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  1. gabberworld

    Cherbourg reload, wtf

    Cherbourg is a super heavy cruiser with his 305 mm guns aka almost as battleship soo yeah reload time is slow for that
  2. gabberworld

    Dash for Doubloons at the Recruiting Station!

    you not get it, its a pyramid scheme, you invite then you get your some money back, , also they get new players soo they get they money back from new players if they buy ships, then those new players invite also new players at some point , then they get own money back and soo on
  3. gabberworld

    Dash for Doubloons at the Recruiting Station!

    no, it means we have allot your cash, and maybe you can get some back
  4. gabberworld

    Update 0.10.11 - Bug reports

    i'm kind off sure that developers know what is issue, but i could point this out. Unhandled exception Hash: 37753 EIP: 0x0000000029F7A8C2 it looks like some sort game crash
  5. what you see at end battle list, that is nothing todo with premium account
  6. problem is more like some specific user get more battle pressure, usually those who have higher winrate because those lower winrate players not contribute enough
  7. gabberworld

    Santa Crates, what did you get?

    i to also get that ship
  8. gabberworld

    Reported for playing CV...

    i get a + karma point when i played with CV. this is something new
  9. gabberworld

    2 month notice.

    how they design this, user feels good if someone votes him. he/she feels that it tid something right at battle when someone gives +
  10. gabberworld

    2 month notice.

    its not really important. because this game not have some-sort end goal that you must get fast
  11. gabberworld

    About the aiming bug.

    and i think ed that im crazy that i not know how to shoot anymore , good to know that there is actually a bug instead
  12. gabberworld

    A Nevsky Cammo

    easy come easy go. but thanks for insulting me . i think ed already that it was a gift or something like that
  13. gabberworld

    No subs in training rooms?

    you not own subs soo there no point add them either
  14. gabberworld

    A Nevsky Cammo

    im assuming because of Moskva
  15. gabberworld

    Kagero/Yugumo/Shimakaze Insight

    yeah this happens only if other team dd's is braindead