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    Personal Assignment 0.7.9

    Thanks for all the input it's cleared it up for me, thanks again and good gaming guys
  2. Firefighter1212


    On the modules drop down it says they come with the free camo, I'm confused. I appreciate they are not premium ships but they were awarded thru combat missions, just saying.
  3. Firefighter1212


    Hi captains, I've joined the British DD band of players and have obtained Acasta, Icarus and Jervis all of whom should have come with free, permament camouflage. This hasn't been the case. Can anyone advise me how to obtain these or have they been withdrawn. Thanks for your help
  4. Firefighter1212


    Very new to the game and I'm wondering how I get to use the consumables which are inside the containers. I've looked at the consumables section of the modules dropdown but the awards are not there. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers