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  1. UANick

    Mikasa is lackluster!

    I want to clarify that I am not asking to overpower a premium ship because we pay for it. I like that all premium ships have disadvantages and trade offs, making them unique and comfortable to play according to player style. Mikasa is the sole battleship of Tier II and so it often (90% of time) plays at Tier III or higher making it simply unplayable vs other battleships. This ship needs some more love, and it can be enjoying to play without overpowering it.
  2. UANick

    Mikasa is lackluster!

    Hello WG, I have recently bought Mikasa, your premium ship, because I wanted to play with older pre-dreadnought ships, but what a disappointment it is! This ship is deliberately(?) made to be inferior in all aspects except secondary guns which have so small range that they are seldom used, before you are torpedoed or gang-destroyed. This ship was very powerful for its era and you have to make it better not only for realism reasons but because you ask money for it! I don't want to play with this ship anymore because it ruins my statistics and is not fun at all. I don't understand why when I hit something after skillfully aiming, I do so little damage, while cruisers and destroyers dance around and shoot like maniacs and inflict more damage per hit. Why when I hit a cruiser or destroyer right to the heart of their middle and from the side I do only 750 damage ? The problem is intensified with no damage at all(!!!) when matchmaking often puts me to play versus dreadnought battleships which I cannot harm at all with armour piercing shells and only hope to ignite some fire. This ship is very slow, very difficult to aim her guns and even the most skillful captain feels very disappointed playing her because she feels penaltized versus all other ships. Mikasa is a premium ship, a historical ship which you sell. I think there is some kind of bug or inconsistency you have to fix. I propose the following improvements. - Increase the main gun penetration and overall damage about +10-15%. - Increase secondary guns +1 km. These two simple things can make this ship very enjoying to play, and much more profitable for you and any player that wishes to buy it for having fun and earning some xp and credits. My 2 cents, Nick