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  1. InveteroDUB

    Tirpitz camos for Tirpitz B?

    That makes sense, thanks for answers! Yeah I totally agree! Choosing which one to get was not an easy thing to do, wish they would let me get the camos though :,)
  2. InveteroDUB

    Tirpitz camos for Tirpitz B?

    Thanks! This is what I found on the Wiki page, but I'm gonna listen to you instead because that makes more sense. http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Tirpitz_B
  3. InveteroDUB

    Tirpitz camos for Tirpitz B?

    Some premium permanent camouflages seem to be discounted and available in the arsenal right now, so my question is, will the Tirpitz skins work for my Tirpitz B? This is the arsenal right now (pic), but it does not say if they work with the B-types, and I would hate to "waste" 1-2.5K gold on a skin I could not use.. Could do it in the name of science if nobody knows though ;)