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  1. howardxu_23

    Your Puerto Rico impressions

    Alt hud if I remember it correctly (Alasin) Some of the mods should have been vallina ages ago, nomogram crosshairs is a outright better crosshairs then any of the stock ones. The angle mod is debatable, but considering that ships that appear to be full broadside may not actually be, it can be argued for. the ability to toggle between turret view and spotter view is also An another one
  2. howardxu_23

    WG please remove AA completely from the game

    Not to bash you, but yours is more complex to implement. However considering WOWS have spaghetti code who knows. The 300% aim time debuff is supposed to be making the drop permentlay massive unless you travel in a straight line from starting the run all the way to the actual drop anyway also +1 to your idea. I’d say also to give certain nations bonuses as well, for example IJN planes suffer less penalty from low moral/loses moral slower in general, to reflect the better training and experience of the poilets (assuming that all ships in the game are supposed to be at peak performance)
  3. howardxu_23

    WG please remove AA completely from the game

    DFAA increases aim time by 300%, so the only way you are going to get a perfect drop on a DFAA active boat is to fly in a perfectly straight line(basically same as old DFAA) also spotting is now limited to CV only unless plane is within certain distance of it(similar to radio range in WOT)
  4. howardxu_23

    Another PLAYTo Rico arrives, along with some thoughts

    Madman. Absolute madman. You get a +1 still. I agree that they are probably going to ramp up difficulty even harder with the next even by the fact that you grinder it out for free. and yes while teamkilling is seen rarely, however if one of these PRs turns up, I can garrentee that There is a 60% chance that there will be a teamkill attempt, or 95% chance the PR gets the attention of the whole enemy team, to the point where they are willing to throw their own boats away just to kill it. In fact, I even have a story for it. in my first battle with a PR on my side(no CV) the only ”teamkill” attempt was done by me, but purposely lead far so shells landed in the water at 2km away from his bow, single turret only, mostly to make a statement, otherwise decided to support him cause MM moniter says that he’s good.(a lot of colourful words directed to it however)(do also note that MMM also seems to say that red team are generally bad in terms of w8 or hidden stats, green team is ~50% which may explain some of the things I mentioned) what happened next Is the amount of tunnel vision shown by the red team to a PR is unbelievable. one point Worcester charged straight at me while the PR is milling off somewhere behind me(focus fire of course, I moved up to draw attention which did little) Obviously Worcester vs Yamato is Yamato decisive victory, and that guy said that I should let him to kill the PR. My reply: “I hate the event for the PR and the player for buying it, but not the boat itself, and he is green team for the match so he will receive my support to the best of my limited ability” next one on the list is Kermlin. He steamed full speed ahead towards the PR, who has long realised the entire red team does not like him, is kiting away. By this time I have moved to a flank as a attempt to generate crossfire, noticed Kermlin showing full broadside to me, and put the first salvo into the water, before the next salvo removes most of his HP, and was killed off by PR himself. Zao came charging through gets spotted, and gets deleted by another BB somewhere. PR uses radar and finds 2 DDs just as he sails into our Smolensk smoke, and our Dimitri, Smolensk and PR lit them up(I popped a salvo in as well for more dmg). Is the shitfest over? Nope i went around a corner of a island, and found a monty who is in position to delete me IF he had chosen to point his guns my way and use his sealth, but nooo, he was now blind firing into the smoke where our PR had gone in(our PR ahead long left the smoke for a island by now) and was so tunnelled to the point that I basically sailed to within 4km of him IN A FRIGGIN YAMATO( all their DDs, and at this point the red team was mostly dead from yoloing), said konichiwa and nuked him to oblivion. did not do much else apart from sailing about gathering caps since red team were way out of effective range and are mostly dead the greatest irony? the green PR somehow survived though all that to the battle’s end with 2000HP remaining. If I had actually decided to hit him directly with a overpen he may not have lived because of that. I did lose all of my karma presumably from actively helping the PR, but I did gain one karma, presumably from PR himself
  5. howardxu_23

    battleships with worthless secondaries secondaries

    While looking over the bingo card things, I noticed the square “torps should be more visable” *looks at torp mod that is replacing TAM Hmmmmm
  6. howardxu_23

    battleships with worthless secondaries secondaries

    On select ships turrets are protected enough to get way with not using main batt mod Yamato(lol 650mm turret face) comes to mind for improving AA HP, currywurst it’s more of a choice since it has weaker armor on main guns, but has high base secondaries HP and aux mod 1 is percentage based, so it buffs it more. Izumo has weak barbettes, so main armament mod for her thirdy it also depends on how many turrets the ship actually has for redundancy, on a JB there is only 2 and poor secondary HP, so losing one turret is far more of a problem then on something like a Amagi, which has 5 turrets, so losing one basically gives you nagato firepower. Same goes to monty, losing one turret gives it the broadside weight equivalent to Iowa
  7. howardxu_23

    battleships with worthless secondaries secondaries

    Also theoretically more accurate since they also get access to their own FCS or more powerful ones
  8. howardxu_23

    battleships with worthless secondaries secondaries

    Use axiularuy(whatever is spelt)mod 1 for more sec batt HP secondly JB secondaries are not as durable as the 150 on currywurst
  9. howardxu_23

    WG causing the Blowouts?

    About that, I have been playing boats that have been around for a while(IJN BB, KM BB, RU CLs, IJN CVs to learn how to beat cvs in general. And RU DDs) the only recent “upstarts” that I have is RN DD(from the event) and RU BBs. ... actually I think RU BBs are the problem, but I hardly play them out of ops these days while grinding.
  10. howardxu_23

    There will never be a BB with bigger guns then Yamato...

    Too easy get 666666 flooding ribbons in yamato NIPPON BANZAI INTENSIFIES
  11. howardxu_23

    WG causing the Blowouts?

    About that..... it seems like I have gotten worse if PR is anything to go by But my damage and avg XP has gone up on the other hand, and I’m not kemping bush with my BBs
  12. howardxu_23

    2019 - a year in retrospect

    Missle ships. sit all the way at the back of the map and spam missles at each other. also dumpster fire will grow to the size of the fires that are raging in Australia and then grow so the dumpster fire covers the whole world. then the game may probably die if not becomes subscription only. at this point I definitely know that WG will no longer listen to good suggestions so as jingles said, “if it is worth doing, it’s worth doing yourself” In the far future I attempt to create a warships game, if none others have done so by then.
  13. howardxu_23

    Thunderer or Yoshino??

    Yoshi gets 30mm midsection to troll <430mm
  14. howardxu_23

    There will never be a BB with bigger guns then Yamato...

    Calling those “things” as people with mental health problems is an insult to mental health problems itself.
  15. howardxu_23

    There will never be a BB with bigger guns then Yamato...

    Premium iwoa with nuke shells you only get one salvo, but will instantly delete anything. kermlin gets shields to counter, with wave motion cannons for main guns.