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  1. n1T_GnoRT

    About SALEM !!!

    My question is about premium ship: Salem Do you have any plans to give salem a legend module and maybe "buff" her a little bit ? After i had seen the winrates of all 3 sever: Asia,Na and Eu... and she is not very good at this time. Despite the super heal, salem is still getting punished pretty hard. Her radar is only 8.5km while the conceal is 10.65km, which mean she can be detected, focused by enemy destroyer all days and that heal won't help her too much. The Des moines gets the normal heal but the radar range is much larger, which keep enemy destroyer stay away. She can't be seen and that will help her invicible and ambush enemies more easily. so live longer When i bought salem, i thought she will become a second playstyle of des moines....but no! much more like a nerfed des moines and still need islands for survival. It's just not worth the grind. Just imagine, i saved 240.000 coals (180.000 coals when you have coupon) and get a ship which isn't having any economy bonues, the playtyle is the same like Tech tree sister ship even more worst cau des moines is better in that role :( Even Jean Bart is much more fun than Richilieu and having economy bonues too! So this is my point: I really want to make Salem like a second gameplay different to the des moines, more fun too play. Des moines is stronger because the radar is used for Offensive; Salem strengh is about the heal and the radar used for defensive. So then why not make salem like a open-water cruiser? You can give the salem A SPOTTER PLANE and LEGEND MODULE like the Des moines. Buff the HEAL which can heal up to 50% citadel damaged like Royal Navy cruiser. This will make salem more aggressive and more hype to play. An ECONOMY BONUES like T8 premium, or T9 premium (Not print credits like Missouri, but still have an economy bonues) , so that she can be a fully worthy premium ship ! The legend module more like des moines but remove the penaty (cause salem radar is sort-range and little duration) : –50% to time taken to reach full power when accelerating (improved acceleration) –20% to rudder shift time +8% to main battery maximum firing range. P/s: this is not my main account :p
  2. n1T_GnoRT

    1000 Doubloon Camoflague

    don't use doubloons for T10 premium camo below ( but some ships are worth with premium camo like Fletcher and cleveland) Collect more doubloons from the SC and wait until some events they will discount ships and add them to the tech tree! like Black friday in 2017, they gave almost all premiums ships in the tech tree. I have bought anshan for only 2300 doubloons :D