant to do - spot, smoke, cap and stealthtorp - none of it was possible with fixated bots barreling towards nearest unspotted DD ignoring everything else - (which led to a few hilarious bot trains chasing a dd being citadelled to pieces by the remainder of the human team) resulting in DD players just yoloing and loading port/nextship; CLs can do their "this island is mine" thing and CAs can actually use AP for once more or less consistently which leads to the next point - ; British cruisers can play coop and enjoy some AP action instead of praying for the charging bots to change direction from "nose on" in 99% cases leading to Shatterbounce city; Bad: BBs have to use HE on fleeing BBs to do any meaningful damage - slow BBs gameplay will be hell; German BBs are not fun anymore with bots keeping distance/using cover AND torps very effectively - any BB gameplay took a hit with massively reduced accuracy because of superdodging and no longer yoloing bot cruisers spamming accurate torps (same with DDs) as they keep distance - bot DDs love to stealth torp right now; CVs will have to work hard with bot unicum dodging and DFAA being used spot on even as cover for allied bots - that is with inactive bot fighters even :D - i have noticed a massive increase in planes losses so ~t6 is no fun for cv - t8+ is fine there are plenty of planes there...; Not too active players unaware of changes doing their old thing being sunk quickly by vicious bots sitting afterwards going
  12. Caladan12

    AI changes in coop?

    Some final thoughts on new AI - it feels much better BUT : bots dodge shots like torps now - it is taking longer to finish a match, i ve witnesses DD/CL/CA bots micro-adjust to fit between shells at ~5-7km a few times already; fleeing bots - make former yolo fun ships like Gnesenau, and such, a bore, that burns slowly trying to catch up to retreating bots that dodge torps perfectly - takes longer to finish the match; new torp dodging makes it a pointless task for a CV to drop a DD and even CL/CA that almost always have DFAA ready - makes match longer; bots waiting for that 2nd fire to damage control - that includes 2nd DB squad as they will never dcon until 2nd DB is done - makes match last longer; new capping DD script and great smokes - makes match last much longer; etc etc - you see where it's all going - now me personally, i enjoy longer matches where you have to coordinate with rest of team , i enjoy new AI way more than a bunch of kamikaze zombie bots rushing into torps and citadelles to be done in 5 min flat (some matches were just silly with average+ team/(pointless to a BB/cv) when it's 3-4 minutes and bots already have negative points, it's over), but there are plenty of people that always want to get stuff done faster - for some of them it would probably be even ideal to replace coop button with "press to get some XP now" button, so they could rush to T10 and ??uninstall??whoknows? Regardless to which camp one belongs, same issue remains - matches take twice or three times as long, with XP/cash rewards remaining the same If you are trying to pigeonhole coop people into randoms in this way - the result will be a lot of unhappy people who will not necessarily switch to a mode they chose, for various reasons, to ignore I can see myself sticking to coop regardless of rewards but i am not in any hurry as opposed to many many people playing this mode
  13. Caladan12

    AI changes in coop?

    A good change overall - i keep getting dumb bots at t6 but t7-t9 so far are the smart ones - just wish they'd fixed stationary CVs with fighters doing nothing as well
  14. Caladan12

    AI changes in coop?

    Couple of times today I ve seen bots forming mini battle groups 1-2 BBs 1-2 CL/CAs and a DD or two - they grab caps, deploy smoke and defend them fairly successfuly - bot DDs are not stingy with torps and incoming to the cap you have angled BBs, CLs from hell dodging your shots and torping together with DDs ready to charge your behind :D - a welcome change from braindead bots (shame bot CVs are all out of fuel atm) - i have actualy seen smokefiring player DDs being torped by bots out of nowhere - boooooom!