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  1. gabberworld

    WOWS "Coming Soon" to Epic Games Store

    yeah i hear that today as well that there is actually a test
  2. gabberworld

    Did you know......

    if im not mistaken then shotgun bullets act like that. but it may happen even regular ammo if there is some-sort defect, and who knows how accurate ww2 bullets was
  3. gabberworld

    Did you know......

    barrel made from rubber as for that result they shoot randomly
  4. gabberworld

    When I stop my boat, it seems to slide

    i thinked that im only one who see this clad that someone else see that as well
  5. gabberworld

    Update 0.10.1: Italian Battleships

    Calvor has center turret , maybe that is key for more damage, who knows
  6. gabberworld

    Update 0.10.1: Italian Battleships

    i not talked about hp at all. if Cavour would have same hp like its in Andrea doria, it would pump out even more damage
  7. gabberworld

    Unfair practice in ranked battles.

    i can give you a hint, kill dds
  8. gabberworld

    Unfair practice in ranked battles.

    sorry but you not play good enoh, if you played good then you could at least save the star, im questing what was happening to you was that someone carry you to rank 2, and then when you luck ended you drop back to 5. you need give from self more than just sailing the boat
  9. gabberworld

    Update 0.10.1: Italian Battleships

    im guessing its the dispersion, because i have with Cavour 10k higer average damage. its like Cavour should be tier 6 ship and Andrea doria should be at tier 5
  10. gabberworld

    Games ending too quick

    its not about that they cant die, its just all they other teammates is those who make them die sooner or later, i play one other war game, i know already at there who play very good, but if all other players are bad in they team, they cant todo nothing about that.
  11. gabberworld

    Games ending too quick

    whatever dude, question is more like why they all at same team , not about that they play bad
  12. gabberworld

    Why Scharnhorst 2 knots slower than Gneisenau?

    funny part about this is that in real they both had same speed, accounting to wiki both had 31 knots
  13. gabberworld

    Update 0.10.1: Italian Battleships

    why Andrea Doria feels like garbage compared the tier 5 Italian ship?
  14. gabberworld

    0 communication in ranked

    it can be also that not everyone speak or understand English
  15. gabberworld

    clip of the day

    funny thing about this video is that his damage not increase at all, it was 87805 before he hit and also after when all torps landed to bb