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  1. To the forum and the wargaming team,
     I have followed the planned carrier update since the first message. And it was okay so far. But the decision. remove some carriers completely now. this goes too far.
    I've always been quiet and have not said my opinion, like many others, but I now speak for all the carrier mains, carrier sunday drivers and carrier lovers who love the historical background of these ships. Why are you doing this?
    For quite some time, our wearers have already been in the game and have long become an integral part of the game.
    Their backgrounds are fascinating as well. For example: The Hiryu is next to the Kaga, one of the few ships that were involved in the most important battle in World War II. The battle for Midway. Not just your point of view:
    "We want to be historically correct." The statement to remove Taiho while keeping the Hakuryu speaks against your point of view. Because the Taiho was completely built in contrast to the Hakuryu and existed. Do you seriously want to act against your own point of view?
    Furthermore, what happens to the players, who sometimes have invested a lot of time, to complete one of the two research trees or both? Do you just want to annihilate your hard work by removing them?
    What will happen to the players who bought the permanent camouflage for these CV's? Will those be compensated. And if so, in what form? Have you ever thought about this?
    If you take the time and walk through the forum, you will find that many are against it. And I also think they will lose a lot of the community if they pull it off.
    For the sake of all aircraft carrier captains, Sunday drivers and collectors, keep our beloved and honored carriers in the game.
    Sincerely, BlackSwordsmen99



  2. You must have to know, Kaga is Tier VII, like Saipan. If they r really removing all tier V, VII and IX, they will maybe remove both VII- Premium Carriers too. Sad,ut the truth. One reason more to save the carriers,
  3. But, what can we do to stop that? other question, can we stop that? I won't lose my HIRYU.
  4. They are really Remove all CV that i love and i spent a lot of time and money in it. They can't do that! CV is, next to the cruiser, my main class..and i love HIRYU VII and TAIHO IX. and now? Wargaming just remove it. And? Goddammit. How can I stop this? For the intrrests from all CV-Player? They can removeZUIHO...and the Americans also..but, I will fight for my HIRYU. I mean, the rework, okay..i can live with it. But to remove them? Its not anymore bnased on the real things- One fact is clear: If they remove the Carriers! I will get a payback for the premium camous i bought for them. I will look for other people, who also don't like this and we will fight against this choice! The CV's is a part of the game.... #CV4ever
  5. BlackSwordsmen99

    30% Rabatt Coupon

    jo danke.
  6. BlackSwordsmen99

    30% Rabatt Coupon

    jo, danke für die information. aber bis zum mein konton jahreatag is es noch lange (began am 28.01.2018)..wie dem auch sei..ich werd mich mal wieder den ranks aufmerksamkeit geben..will ein besseren als letzte season.
  7. Mustu und Nagato, 2 gute und starke, japanische Schlachtschiffe. Aber dennoch so große unterschiede, allein vom Aussehen....und Mutsu hat ja noch Torpedos bekommen. Trotzdem starke Schiffe, die zusammen fast unbezwingbar sind.

    Sister Power! Mustu and Nagato.png

  8. BlackSwordsmen99

    30% Rabatt Coupon

    wie, ein 20% Rabatt Gutschein? wie bekommt man denn den? *denk*, naja..is eh nutzlos für mich da ich immernoch vergeblich auf die premium cvs warte
  9. Der Deutsche Täger GRAF ZEPPELIN, mein Hassgegner. Nachdem ich schon versunken worden bin..konnte ich mir ein Blick auf dieses Schiff ermöglichen und ich muss sagen..sie ist nicht nur stark..sondern sieht auch gut aus. Ich hoffe mal das sie bald im Premium Shop verfügbar sein wird, da sie eine wundervolle ergänzung sein wird für meine Trägerflotte. Vielleicht könnt ihr mir ja mal paar Fakten und Schwachstellen schreiben. 

    Mit freundlichen Gruß, Cpt. Black

    Deutscher Träger Graf Zeppelin.png

  10. Seit gegrüßt! Ich hab da mal eine Frage: Wie kann ich Replays zu den Entwicklern schicken? Danke :D

  11. BlackSwordsmen99

    30% Rabatt Coupon

    is bissl spät die antwort aber okay...ich habe mittlerweile alle premium camos auf allen meinen cv's von 6-9 und joar...hab mir übrigens die scharnhorst davon geholt...mittlerweile 15 punkte captain und ein wahres nahkampfmonster...aber ich muss zugeben, das ich seitdem keine coupons bekommen habe...naja egal..
  12. BlackSwordsmen99

    30% Rabatt Coupon

    danke, ich hoffe das ihr auch mal so ein glück habt^^
  13. BlackSwordsmen99

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    der aus der Website