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  1. howardxu_23

    More heavy cruisers needed?

    A 457mm monitor? Sounds like fun :D
  2. howardxu_23

    Dynamic sights problem in the Musashi?

    Holy cow, now I know why I keep overleading those long range shots even on reletively fast crusiers. Thanks :D
  3. howardxu_23

    World of HE Games

    A global nerf to all HE firechance or rework on how damage control/repair works may be one solution, or make HE also take into account of nominal armor thickness, then change HE pen values from there.
  4. howardxu_23

    World of HE Games

    Normally, fire damage is 100% repairable. But the pen damage resulting from HE shells can only be repaired by 50%, same goes to ap shells. Also damage can only really be effectively repaired if they are not trying to out-dpm the heals and dcp, which can cause a lot of issues. in my opinion, HE stacks with the team better then AP, since HE is guaranteed to do some damage per salvo/fires/module damage, no matter the angle of the enemy ship. For AP you have to depend on situation and how many goats you have sacrificed to RNGods, while with HE, While the damage it deals is far smaller then ap, because of the fires the more people are shooting at the same target the more effective it becomes really fast, since it basically “saturates” their DCP(think PDS, it be fine vs 1-3 missles, but if you throw 100 missles at it then some will get through, like how jingles says: “if you throw enough crap at a wall then some will stick”), causing them to burn to death. It’s also not helping that WG has added new ships that are HE foucused as well, US CLs, RN BBs, IJN gunboat line, and coupled with IFHE, a problem in itself as well, there is a lot of HE starting to get thrown around everywhere. I am currently grinding IJN line, and I can say for sure that pretty much most of the boats have to play passively vs the other nations, because they are designed that way or they just go down. Seriously, only time I can citadel a BB these days is if the BB in quetion is IJN. Don’t belive me? Okay, Kongo is more of a oversized crusier then a proper BB, fuso is the only bb that I have played that can actually surive in the HE heavy environment cause she has 35mm central deck and Uses the incremental armor scheme like the Germans, but has to give a lot of side to bring all guns to bear(not to say that she is crap though). For nagato they only thing that she has that stands out is her guns, and that’s it. Otherwise the entire ship par the superstructure +belt is covered with 25mm armor, which every ship in her tier+ some at t6 can overmatch, + ridiculous vulnerability to he spam, seriously a t5 König will actually surive longer against the same he spam that nagato faces(I did actually test in training room, brother in his NO, me in budonny with IFHE, and we used the stopwatch to see how long does it take for the ship to die. Nagato often died first while König died to the fires after many shatters. As a result in a IJN BB you do have to rely on your BBs to take up the slack, but then again, average BB captain.
  5. howardxu_23

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    I want to join the lottery
  6. howardxu_23

    Request on helping to improve nagato play(replay included)

    Thank for the advice guys, so if I’m correct, I should be trying to play it as a Uber cruiser, using its oddly decent agility to avoid getting hit in the first place. I think you can say Germans BBs/conkeks without issues, that said, what do you think is the optimal angle for nagato? In my experience is roughly 55 degrees. Probably a combination of bad positioning and generally trying to shoot dds non stop. Anyway do you have any tips on aiming at ships that are traveling in a slight angle or turning? I know broadside on ships is shoot at waterline.
  7. Well, title. I want to improve on my bb playstyle, but generally have no idea if I’m doing something right or wrong. Anyway here is the replay(I have some more if you need) https://replayswows.com/replay/36530#teams
  8. howardxu_23

    CV Rework Beta Test - Feedback thread

    My Feedback: AA is far too RNG(long range/heavy ones at least), one minute I can fly into 3 freedom AA crusiers without issues and get a drop off at least, next minute my squad gets vaporised by a solo zao of all things. Short range AA is pretty much the only thing that deals reliable damage. I honestly expected that iwoa is capable or creating a solid wall of flak, but somewhat disappointed that I actually managed to break through and get 2 drops off. That said, rng give, rng taketh. Next run I get vaporised before coming into range. AA sector switching is completely useless, did some testing with Montana, GK and Yamato, with my brother, first without any aa spec and next fully into aa In Test room, feels no different apart from slightly more intense flak cloud appearance, and more dangerous close range aa, which by then a drop would have been made off. Also too long, 7-10s for BBs is more reasonable, plus more noticeable effects at least. Well, this is technically a weakness of derp guns, but if you make it so that your unit can survive the initial hit from it, even if left on 1 hp left, provided there is no negative effect for leaving on low hp, it has effectively doubled the survivability due to the long reload. This is the case in plane vs flak battle, and it seems that if you put in every last skill/upgrades, the planes will win out in the end. BFT is useless, except on dds and Atlanta, nuff said. I say increase its effect even more, aka make guns fire faster. For balance it will only affect secondary’s/aa, mains will get current buff. Manual AA is now completely useless due to having no effect whatsoever. AFT and anything that increases range of AA is very useful, so is the aa mod 2. Low tiers aa does suffer due to lack of access to this, so that you can “roll the die” earlier. as the battle drags on and more aa mounts gets destroyed from HE spam, the fact that cvs now have unlimited planes means that it can be relentless in its assaults, which can only get worse as the game goes on as more and more AA mounts gets destroyed from HE spam, current RTS system balances this by the fact that cvs have a limited amount of planes. Suggestion to improve this is to either return the limited planes system or a limit so that the more planes you lose, the smaller the strike squad will become until it hits a limit of some sort. planes are rather fast, which probably is part of the issues. DFAA is rather hard to test, due to RNG again. One minute I can breaks through and drop, next minute I get vaporised. That said, I get vaporised more often when dfaa is on.
  9. howardxu_23

    New Bonus code - 29.11.18

    Huh, now no longer works
  10. howardxu_23

    Is snap shooting/quick scoping with ijn bbs better?

    Fair point.
  11. I think I have a theory why people say that ijn bbs are accurate, it is probably because their aiming skill has gone to a point where they can eyeball shots semi reliably, but it may be conformation bias, but It does feel this way. Lately I feel that my nagato has gotten inaccurate for whatever reason, lock on bug or not, while My brother in his friggin baryen of all things can actually land hits. Then I came upon this behaviours in the last 3 battles: first battle: there was a Iowa about 22km away from me, but since it was the only thing around and all but 3 of the enimies are dead, I quickly eyeballed the shot(I don’t think I even gave enough lead, pls I’m using the static one, calibrated for 20 knots and the iwoa was going at full speed) and fired. Result? 2x citadels (did not die cause he did camp all day at the back) dismissed that as rng. 2nd battle I came across a Aoba, this time at 13km, defiantly within nagato’s effective range, but I keep overpenning and missing it non stop till it went behind a island(it was full broadside the entire time, if I had my way it would have been vaporised instantly) Was taking the time to aim the entire time. a Farragut appeared at 15km later in the battle, and since I had ended up in a place where the Farragut is pretty much the only thing to shoot at, eyeballed it and fired. Result is that the dd lost pretty much all of its hp form 6 overpens. Then found a stationary New Orleans pointing its bow at me. Now it would have been an instant deletion with nagato’ 41cm guns, but the result is that he only lost a small chunk of his hp after 4 of my salvos(most of them missed) before I got killed from HE spam (he was pretty much the only person spotting me the entire time, of I had vaporised him right there I may have lived. I even used sequential fire to spread the last 2 salvos in desperation, which is pretty much the only thing that dealt damage) 3rd battle enemy and my team went full lemming train to the other side, so I spent most of the time trying to shoot dds, not doing much then cause I was actually trying to aim at the dds using the crosshairs. Baltimore showed up on my side just I reloaded my guns so I quickly eyeballed the shot( if you are tying to shoot dds then there will always be torps coming your way) and fired. Result? Batlimore gets vaporised. Bounus: the Baltimore then called me a hacker. should probably play more battles to confirm it, but it does somewhat feel that ijn bbs are better for quick scoping, and probably turn on replays while at it but of these battles as of now feels that the less time you spend on looking at the numbers on the crosshairs, the more hits you will get in the ijn bbs.
  12. howardxu_23

    G. Kurfurst

    Izumo can sort of do it aready :P
  13. howardxu_23


    Found something else: Aho girl unlike the other animie, this is more of a short skit for each episode, lasting 10-15 mins each Instead of 20mins ish that others has, not surprising since it focuses mainly on comedy, without the cutsences in between, so short and sweet. also pretty surprised that no one have mentioned this yet : Danshi Kōkōsei no Nichijō/daliy life of high school boys. a comedy/slice of life animie that foucuses on the antics of some boys, defiantly hilarious(although I don't actually have any friends, let alone derpy ones).
  14. Hmm, for me its more like turn everthing that i can lay my hands on into kinetic bombs in space engineers. otherwise i leave and watch some animie
  15. I suppose you still win, have a virtual cookie 🍪