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    Was there an update this morning? My client still says Anyone else?
  2. With my subjective imperssion, I am feeling that AA damage was increased with patch 0.8.2. I thought that the AA damage should decrease with stacking AA zones, but I felt it the other way round. Was there a change in continous AA damage, I missed in the patch notes, have there been changes to the fighter consumable (faster attacking of the fighters, increased damage of the fighters)? Would like to know if I am the only one with the subjective impression. Thanks
  3. Sethirod

    When is the CV nerfing going to end ??

    The new flooding mechanic is a huge nerf to CVs. Especially for Midway, who is dependent on dots for causing damage. The alpha damage of Midway's torps is anemic at best and dive bombers get shredded easily. I was fine with all three hotfixes of patch 0.8.0, it became more difficult, but I noticed with 0.8.1 a huge drop of done damage. Looking very much forward for hotfixing the overlapping AA auras and I hope that flooding chance of Midway torps will turned back to the old level before hotfix - this could help with the new flooding mechanic.
  4. Sethirod

    F spam "fix"

    who tested the hotfix? my guess is that someone crunched some numbers and then pulled some triggers, without any idea how it will work out. formerly the test server had a sence, but all the cv re-work is rigged. they had to get it done by update cycle 0.8.0 rushed it so that it got totally screwed. the cv re-ork could have been fun, but if one is in a hurry, things get messed and that got screwed totally. i am not the one, who claimed them for not playing their own game, but with this update, oh boy, i can't believe that the people responsible for it played it by themselves. good luck in fixing it, it will be a pain in the a$$