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  1. Had 8 out of 12 objects in the end..and 11 duplicates!!
  2. Didn't even realise you could still get these in the daily containers! Oh well..I only have 7 out of 12 things so guess im not getting them..again..
  3. crippsy99

    Which ship to buy?

    Do the sales happen often? Don't recall seeing many over the last year, except for ones to buy with actual cash (like the cv's for insane prices still!) T6's I tend to find average and slow gameplay, but I stick to battles between t6 and t8 generally. Try and avoid them unless I need credits or captain xp etc. RN, French and German BB's. USN and russian cruisers. RN destroyers can be quite fun. Hate RN cruisers and IJN BB's with a passion.. Not been down the USN or Russian DD lines yet so not really experienced them. Generally BB's id say, and probably Royal Navy as I like their Battleships and Destroyers, but hate their Cruisers with a passion. Never really tried the US DD lines, and don't have the spare ports at the moment for one. I mostly play t7 and t8, with some t6..Hate t9 as can't seem to ever win in those and costs me a fortune in credits for each loss.. Yeah the last time they had a port sale (down to 75 dubloons each!) I bought a load of them. In hindsight, should have bought even more! So many ships, so many choices!
  4. crippsy99

    Which ship to buy?

    I know I know, another one of those which ships to buy threads! I got a super container earlier with 1000 dubloons in it, pushing me up to 5100d. Ive been looking into getting the T7 Blyskawica as she seems a pretty capable dd, plus ive got a perm camo for her from one of those missions a few months back. But then ive got 8 other dd's already, so not sure if I want another one.. Looking in the armoury though (I'll need a port slot too for any new ship) I can get the polish dd which is about the only t7 ship I can get without buying more dubloons which I want to avoid, or I can afford an alternative such as the t6 dds monaghaun or molotov, or the t6 cruisers perth, graf spee or the Duca d'Aosta. None of those really appeal though besides maybe the italian ship, and even then I find t6 can sometimes be slow and useful mainly for scenarios. Any thoughts or recommendations?
  5. Im 2 crowns and 1920 florins short of Implacable..If I worked it out right, id need to buy and use 10,000 dubloons worth to buy crowns and convert to enough florins..but then ive read somewhere else you can only buy crowns 3 times..and id need 5, so im guessing I can pretty much give up on trying to get her?
  6. crippsy99

    WTF? No more air containers

    Wait, so you can only buy the 50 crowns with dubloons three times?! Guess im not getting Implacable then, as im currently 1920 florins short! Worked out if im right (its 2am mind you!) id need to buy 50 crowns 5 times/10,000 dubloons to convert enough florins to get her..good job I read this before I bought some and started converting!!
  7. crippsy99

    No update available?

    Since the new 0.8.0 update hit, ive not been able to play the game or even log in. Apparently I need to update my game version (obviously), but the microsoft store which I originally downloaded the game from, doesn't have any available update!! Short of uninstalling, and downloading the whole +40gb game again, how can I get the update and start playing again?!
  8. crippsy99

    EU server connection issues.

    I cant even get the game to update..keep getting an error that my version is different to the version on the server etc.. However the microsoft store apparently doesn't have any update available yet..
  9. crippsy99

    Match making and really bad teams....

    Ive been getting the same a lot now, regarding one sided battles! Quite often now all my team will be destroyed, and we've maybe sunk one or possibly two of the other team for our troubles, almost like we put t10 bb's against t5 cruisers..
  10. crippsy99

    Bug Reports

    The microsoft store updated my game version today, and now I cant even load any battleships in the port without the game crashing out. Managed to load my yorck in the port, tried to play a game..crashed..and keeps crashing when I try to restart. Now can't even load the game up full stop without it crashing out, so completely unplayable now for the moment! Microsoft store says no newer update to client available, would the steam fix above likely be any help? Edit: I managed to get in and play a t6 battle..so tried another, and its back to crashing. Anyway..microsoft store says ive got version, but the game client loading says im still running
  11. crippsy99

    Clan battles useless?

    The point is, why allow random divisions to be formed in clan battle mode in the first place, then everyone getting angry with everyone else when battle can't start Its like the option is there to play with randoms rather in a clan for once, but you only realise when a full division wants to start.. And given the amount of people trying to join them, and the butthurt people are getting when battle cant start, means im not the only one who thought anyone was able to join for this one..
  12. crippsy99

    Clan battles useless?

    Regarding the first part, at the moment you CAN form a division with random people..and thats the issue..clan battles are on this very moment, but when you select 'looking for a division' and getting invites, almost everyone is for a clan battle at the moment..but then after everyone selects their ships, they cant start the battle, so the insults fly, people leave..try to join another, and same problem over again.. Im not usually online when clan battles are, just happens today I am, and since one of the special missions is to play a clan battle (and ive never fought as a t10 ship before) I feel im missing out because noone else is online. I just checked the clan roster and theres 10 out of 23 people active, me being one, 9 having played battles today, and 1 played yesterday..everyone else its been a few weeks or more..
  13. crippsy99

    Clan battles useless?

    Genuine question here, but whats the point in giving everyone tier 10 ships to use in clan battles, allow random divisions of people from different clans to form, but then not play the actual battle?! Im in a clan, but ive NEVER seen anyone from it online at the same time as me, so forming a division is never going to happen.. Tonight is clan battles in my region..it appears a division can form of random people, but the start battle button never enables and says "A division may consist of its commanders clanmates only'... I have tried to join several divisions, all reporting the same issue they can't start a battle.. Doesn't that make the point in giving us all ships to participate in them, when most of us can't, a bit pointless really? Or am I missing something??