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  1. Got my 3rd 300 token container yesterday. 2x containers to go from 3rd directive and 18 containers remain from 4th directive. I was tempted to buy Bagration yesterday so I could have gotten the 210+210+210 token deal from her, but that still would have left me short some hundereds of tokens. Ocha and Bag just seem so meh boats, paperships...not interested.
  2. A single yoloing Kremlin pushed half our team past C-line and it took 6 of our ships to sink her. Most of the 6 ships never crossed past C-line again. Also note the single sunk Monty in E10, when he passed D8 he had 10k left and the game was around 5min old..... still he pushed alone. *edit Shima started in D-cap, only to lay down some smoke so we could not spot past the cap. Then both our DDs met their end in C-cap *2nd edit SCREW SMOLENSKS!
  3. Naked Akatsuki tells from the start that he has a stock ship with a new captain. Haida shadows my (Z-39) every move and plays extreme passive. I check after the battle, Haida player has total of 700 random battles and zero in Haida. I bet hes one of those "get this ship and you cant lose"-youtube video watchers. Endup getting 2x the exp next on our side.
  4. Fatal_Ramses

    0.9.5: still collecting soviet tokens?

    I wonder if you can use these tokens on those bundles after this event is over? I have 110k exp grinded on Schors and wasting 500 tokens to get the Tallinn a few weeks earlier seems like a waste. I would rather get the first two bundles, then research Tallinn with exp and then use the tokens to get Rigas camo. I wonder will it work?
  5. Fatal_Ramses

    Change Of Gameplay

    Got me a triple fire with 1 salvo yesterday on my Soviet Soyus when a Thunder hit me from a 18km away. Been playing since 2018 and for some reason that still surprised me :D Went dark for a while and put an high island between me and that thunderer.
  6. Enemy Colorado managed to find the W-key and got 54 base exp for it. Blysca seemed to yolo pretty fast, but still 6v6 and such a beating.
  7. Fatal_Ramses

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    More players like this please! I need a naked Seattle thats radaring fishes at open ocean 20km away from nearest enemy/allied ship. Shooting AP at bow on Soviet BBs or retreating Pan-Eu DDs is a nice added bonus.
  8. Fatal_Ramses

    WG WoWs site missing the top menu in Forum recently?

    Happens to me too at random.
  9. Friendly Myoko just dont want to play and rushes infront of our DDs and dies in like 3min. Our 2 DDs make for the cap and I'm trying to support them in Belfast. We get BB friendly Skåne rushes in between enemy fleet guns blazing and gets sunk fast. Me and Mahan take out enemy Minsk and cripple their Fiji and Blysca. Our 3 BBs just nope out to the north. I thought our team was bad but enemy somehow manages to lose to our BBs and things boil down to Duke of Dork Vs 3k Blysca.. 3mins left and enemy is leading with 500 points and controlling A & C cap. I joke that enemy Blysca has to be a moron and rush our Duke in B...... and show she did. Epic defeat from the jaws of victory for the enemy
  10. Fatal_Ramses

    The premiums that time (Updates) forgot

    Just for this thread I took the old Hood out and oh boy it was horrible! Bottom tier, because ofc. New Orleans is flat broadside to me in 8km, Only 1 shell over penetrates, rest miss. Next salvo hits with 4 overpens but she goes down. 14 hits to KVG for 20k damage, one was for flat broadside at 4km, 2 over pens and 2 pens. MEH. 11 hits to Vladdy, 10k damage.
  11. Fatal_Ramses

    Buy Ochakov and pyotr Bagration

    Hmmm. I got enought tokens to get the Mikoyan and got her. Now the Armory tells me that I already have the Soviet Cruiser Squadron pack (Bagration, Ochecovid, and Mikoyan) and that I cant get it with 52k doubloons? So if all of a sudden I were to fall in love for the soviet cruisers I could not get the pack that gives all the flags, captains and stuff for it? bug?
  12. Fatal_Ramses

    The premiums that time (Updates) forgot

    Now Hood just feels like a german BB, without the good AP grenades or protecting armor. *edit Also Saipan, not a CV player but it just to give that OH ! OH ! when on opposing team but now its just meh, hes gonna deplane fast.
  13. Fatal_Ramses

    points gained from your first soviet containers

    3 containers from the directives and 5? 6? containers from the first directive and I have 405 tokens. Got 300 from one container. Got the mandatory T5 "freemium" and im quite happy my "grind" for the event is over.
  14. Fatal_Ramses

    What makes you consider quitting WoWs?

    players like this. Less than 1000 battles and he has 9 tier 10 ships! I only payed attention cause this guy was flying a Mikoyan? flag, which means he has away 160€ to get it. *edit I mean where do these guys get the free-exp and the coal to get these ships?