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  1. a column of rock right? BUT IT IS ME, PORMMEN!
  2. howardxu_23

    ST 0.9.7, American battleships

    I would have preferred a Tillman design that fires a large amount of 406mm shells, more hilarious that way and “if you throw enough crap at a wall, some will stick” I mean pasta cruisers as they go up from t8-10 is basically adding 1 more turret, and Lyon exists, so I don’t see the reason for another one that does that many shells 2nd even then there should be enough actual boats or designs around to fill the line from t6/7 to t10,
  3. howardxu_23

    New Slava is trash

    While true, part of the blame should also go to WG, for giving test ships overtuned stats/gimmicks(RU BB BB/CV only radar, anyone?), ridiculous ideas(NTC 1.0) or seemly favouring paper boats before ones that are actually built(RU BB first before pasta BB) which makes people far more cynical of what goes on, hence the more toxic responses. basically, WG treat us as idiots, so they ended up being treated as one(treat others how you want to be treated)
  4. howardxu_23

    New Slava is trash

    It would seem like the user recorded a vid that was up for 4min, then reuploaded it. well anyone who says WG NDA is a good idea shall how have their [edited]blasted repeatly by slava.
  5. howardxu_23

    New Slava is trash

    Sadly no goliath and AL nev is also in the same battle
  6. howardxu_23

    New Slava is trash

    Vid of slava *EDIT*
  7. After Step 1: Install depression wows MM moniter mod Step 2: get into battle and find a conkek/thunderer step 3: look at his average winrate if w8 is 45% or lower, it is 95% chance that he will only use HE, sit at back and do nothing else at 50% w8, it becomes 50% chance that he may use AP, however it does not scale linearly, but rather exponential as shown in this graph: above 53-55% w8 assume that he also understands how concelment works and knows how to abuse their 12km balans detection range to outspot your cruiser, and then colonise you with 457mm teabags, and that is the only thing you will know that he is there before your demise There you go, though my trial by fire (literally in a lot of the cases) I have determined how to find out whether the conkek has less IQ then a plant or the queen's personal guard
  8. howardxu_23

    is shikishma 51cm nippon boomsticks...too loud?

    rather then loudness, the sound travels a very long distance to make it herd from that distance, the souce decibel needs to be as loud as a nuke going off. hence I assumed it to be a bug
  9. while I'm in the club of not having guns bigger then 46cm, but anyway my clan mates has been saying that they can hear the thing firing well over 19km away, and I'm pretty sure that you cannot hear 3x2 510s from that distance. I have attached it a file of it, you may want to turn the volume all the way up to even hear it shikiboom.zip
  10. howardxu_23

    State of BBs

    There is one minor issue with shooting at angled ships vs side on ones, and that is how the game was originally designed in the first place: you show broadside, you explode, no questions asked. the dispersion patten for all ships has a bias towards the horizontal axis instead of vertical/circular. Not to mention the binocular view also makes it much easier to land hits on fully side on ships then angled ones as well(stock crosshairs are crap at showing where to aim at angled targets, you have to aim by instinct pretty much) Basically dammed if you do, dammed if you don’t situation.
  11. howardxu_23

    BBs in the sub mode

    Well what if DD dies to torp in smoke because he is a idiot, and leaves that flank open how the hell do you Think I should stop that in a BB or CV? eat torps for him? Hell no 2nd even good players have their “off” day Where they get outplayed due to not factoring a variable in, or get fun and engaging mechenics if you are going to make depth charges less effective, then get rid of citadel torps, that imo will be fair. Or force the sub to surface when hit by a depth charge automatically. xenon, do you even understand the difference between those 2? With a DD, you HAVE to be carful that anyone does not enter your detect range, and predicting where the remaining red DD is so you can take correct action to counter/evade them. Subs? Well as long as there is no ASW capable ships Left and its team is winning on points massively. submerge as deep as possible and go afk. Even if What is left red team Finds sub, they can do all. With a DD red team can still counter by pressuring it to a place where it cannot run, radar+hydro threat and DD vs DD mind games. hence he is valid in this point: That does not mean competent subs Captains will show up as well, I mean, anyone can get good at the game if they choose to. Why do you think unicum BB, crusiers, CV and DDs exist. hopefully they will. But as of now, situations can end up like the current radar ships vs no radar ships thing, one team can have all The cruisers with ASW ability, other team does not. however in the case of radar, radarless boats can still do something to a DD if they are spotted from other means, with ASW on the other hand, the team with less ASW have to entirely rely on their DD and sub, once they are gone because team, well they are fucked because they cannot do anything at all as long as the subs know what they are doing.
  12. howardxu_23

    BBs in the sub mode

    Well if it is the last boat alive but it’s Being surrounded by CAs or BBs only But a massive lead on points if the captain has any sense they will simply sit underwater while the red team do all and win, in a DD or even CV the captain has to actively avoid getting spotted, is the thing else they will feel what is left of the red team’s shells upon then ,with subs as soon as there is no ASW capable boats left they are basically completely immune to damage and yes, I have played a sub and against them. While it is hilarious to erase a Bayern from existence with homing torps, I also need to think how the other player feels when he is trying to evade them, Regularly changing corse and direction only to realise that the homing torps curved right onto his belt and do full citadel damage that is not as easily healed(torp hits on the belt before also technically dealt citadel damage, but that was reduced by the TDS of the ship, which allowed something like Yamato to survive a full volley from the sweidish destroyers due to low damage per torp) also that is another reason. T6 subs have their speeds artifically inflated, while a New Mexico still has to move at a historical 19-20 knots. you can argue That slow speed is not fun, but if you have t3-t7 USN BB still moving at 20 knots and below, the argument is mooot
  13. howardxu_23

    BBs in the sub mode

    I have played Bayern, fuso, and izamal in sub mode, and being a extensive BB player, I can say this if you team has all CAs, red team all CLs, and very little in terms of DDs and all of your DDs die off within the first 2 mins. you are . Period. No chance of outplay. May as well alt-tab, leave for port and join a new one. if you are alone vs a DD you can at least stall your demise long enough and pray that DD wanders a bit too close so that you can unload the barrels into it. well with a sub he will just sit underwater and you will do All, and you cannot even leave because you will lose sight of it, and it can get another chance of torp you. subs need a “force surface when x is true” condition regardless of what happens, and citdeal homing torps no matter how you sugar coat it, is a massive pile of , or give every boat depth charges, or if you think that is too iffy, give CAs and BBs a way to hurt the sub, or at least stall their own demise better, like deep sea mines(they won’t hurt surface boats, but a sub can sail though them, but they are visible to a sub At a very close range only or hydro. I got foucused down by a CV In thunderer which in theory has good AA+start of battle, so all AA mounts are healthy, and has DFAA,
  14. howardxu_23

    Built-in manual secondaries for BBs

    actually, USN DD up to t7 I believe are gunboats with rubbish torps anyway, Im sure the IJN torp boats are capable of landing torps on one without getting spotted during launch. most DDs have smoke, while you can get radared if you sit in it, it is still useful enough to use it as a disengagement tool