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  1. Stefanie_Tobias

    OR you can just go play Tier II

    I've been telling my buddies for ages that the low tiers can be insane fun. Flambass' latest video below. Only problem used to be that the queue times were fairly high even at the regular afternoon and post dinnertime hours. But since Tier II is the highest tier with guaranteed no aircraft carriers, I think that's going to become much less of a problem very soon. Also there is not even the slightest hint of disorganized player protest. *edited* Edited: Discussing moderation. Arty_McFly
  2. Stefanie_Tobias

    New player here, asking for how to improve.

    Moving on to cheap and cheerful options from the Premium shop. If you are willing to blow a little money on the game, you can currently get the Tachibana Lima and Smith for 89 (Euro) cents each. These are bad ships; they make you work hard for your wins. But even if you don't like that specific challenge, you can always sell them and are left with cheap port slots. Not as cheap as the discounted port slots for 120 or 150 gold but who knows when that will happen next. (Probably some time before Christmas, which is when there will also be other discounts, so have a quick glance at the news etc.) Since you are grinding German BBs, Emden would fit in your port if you like that kind of ship and develop a nostalgic taste for the odd low tier bout of sealclubbing later on. German BBs of the higher tiers basically demand a secondaries/brawling captain build, and that little thing benefits from most of the captain skills involved. So even though on paper, Emden looks like a worse if fancy looking Dresden, she is a lot more fun with that high skill point German BB captain at the helm than your Dresden or Kolberg with a regular Three-pointer used to be. The basic game play remains identical to those ships, of course. Something similar might go for Albany but I don't have that ship myself. In any event, discounts come and go, and low tier ships are sometimes the most heavily discounted ones. Marblehead Lima can currently be had at €8.99, it's basically an Omaha with better torps and would be a very worthwhile addition despite the horrible camo. Texas you should already have, free of charge, since you hopefully used an invite code to set up your account, also currently discounted, recently buffed with a spotter plane, but imho that was not enough to make her a good offer. Arizona is better but has worse AA than New Mexico, which in the current carrier surge is a very bad thing. Would not buy. And neither is there anything else currently on offer to grab my fancy. Watch out for good value premium account deals as the holidays draw nearer, and meanwhile have fun with other things like the RN Arc and the upcoming Halloween special.
  3. Stefanie_Tobias

    Stop the clock!

    ... and someone in chat said, "JIANWEI - park right next to the CV, make a screen shot and THEN torp it!!1"
  4. Stefanie_Tobias

    Four torp hits - no damage?

    Damag saturation or no, the Langley has at max 35,100 hit points. So if I got 25K out of those hits, the side bar should have shown it like, 3/4 gone.
  5. Stefanie_Tobias

    Four torp hits - no damage?

    Hi all, at the end of the last battle, there I was in my Shenyang, torping an aircraft carrier. four hits - but it survived and, according to the sidebars (Aslain mod, I think they are called Badabest) it did not even get damaged. Is this a bug of the game or the mod or something? And I think those four hits only did 25,000 damage. I do use the Mk 10 torps but even those have 10,000 max damage, is that normal? On a Langley? 40% torp damage reduction on a converted tramp steamer? It should not have torpedo bulges? Replay: (final attack starts about 13 minutes into the game, torps hit at 5:32) https://replayswows.com/replay/23300#stats