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  1. Voncarsteine

    Guided missiles in WW2

    If that happens, that's fine by me actually. With these CV's ruining DD gameplay there isn't much to do anyway. We'll find out!
  2. Voncarsteine

    Guided missiles in WW2

    I thought guided missiles carried by planes were a thing of way after WW2? how come CV's just can't miss a moving DD with their missiles? Just takes 2 or 3 rounds to kill a DD in this game now. My solution: I just leave when I see double cv games now.
  3. Voncarsteine

    Suggestion - Captain traineeship

    If I get the Fletcher I will ofc transfer my benson captain. But my problem is I won't be able to play Benson anymore unless I keep retraining. Knowing me, I'd be switching and retraining them several times a day
  4. Voncarsteine

    Suggestion - Captain traineeship

    It would still require to get to 19 points first though. My best captain is on 15 points, close to 16. If I were to buy Fletcher I would have to transfer him, train him, and back on the road to 19. And i can't play Benson anymore, unless I retrain him. So I was thinking leveling up two captains at once while <19..
  5. Voncarsteine

    Suggestion - Captain traineeship

    That would require tons of doubloons though right?
  6. Voncarsteine

    Suggestion - Captain traineeship

    I was thinking about leveling another captain for a Fletcher. i have the Benson and I love it, so I'm keeping it and the 15 pt captain I have in him. But training a new captain either requires low tier games or leveling a 3pt captain in Fletcher. Bad idea. How about a module upgrade, in slot 1, a trainee room. Where you can put in another captain who levels some % XP from the main captain? You'd have to sacrifice the main gun mod for him, but life is all bout choices. It would save us the suffering of leveling a low lvl captain in high tier games. Thoughts?
  7. Voncarsteine

    Experienced beginner skipping a ship

    Heya, Thanks for the tip. I was planning on getting my Farragut capt to 19 points, then skip Mahan and jump into Benson. I have xp flags plenty, 500 50% xp and the other weird flags with 150 this 100% of that, hydra etc. Using the flags to boost Farragut captain gets me 10k xp sometimes in a good game.
  8. Voncarsteine

    Experienced beginner skipping a ship

    Hmm so if I understand you correctly, Mahan is similar to Benson, Fletcher and Gearing in playstyle, as is Farragut. But much more competitive in concealment and firepower. Is Mahan just a weak brother in the line, where its just that little worse than other ships in the tier, where Benson and up, and Farragut and down, are fine for their respective tier?
  9. Voncarsteine

    Experienced beginner skipping a ship

    Yeah, while I don't think I suck at DD. I do very well in Farragut at tier 6, gnevny at tier 6 and Jervis at tier 7. 72, 58 and 62% wins respectively. So Mahan is not for me. Question then remains: if Mahan is not for me, then are Benson, Fletcher and Gearing for me? Are they more like Farragut or more like Mahan. And I still have hope, since most people dislike Mahan and love fletcher and gearing.
  10. Voncarsteine

    Experienced beginner skipping a ship

    Have you tried lightning to daring? Daring seems much better than gearing. I'll skip Mahan if gearing still has a place in this game
  11. Voncarsteine

    Experienced beginner skipping a ship

    Thanks for your reply! I can't get Mahan to work for me, it's nothing like Farragut somehow. Benson seems good and much more like Farragut. And the ships after Benson are all similar. What is point of Mahan? What is it supposed to teach me other than not losing my patience? Its not a torpedo boat because it can't stealth torp and its concealment is not good enough to sneak around. It's not fast enough. And the gun arcs are not suited for long range play. So I was thinking to just skip it, and get to Farragut 2.0 which is the Benson. The again, Daring seems like it's better than gearing in everything though.
  12. Voncarsteine

    Experienced beginner skipping a ship

    Thanks for your reply. I understand skipping tiers has a risk of skills not keeping up. I only want to skip the crappy ships though, either Colorado or Mahan. If Benson is anything like Farragut, I'll expect to do fine in it. Mahan on the other hand has horrible concealment, even with my 12 pt captain. Benson, fletcher and gearing all seem to be great ships so I won't skip any of those. Colorado is just too slow for its tier, it cant react or escape and is by far weakest of the tier 7 bbs, or so it seems. I wont skip NC or Iowa since their grinds are not that hard.
  13. Good evening everybody, I've been trying out different line as of late, and I found I enjoy a few lines. Thing is, I read how some of the next ships in the line are 'not that good'. Or just plain bad. So I was thinking, i have 150k free xp now and I can skip the crappiest ship. I do well in Farragut and Jervis. I think Mahan is crap, so I can skip that one. Lightning is good so I can just grind him. Still torn between Gearing and Daring though. I do well in New Mexico, with 71% wins, and it's by far the BB I play best in. So I can skip Colorado, which is crap apparently. North Carolina seems like a very good ship, so no problem after Colorado anymore. Gneisenau with 53% wins not that good for me, but I don't feel like skipping it for Bismarck. Need to train my captain a bit more, he's only 11 points atm. Fiji with 58% wins is also fine, but Edinburgh seems like it's crap. Neptune and Minotaur are good, so I can skip Edinburgh. I'm still trying to decide to go for Worcester or Des Moines; Des Moines seems like it's a bit harder to kill and not as situational as Worcester, but I can't get New Orleans working for me. Cleveland on the other hand, with 57% wins, is fine by me. So I can skip New Orleans. And then the questions I'd like your input on: Is New Mexico any resemblance to NC / Iowa / Montana? Same for Fiji to Neptune / Minotaur Same for Farragut to Benson / Fletcher / Gearing. Daring seems like a stronger line to follow with Daring beating Gearing in every aspect except torpedo range. And I can't get Mahan working. Bad concealment, bad torpedoes, bad armor. Farragut is working fine for me though, I don't see how Mahan is that much worse in practice. Same for New Orleans to Des Moines. I have a feeling these ships don't really change as much as New Mexico vs Montana does. The reason i ask is so I don't 'waste' my 150k Free xp. Thanks in advance!
  14. Voncarsteine

    Unable to login on game

    Hey all, My brother can't login on the game. His account is active, he tried using both his account and a new dummy account. He can login to the website on both accounts. I tried the dummy account on my computer, the account works fine. There is no error, except 'Authentication error. Please try again later". Is there something we can try or do? Thanks!
  15. Voncarsteine

    German vs french BB

    Well, I was under the impression that german BBs traded main gun accuracy for an armor scheme and secondaries for brawling / close(r) ranges. But the French have armor as good as germans, but are faster, with better main guns and secondaries just as well if not better, looking at the tier x