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  1. Fatal_Ramses

    Newport Station Operation - flooded with potatoes

    For cruisers Nürnberg is a beast, La Galissonnière is good and Molotov can dish out good punishment but you need to be very careful about positioning. Battleships Füso shines but for some reason I cant get the same out of Arizona. T-61is a pretty solid DD if you need to do ops with DDs. Would not recommend any CVs unless you are commited to help the team by spotting and forcing enemy ships to show broadside via torpedo drops.
  2. 100/200 Lá Fhéile Pádraig 2017 camouflage cost the same as 100/200 Pi-day camos even if they are almost 3x worse bonuses? *edit I was thinking of buying pi-days this morning but for some reason they are now gone. Not long ago I had until 8:00 Friday to buy stuff before it changes.
  3. Fatal_Ramses

    Idea for potential coal or free XP destroyer at Tier V

    But with Nicholas I need a dedicated captain. A kamikaze does not necessary need it.
  4. Got Herpes, after that i got Curious. Now Im missing 10 crowns and around 2000 florins to get the Inflatable.
  5. Fatal_Ramses

    Idea for potential coal or free XP destroyer at Tier V

    a Kamikaze hunter-killer DD for T5 please.
  6. Stopped spending once the GC-incident was announced. Sure hope they have a decision before the space camos hit the stores. Pi-day camos are tempting but wont buy anything until the premium-matter is solved
  7. Fatal_Ramses

    Is Roma worth the buy?

    I like it, its a good and fun ship. Italian ship, so many opponents tend to choose to fire on "more dangerous" foes if sighted.
  8. Fatal_Ramses

    Bug Reports

    Division mate speaking via mic almost mutes everything else. Sounds sharply drop like 80%
  9. Fatal_Ramses

    Bug Reports

    Audio settings lost from previous version. Port ambient sounds carry into the battle. I can hear the cars swooshing by and honking their horns from port of Hamburg while in battle.
  10. Fatal_Ramses

    Sound bug

    All my sound/music stuff was ON and FULL in the options menu. The game also looks a bit blurry and bright? *edit I haven't listened any music in battles so I put the volume to 0. I had a boring bit in the battle and just sailed towards the enemy last location and noticed something. Is seagull noises an ambient sound in battle? How about noise of cars speeding past you or honking their horns? I think the ambient noises from my Port of Hamburg are getting in the battle.
  11. I have the exact opposite. I have couple of Xs and loads of IXs but dont have the interest to grind/play them at all. I find tier X battles quite booring.
  12. Fatal_Ramses

    DevBlogWoWs: CV Changes and Roadmap

    Yup, I got detonated. Problem is that I dodged the right most two, the middle torpedoes 2 left torps did not activate until they were under my ship. At least up until now the if the torps don't activate before contact they broke without explosion.
  13. Fatal_Ramses

    DevBlogWoWs: CV Changes and Roadmap

    Have they made changes to air-drop torpedo activation? I just lost a full hp Missouri to 2 Midway torpedoes that activated and detonated under my ship?
  14. Fatal_Ramses

    Never seen this US BB before?

    Please make this a steel-ship so us the normal players cant have this rofl-stomp ship.
  15. Fatal_Ramses

    Ranked boats

    Gonna retire at rank 5. Two days with win, lose, win, lose. So many Jutlands and Kitakazes, but what baffles me is that why on earth do they think they can rush enemy radarships? Majority of losses are caused by DDs early rushing enemy fleets, get radared, concentrated and sunk.