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  1. _warlove_

    Emblem Bug, or am i missing something here

    UPDATE. With the last patch it's still bugged. Why they aren't fixing it? Well actually it does! Because it shows the number of average damage that is over the value needed to unlock the emblem... but it doesn't unlock! So no emblem. Maybe some "collector" players puts some effort to reach some achievements. It's pretty bad if you reach them and doesn't work as intended :( I mean, to me it doesn't seem a so big bug to fix.
  2. _warlove_

    Emblem Bug, or am i missing something here

    I have the same bug with the 64k dmg elite emblem on DD! It says like 64934,39489384 and it isn't unlocked! That's pretty bad
  3. _warlove_

    [0INK] Reclutamento

    Ciao a tutti! Siamo un clan italiano non professionista. Il nostro obiettivo al momento non è puntare ai massimi livelli delle classifiche. E' un clan tranquillo dove stiamo cercando di costruire un team di amici che si divertono a giocare insieme. Abbiamo iniziato a fare le Clan la scorsa stagione e ci siamo divertiti, nonostante molti fossero alle prime armi siamo riusciti a non restare nell'ultima divisione e stiamo migliorando di volta in volta. Attualmente siamo ancora una decina con navi di tier 10 quindi capita che facciamo fatica ad essere abbastanza per le Clan, soprattutto perchè attualmente non si può disporre di navi "omaggio" dal gioco per chi non le ha. Detto questo... stiamo reclutando una decina di nuovi giocatori per partecipare più spesso alle battaglie di clan. I nostri requisiti sono severissimi: 1) Ci servono giocatori (italiani) attivi, che non giochino una settimana ogni 4 mesi, ma almeno 2-3 di giorni ogni settimana. 2) Giocatori consapevoli che si gioca per divertirsi. Spariamo stronzate tra noi e cerchiamo anche di far migliorare chi è nuovo. Se sei campione del mondo lascia stare, ti vorranno sicuramente in un clan top. 3) Aver raggiunto una nave tier 10 o essere almeno a tier 9. Diamo la precedenza a chi possiede incrociatori, torpediniere e portaerei piuttosto che corazzate (perchè potendone usare solo una alla volta è un fattore limitante). 4) Non ci interessano statistiche spaziali, come già detto puntiamo a divertirci e non a vincere i mondiali. Comunque cerchiamo giocatori "seri" per come si affrontano le partite, che cercano di migliorare e non mandano in vacca un game tanto per fare, o peggio insultano, usano comportamenti assurdi, ecc. Aver capito (e voler capire) le meccaniche di gioco è la base. Facciamo game in divisione, le varie missioni, settimanali e non, e anche molte stanze di addestramento per affondarci un po' tra noi. Ovviamente avere la chat vocale del gioco almeno per sentire le cavolate che diciamo sarebbe necessario. In caso abbiamo anche team speak nel caso la chat vocale avesse problemi, ma è abbastanza raro. Per qualsiasi Info potete scriverci in gioco a: _warlove_ o TenColombo Il nostro clan si chiama 0INK -> con lo zero al posto della O Spero di beccarvi in game! A presto!
  4. _warlove_

    2cv games

    I find them stupid aswell. No reason to put 2 cv and it's very very bad for destroyers. Obviously the balance they tried to do to DD survivability screws totally up with doulbe CV. No point to exist tbh, but we all know how much common sense WG use on MM, just see the +2/-2 retarded logic.
  5. _warlove_

    Games + / - 2 tiers.

    LoL if they decide the community suggestion are good? Like suggest +1/-1? They don't care of common sense, it's pretty clear, and that ruins the game, even if there is people that actually have no problem with it. If someone have no problems eating crap does not mean it's a good thing, and does not mean all should have no problems doing the same. Seriously it's just a matter of common sense. No matter even if the +1/-1 is not perfectly balanced, we all know that, but it's obviously better than now. Plus they just made it more ridicolous with the half CV tree. Meh...
  6. _warlove_

    AFK'ers Any suggestions on how to deal with them?

    You don't need to know "why", you just check inactivity, expecially at the start of the game. AFK problem is 99% at the start, not after. The system knows if you have loaded and do nothing or if you havn't loaded at all. It's pretty easy. About the connection problems, it's not entirely a WG problem. I've almost never experienced connection problems and then I've never been AFK. If happened I was DC and reconnected, but anyway I knew was a problem of my provider or my connection, not from server or the game. In any case you can't "excuse" a game with many AFK because it's not their fault, the game must be fun for the active players, and there's nothing wrong to replace AFKers. When these AFKers will fix their problems (maybe even with WG assistance if needed) they will be happy to play and stay in a game, otherwise just make a fun game for those haven't problems. To be clear, this is a common thing in MANY other multiplayer online games, and it has been fixed in many of them. There is no reason WG won't take care of this issue.
  7. _warlove_

    AFK'ers Any suggestions on how to deal with them?

    Fix 1: If they don't load in 1 minute after the battle start, kick and replace with another in queue. They don't get the debuff to avoid rejoining unless it happens 3 times in a row. Fix 2: Real AFK, no matter the reason. Kick after 1 minute and replace by another in queue. Debuff applied to avoid rejoining for 15 min. Fix 3: DC do not count as AFK, the system can wait some minutes to let him rejoin. If he is alive, not spotted and under fire could be replaced by another in queue. No penalties applied obvisously.
  8. _warlove_

    AFK'ers Any suggestions on how to deal with them?

    I'm really pissed off by AFKers. I've stopped playing rankeds just for that reason aswell (I don't know about the others but I've found I have a very bad luck on this). I really get angry when I wanna focus and play well in a game and I see AFK people. OFC I instantly report them and ask to report, but WG report system is just aesthetic, does nothing at all (but WG thanks for that). It's like writing in chat "banned" or something like that. Plus I don't care at all of these many "poor" AFK players that start to play after 5 minutes, when half team already died. No "sorry" is acceptable. Why the hell you enter a game if you know you are busy doing something, just to ruin the others playing. Seriously, a decent fix is needed for this. It used to happen in World Of Warcraft battlegrounds aswell, but they fixed it by kicking automatically out the player after something like 2 min of AFK. It's instantly replaced by another matching the queue. Plus the system "marks" him as coward and blocks him to rejoin a queue for 15 minutes. THAT WORKS!! NOT WG FAKE REPORT! ...Is that so hard?!?!
  9. _warlove_

    Hotfix #3 - a consumer view - Shokaku (VIII)

    I've abandoned my shokaku now, not having fun at all. Plus... the overdiscussed, and permantly unfixed, tier 8 MM crap that leads you on mostly tier 10, does the rest of disappointment with nothing you can do versus any average AA tier 10. CV rework for me is fail, from playing CVs and from playing other ships vs CVs aswell. Really uncomfortable overall and worst than before in terms of fun and gameplay.
  10. _warlove_

    Over-nerfed CVs

    Actually this is one the most bad comments I've read so far. OFC you are right... BUT the wrong thing is that WG made a change that discourage a player to play a ship on which he has put so much effort to obtain, and maybe he really loves playing it. This is absolutely wrong, and that means if the game stays as it is now, that player will stop enjoying playing that ship and will leave it. OFC you can say he has to adapt, change ships and so on, but if you have played enough you know that kind of "adaptiation" is far from being fun or useful (for the team) for a shima player. IMHO WG at this point should give ALL DDs a chance to defend from CVs harassments, like giving them the Defesive AA consumable, obviously with different parameters of effectiveness, duration, etc., to differentiate them and let the US and Soviet DDs better on this. It's just a common sense option that won't let ruin some ships gameplay more than others.
  11. _warlove_

    Radar Discussion Megathread

    Wasn't it a RADAR thread? So.. going back to topic... anyone noticed that the upcoming change on radar initially was rumored to be more effective (to preserve DDs)? Like make the radar info propagation to other ships after like 10 to 15 seconds. Now they claim it will be 6 seconds. I don't know how much valuable is with only 6 seconds to be honest, if you consider one is wasted on reaction time. DDs will keep having a pretty bad time imo.
  12. I vote the fourth option: Let WG leave it as it is, and focus on real problems of the game, like horrendous MM and the CV plague.
  13. _warlove_

    New CVs

    My honest opinion after some games, even using carriers. I'm mostly a BB and DD player, and I'm average or decent, I don't pretend to be super unicum world champion, I just play for fun but I'm very addicted to the game, so take my thoughts as they are. From the DD point of view I found the game is totally screwed up actually. I've never felt so uncomfortable playing DDs as now, with as average 2 (TWO) CVs in every fu...ing game. Even when it's just one it's very bad. I tried obviously to spec my kitakaze and harugumo for decent AA, but the difference is barely noticeable. Usually I just shoot down a couple of planes and there isn't much I can do to avoid being harassed for MINUTES. The fun thing is that radars are the last problem for now. I don't even try to use the shima at this point. Actually the "switch sector" thing is another uncomfortable thing. Too clumsy like Mejas said in some videos. I hope they will change it in something more fast and direct. From a BB point of view, I have the Yamato so I didn't expect excellent AA results as usual... but being hit from something like 8-10 torps from a (T8) Graf Zeppeling, even with fighters up, really pissed me off. Our CV wasn't able to use fighters and the Graf really owned many tier 10 ships with mediocre AA. I mean I also did some changes to my build to improve the Yamato AA, plus I switched to fighters, but was absolutely the same, and against a tier 8 CV?!?!? Anyway ok I'm fine with Yamato crap AA but I expect crap results with same tier CV, not lower ones. The fun thing is that maybe was just the Graf Zeppeling being OP, because when I used my t8 CV wasn't the same. Now let's play my Shokaku and let's try this CV thing. Well.. after some games I found that it's less boring than how it seemed on the preview. But.. I won't EVER grind the tier 10 in this status. As I saw, the tier 10s CV tend to be OP, very strong versus any kind of AA. On the other hand lower tier CVs impact a wall of AA on every stupid ship they meet. On same tier ships I see my planes evaporate even before come close. I mean I payed much attention to avoid flaks and so on, but holy crap, the AA it's stupidly OP. Plus throwing only a couple of torps is a bit frustrating but meh. For me I must say that do some decent damage was very uncomfortable and not enjoyable in the end, even if the gameplay is fun. I could also say my point of view of the AA on my Worcester and Salem (properly with AA spec just for test purposes). Well actually I thought they were far more better, like before. I can say the tier 10 CV are OP compared to before. Now they can sink a worcester with ease. Sure if you have the sector improved and AA boost active you shred planes, but as soon as it's on cooldown, good luck. I felt very disappointed aswell. Now the thing that makes me very sad is that we are (and will be) overcrowed of CVs for months and I doubt I will keep enjoying the game as before if this situation keeps going on. Just a sidenote: I don't like at all the "alternate tier" CV thing, to me makes no sense. The main things I would point are: 1) The MM is always crap as before, with tier 8s mixed with tier 10s. I keep thinking that they should make it +1/-1 and it will be FAR MORE balanced, expecially now with new CVs. 2) I find very stupid have more than one CV per team, as I've always thought, but now happens often. 3) I don't like to be forced to make all my ships more AA dependent, at least those that could be decent on it. 4) Below tier 10 AA is too much strong, with the exception of DDs without Def.AA, that are totally screwed up by the new gameplay. At tier 10 CVs are OP. My mood is sad about the game atm, but it's just an opinion.
  14. _warlove_

    T8 Matchmaking...

    As 0.7.11 stated: And actually it brilliantly worked!! Most players bought it! Congratulations to WG for this April 1st claim. What it really did? It worked to reduce of something like 80% players complains about T8 MM. Probably most of players really believed on that "fix". Actually if you play on T8 is exaclty the same as before, or even worst maybe (because tbh there are fewer T8 on a T10 game). I didn't really see any "more often" match on just 8 or 9 tiers. It's EXACTLY the same as before, but many more players just believed it and stopped complaining. GUYS WAKE UP PLEASE. Situation on T8 is very bad, considering how many really nice ships you can play, expecially on cruisers side it's almost unplayable. Please don't stop complaining on this and maybe they will eventually decide to make the real fix, something like +1/-1 tier MM. I hope that expecially considering the new CV rework with alternate tier CVs, it could have sense tbh.
  15. _warlove_

    Ranked Season X

    I'm not liking it at all tbh. Very few games to get rank 15 from rank17 with tier 8, very nice, I love tier 8. Then absolutely crap. I started to enjoy some games, going up slowly... reached rank 10, then I went back to 11.. 12... then again up to 11.. like 4 times now, I'm pretty tired. I mean... I don't play to aim at rank1, I don't think to be a very good superpro player, but I'm not that bad either. I feel it's really frustrating to see very bad players just screwing off games because they are selfish, ignore any kind of tactic and team mates and try just to keep the star, even before see how the game is going. I think it's funnier to play randoms with tier 10 at this point, at least we are free to the pressure of not performing a win, keeping star, ranking, etc. Because it's what really ruins average players behaviors. Playing ranked tier 8 is the only fun way to play tier 8, because MM is crap, but they made it for the short part of ranked. Then tier 10 is very bad and discouraging. It's clear that WG choosed tier 10 just to make a good load of money. It's very bad, because other tiers are very nice and fun to play. Bah...