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  1. Voncarsteine

    Unable to login on game

    Hey all, My brother can't login on the game. His account is active, he tried using both his account and a new dummy account. He can login to the website on both accounts. I tried the dummy account on my computer, the account works fine. There is no error, except 'Authentication error. Please try again later". Is there something we can try or do? Thanks!
  2. Voncarsteine

    German vs french BB

    Well, I was under the impression that german BBs traded main gun accuracy for an armor scheme and secondaries for brawling / close(r) ranges. But the French have armor as good as germans, but are faster, with better main guns and secondaries just as well if not better, looking at the tier x
  3. Voncarsteine

    German vs french BB

    Hey guys, I started a topic a while back about nations’ BBs, and I got recommended to play either german or american BBs. I went german and am in the Bayern now. Thing is, I had a battle yesterday ending up with a 1v1 of my bayern vs the french normandie. Both half-ish hp. Not sure whos secondaries opened up first, but I got seriously outdamaged. Both angled so maybe my firing angles are worse, but still. I was under the impression german BBs had great secondaries. Looking at the numbers though, the french seem to have even better, but with accurate main guns and a turtleback. So, are the french replacing the germans?
  4. Voncarsteine

    Please explain my stats in BB's to help choose line

    Thank you so much. I hate those terrible shots in my Kaiser from inside 10 km where still all 8 shells just miss. Even with proper lead, it just misses so much. And from what I read, that’s not getting much better. I saw a video about GroBer Kurfurst, how its very good ship and better at everything than Montana (Flamu literally said Montana is the worst tier x BB) so that’s why I’m torn. Im not a good enough player to make a handicapped ship work for me. I should stick with better ships to compensate my gameplay instead :) So, when looking for a BB line with good armor, good accuracy and able to push...... which line is it? I have a feeling I can have two out of those three. So losing accuracy means go German. Or lose armor and go American...
  5. Voncarsteine

    British or American battleship

    Wow thanks for this. If I understand you correctly, the ships themselves are fine and will get damage done. However, they work best from range spamming HE. I do push with my Orion but it’s definately not as hard to crack as wyoming or kaiser is. Accuracy is great though. I want to play a real battleship. And from your post and the video I gather the british BBs are indeed not true BBs. More like armored heavy cruisers. Hanging back like in the video is NOT my preferred style so that means the brits are out.
  6. Voncarsteine

    Please explain my stats in BB's to help choose line

    Thanks for the quick reply. So stats are no measure for the line. Can I assume the tier 4 ships are a decent sneak peek into the rest of the line? If so, then the germans are out for me. And I think the british or americans are the line to follow.
  7. Good afternoon everybody, I tried different nations BB's because I wanted to see how they are. Haven't tried the Japanese yet because they don't appeal to me. Weird names I guess. I've seen videos about the different lines, the germans with their secondaries seem like fun. The americans with speed and historic Iowa class seems nice, but the road there is slooooooow. And Montana is apparently the weakest of the top tiers by far. The english are seen as simply HE spammers. Thing is, I like my Orion best of all my battleships. And I don't spam HE in it. I use it from long range, but inside 10 km I switch to AP for most targets. I use HE for dd's since it can almost insta-wreck them and HE for german battleships because of the turtleback. But hardly HE spamming. And I seem to fine in it. But I'm still not entirely satisfied about the way forward. Maybe I just do fine in tier 4. Maybe the Orion is overpowered and Kaiser is underpowered. Maybe this, maybe that. I thought to use my stats as a measure of each line and see which I would prefer over the tiers. But I'm not quite sure how to read the stats. Winrate is not saying everything, although winning a bad game is more fun than losing. Right now, I feel Orion is a blast. But does it stay that way? Is the tier 4 ship in any way a representation of the line to come? Orion has 71.43% winrate , 1462 PR and 50115 damage ---> highest winrate, green PR and average damage. Does this mean I play it right? Or just better than average tier 4 battleship or better than average Orion? Kaiser has 61.11% winrate , 967 PR and 33641 damage ---> ok winrate but I play it all wrong it seems. So I feel I shouldn't play germans because of my terrible PR and yellow average damage. Or is Kaiser just a weak ship? I know the dispersion is terrible. Which is suprising, seeing the dispersion stat is not THAT much worse than other ships, but in game the Kaiser can miss every shot in a salvo by a long shot. Wyoming has 60% winrate, 2198 PR and 54015 damage ---> lowest winrate, but best (purple) PR and average damage. This seems to me that the 'game' has very low confidence in Wyoming, so me being a purple player does not make the ship or me any good, just better than expected from a Wyoming. How should I read these stats? And can they predict which line I would like (suit me) best?
  8. Voncarsteine

    British or American battleship

    Thanks for your reply. I have been playing a bit since your reply and feel I do much better with my Orion than other battleships. I don't just use HE though. I fire HE from max range until 10 km. Inside 10 km I use AP against anything but DD's and (German) BB's. I believe german battleships won't be penned by AP from close range so I use HE there. Angled battleships from other nations get a salvo in the superstructure and broadsided get a salvo on the citadel. Could you please elaborate on why not to play RN battleships?
  9. Voncarsteine

    British or American battleship

    Thanks for the explanations. I'll try the US battleships and forget Bellerophon for now. I don't really like Japanese ships I think. Don't know why though, but it's just a feeling. I like my american destroyers much more than the japanese or pan-asian ones as well.
  10. Voncarsteine

    Why Aircraft Carriers feel unbalanced

    Mediocre? Did you even bother to compare his stats vs yours?
  11. Voncarsteine

    British or American battleship

    Hello everybody, I was wondering if people could shed some light on this: I read that German battleships are easy to play with but teach bad habits. It requires getting really close where destroyers and torpedoes are a real danger. For a beginner like me, it seems that British or American battleships are the way to go. Teaching how to play properly while advancing the tiers etc. What are the differences between these nations? It seems that the British use HE instead of AP. Both are not fast, both are well armored when angled but weak when not angled. I can't really see the difference between my Bellerophon and South Carolina yet.. Thanks in advance
  12. Voncarsteine

    Why Aircraft Carriers feel unbalanced

    Well, CV's should have teamsupport better suited to hunting DD's. Cruisers should hunt the DD. A CV can still spot a DD, but it requires micromanagement keeping planes above the DD while support comes over to deal with it. DD's that won't cap or spot but going around the map will suffer with their own gameplay getting ruined. How much of a chance does a DD really have to kill an enemy CV at the start of the game? With all the CL's still alive? If a DD manages to get through in early game that's really the entire team's fault. DD's hunting CV's in endgame is working as intended. The suggestion is worth considering by WG actually. And it's better than it is now. Although, getting permaspotted by a CV in my DD is what makes me biased as well :s