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  1. This was said to be given to CCs, and ended up on reddit eventually. anyway read it and interpret by yourself. I just came here to share something, and shall now resume monster hunting.
  2. howardxu_23

    Bourgogne vs Alsace, worth the steel?

    It’s basically pre nerf Alsace accuracy with some extra bits stuck to it, then slapped into t10
  3. howardxu_23

    Now on ST: AP Rockets for CVs...because reasons.

    A year is about 365 days, so you have 2 1/2 years before prieumun runs out who knows what happens in that time.
  4. howardxu_23

    Now on ST: AP Rockets for CVs...because reasons.

    It is obviously a joke(Yes I did mention I will still be lurking in fourms) anyway before I gave up on wows my reaction would be this This is my reaction now after I saw this:
  5. The operative word being “undefined” but I probably just read the fourms to see what kind of WG will pull from their arse, but only this time, I will laugh, since I no longer have any ties with it, while before, I will get pissed. i have aready accepted that I’m a fully certified BBaby well do whatever you want. Here
  6. I actually did ask about managing HE spam, using cover and concealment as much as possible, not DCPing one fire as soon as it gets set unless you won’t get hit for some time, FP skill and BoS and following other fourm advice and looking up YouTube vids. However, that means hanging back a lot longer then I’m comfortable with, and I often find myself losing a lot more (but more dmg done) then me taking up a more forward position, doing less dmg, but winning more often. I mean, if I need to do spotting dmg and it doesn’t matter on ship class, I will take a BB over my DDs. Bam, easy 40-50k spotting I think I should also have mentioned player quality as well, and the lower skill floor of some ships as well(cough Smolensk cough) with players doing utterly dumb stuff, then the red player doing another dumb stuff and it becomes a battle of who is the stupidest is also not fun. also me being a fractured space player should be obvious with my profile pic , but nice to meet another
  7. Short version: WG has gone full EA and care about nothing but money+burning out long version: right where do we start? I suppose I can start with my background I started playing wows sometime when there is 4 BB (IJN, USN, KM, french) lines and Moskva did not have 50mm Stalinium bow, and there is still only one USN cruiser line. Mostly because someone in fractured space introduced me to anime, space battleship Yamato being the first. Obviously I wanted to acquire Yamato for myself as well, so did a google search. Wows was the first thing that popped up, So I downloaded it, and started my journey there, and scuceeded in acquiring Yamato on 31/07/2019 enough about myself, lets get down to the stuff that pushed me away from the game further and further, till I have made the decision to completely give up on it, with points that as far as I can remember. the seeds were first sown when RN BBs we’re first introduced(USN CLs do not count since I’m nowhere near the tier where they became a significant problem). I’m completely fine with a generic BB AP slingers, since I’m mostly in for the historical ships, instead we get HE spamming BBs that can get away with broadsiding all day long, and the playstyle of the line itself even bled into other BB lines, to this day you can still see the effects of the RN BB’s influence. the USN CL release a while before is also around the time when fractured space died, and when WOWs started to go downhill for me the second part is when they introduced IJN DD gunboat line which can melt BBs and in some cases outgun cruisers. I mean, 100mm guns pen a crusier plates is already enough, but BB and the ability to set a lot of fires at the same time is crazy. the third part is when HE spam ships started to increase to insane levels as I advanced into higher tiers, I mean I know that HE and fires is a meme, but when conkek decides to set 3 fires in a single salvo +10k dmg, when you you use DCP to extinguish the fires and you get set on fire by a Wooster hiding behind a island or the conkek decides to give you 2-3 fires again, it’s ridiculous imo. Not helping the fact that when Smolensk with balans 9%fire chance got released, or the fact that mino does not have HE mostly because it will be too strong, and we get Wooster and Smolensk as a result. I don’t yolo, but the video tips these days say to snipe in a BB. you I can’t hit crap past 15-16km anyway, I’m just gonna have to grit my teeth and bear with it. At least WG are not going to pull another crap on me, right? WG: HOLD MY VODKA deploys CVREEEwork how the hell is that even balanced? I mean I always look for a USN crusier for AA cover in my IJN BBs, but when they come running to you begging for AA support, you know it is definitely . Nevertheless they did rectify some of this, but still nowhere near enough. Also in the cv thread I have seen many good ideas to balance the RTS CVs, but it seems like WG decided to ignore all of them and shove this mess down our throats. I mean, I be fine if they did PTS testing, held in the PTS for longer for more balancing( I mean, it’s called public test server for a reason), instead what they do? Release the initial version of CVs with very little changes, in spite of the warnings given by many of the good CV players, under a guise of “mass testing”, not to mention the loss of a lot of operations(if I were them I would just make a CV go from point A to B or replace it with a BB of some sort, or make it planeless for a while) when in reality they wanted to make money from selling premium CVs. The only good news is that I had to take a break to concentrate on my A levels at that time. Won’t be even worse then this right? again, WG decides to one up their , RU BB instead of pasta BB. With kermlin and sniop being ridiculous for their class, and you can physically kill them easily. High citadel my arse. You are not going to pen that belt unless you are like 10km away and it is showing flat broadside, and the weakness can be easily mitigated by going bow in. Sinop basically makes both nagato and Colorado redundant. Also only one ship actually existed in the whole line, with the other being 5% complete before it got scrapped. This is also the point where my playtime started to drop off significantly. next thing they do is the entire Pay2rico fiasco, at that point they are basically hammering the nails in the coffin for me at least, I mean I they have done it right in the first place I probably would have decided to actually forgive them, and maybe buy something from the shop, was thinking vanguard initially(I got my own debit card with my own allowance) but it releasing in that state has completely convinced me that WG no longer cares about us, only how much money they can make. At that point logging into the game feels like a chore, and had bought DOOM and wolfstien with the money that I saved for wows premium boats. WG then decide to release NTC in the first form, I mean that is what I can see EA do and think is a good idea, it is literally pay 2 win(pay to convert free Xp, then use it on resetting lines). At least that got shut down, but WG being WG, decides the next best thing to do is to remove LM mod missions and put them in research buru instead of stuffing it with more camos. That is when I decided that WG==EA at that point. The second to last nail was announced when subs are announced and are literally full of and them not listening at all to feedback on how it should be done, and homing torps that bypass torp protection completely to do full dmg? Nope for me. Also I should mention player quality as well, and the lower skill floor of some ships as well(cough Smolensk cough) with players not capitalising on a massive advantage, players doing utterly dumb stuff, then the red player doing another dumb stuff and it becomes a battle of who is the stupidest is also not fun, and it has been falling since launch. I remember my 46% old self being mocked for being terrible, but when you get a 20%(HOW) in the line up according to depression monitor, you start to question if those are living, breathing people. the final nail that made me decide that wows has now gone full Wot and there is no hope of making WG listen to feedback but money: Yashima/shikisma. Call me petty all you like, for leaving because “guns are bigger then 460mm” but at that point I’m already at the boundary of deciding to jump ship or not, the 510mm will just mean that there is no stopping them from doing whatever they like for money. At that point, I made my mind up that I will take a break from wows for a indefinite period of time, after I ground out my Yamato LM. As of 29 Feb 2020, it has been completed, marking the end of my world of warships journey. thank you wows, thank you yamato, thank you to all the fourmites I have played with ad against, for making a game enjoyable, but I’m sorry, I need to move on. jump coordinates set, Preparing jump drives. Jumping
  8. *sees Stalingrad How to beat Russian bias more Russian bias jokes aside smol dev strikes are now my antidepressant Honestly, I think I’m definitely too close to the action most of the time in my yamato, but it works, so I’m gonna keep doing it. Totally not because I can’t hit a dang thing past 15km
  9. howardxu_23

    Viribus Unitis: Not garbage at all

    There is a reason why some people here do well and enjoy the crispy creame boat. Also it t5, more likely then not you are going to find less experienced people.
  10. there is a reason why my nickname for the MM monitor mod is "depression monitor" also meanwhile in t3 (i'm not sealcubbing, i'm grinding the RN CA line)
  11. howardxu_23

    Getting overrun, or overrunning the other team....

    I suppose I should again mention this: current generation of gamers would prefer to throw money at a problem and hope that it goes away, while in the past gamers have to actually git gud to win/overcome problem.
  12. howardxu_23

    Getting overrun, or overrunning the other team....

    I have a feeling that I was the Yamato against a haiku and a daring once, with most of my AA destroyed by HE spammers, in one of your games, begging the yoshino to use hydro(he didn’t, but never replied if he is using DFAA instead) but yes, playerbase quality has definitely gotten worse then when I first started, when it’s just 4 BB lines. its the most noticeable in operations, in the past I would have issues getting enough XP, because red boats die so fast, 5 stars every time. Also sims spam in the durnkik ops thing. now? how the do you up nari? its literally 1 crusier go for transports, 1-2 crusiers go for CV, others move in front of convoy and kill everything, torp boat moves up behind the rock and torp missori as it comes around, else the BB do a drive by on it. then all enter harbour ASAP. then foucus fire on every red boat that enters the harbour(they don’t even change their order of spawn and movements, if you ignore derpy autopilot) 5 stars easy, 4 stars if you mess up evading torps but whatever) 5 stars
  13. howardxu_23

    I need high tier BB advice.

    Wut? BBs can exert a lot of map control. The main tool is it’s devastating salvos which can wipe out any cruisers or other BBs with a well placed salvo, which is available every ~30s Basically if you exist and make your presence felt, it can force the red boats to move out of the way....or die. Basically a properly played and positioned BB acts as a deterrent to pushing or as part of the spearhead in a push, and BBs can take a large amount of fire before it goes down. The main issue of course, Is whether your team capitalises the opening created by you, or where to position you BB so you can be a threat without being burned down fast.
  14. howardxu_23

    How to Moskva

    It’s actually easier since that vid is from when Moskva did not have 50mm Stalinium bow
  15. howardxu_23

    I need high tier BB advice.

    I suppose one should also mention target Prioritisation : Ranked in Order of highest to lowest( it is not a firm list, but shooting DDs is always the highest priory) Spotted DD sub 10-15km(closest one first) red DDs in a knife fight with your DDs on your flank( one overpen can mean a lot,even missing can cause red DD to make mistakes since you make them know that you are there and have a eye on them) Radar cruisers(a good rule a thumb is any USN or RU crusier above t8, RN often takes smoke. all broadside targets bigger then DDs(the easier to cit one, the higher the piroty, so if there is a side on Smolensk and mino in front of you, go for mino first) other crusiers Angled BB(if it’s a Yamato and you are a 32mm only BB then it can take slightly higher piroty if needed) CVs finally, no mater what other people says, AP at absolutely everything, unless there is only angled BBs from your position or you know that red DD is going to show up around a corner/preparing a radar ambush with your radar crusier.