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  1. Fatal_Ramses

    How to play Z-31?

    With Z-31 there is just one thing you need to know and that's free-exp. If you want to torture your self but not your team mates you can play her in Narai.
  2. Fatal_Ramses

    Tired of Weimar spam in Narai (can it be banned from it?)

    There has been a Weimar getting +2k in every ops I've played today. Straight to the narrow passage where the King goes and sinking every bot that spawns to the harbor. Getting pretty old. Why don't their main and secondary guns only start firing after 30-60s into the game?
  3. Fatal_Ramses

    Super Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    Monthly SC, weird I've gotten at least 5k gold from SCs this year alone.
  4. Fatal_Ramses

    No Hunt for Bismarck event?

    They haven't put much energy to update the premium shop and Armory. Italian DD containers were the main selling item for two weeks. Now its the Admiral pack for Cheshire. They usually update the premium shop once a week (Thursday/Friday). They have never kept an old ship as a main item for two weeks. New ships, if they don't sell well they keep two weeks but never old premiums.
  5. I reset IJN DD line last weekend, grinding research points. IX taskent cause Khaba got removed IX Fat Freddy cause GK got removed from line. Sluggish German boat, back turrets have a bad "forward" shooting angles
  6. Fatal_Ramses

    KOTS containers

    Well, its better missing one than four? If I remember right, you could only get 2 containers per weekend. Following the tournament Saturday and Sunday.
  7. Fatal_Ramses

    Started playing WoWS, bought these premiums

    Umm, so why did you buy any? The good ones: Mainz Atago Warspite Cossack The Ok/meh: Alabama, since you cant get Massachusetts Roma, all hail the beercan. Duke of York, hydro and AP only saving feature. Hornet, there are better premium CVs The "these ships are in the game?!?" Congress, i never seen this ship in battle since the original release. it has radar? Borodino, i never seen this ship in battle since the original release. it has radar? Giuseppe Verdi, i never seen this ship in battle since the original release. P. Bagration exception to the rule. (Not all russian prem.ships are OP.) been actively playing since 2018 and have most of the ships in your list.
  8. Fatal_Ramses

    KOTS containers

    WG also said there would never be subs or tier 10 ships that you could buy with gold.
  9. Fatal_Ramses

    KOTS containers

    Have you gotten the three from Armory/Naval Community? I'd say never say never but, you might have years of waiting a head of you until they come back one way or another.
  10. Any guesses if Mecklenburg is released before the resource coupon is reset in June? Big coupon and I would hate to waste it on coal.
  11. Fatal_Ramses

    Very disappointed in Leone

    Did you get the "free ones" from Armory/Community Center?
  12. Fatal_Ramses

    Hot Fix: Why We Need UX Research

    Must be a frustrating job. Collect answers and rants from PO'd players. Compile their answers and send the report to higher ups. All the while knowing nobody will never read your reports...
  13. Fatal_Ramses

    9vs9 brawl

    and ofc the "We are just playing for fun"-comment from these guys. Tryhards...
  14. Fatal_Ramses


    I'm at 13/18 and 15 duplicates. I need to get lucky and get one new piece and I have enough duplicates to complete the collection.
  15. Fatal_Ramses

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Took a 2 month break from Random and Ranked. After tonight's games I think I take 2 months more.... although I don't think it will help.