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  1. Good to see that new/old-players are noticing the horrible direction this game has taken in year 2019. Got me the ru T8 bb a couple of weeks ago and the gameplay on that is just retarded. Point bow towards enemy and laugh when yamato shells bounce off you. Enemy sighted? no worries just hit that reverse and back into a corner, in a war of attrition nothing beats the soviet war-machine.
  2. Fatal_Ramses

    I'm done, quality of games made me quit.

    I'm slowly getting there myself mate. I have ranked out from every ranked sprint this game has had but this is the first I'll just drop out. Its like playing in that ranked season with the rental ships. Always knew Sinop is a "good" ship, had it myself for a while, but running into Vladivostoks/Lenins in, sprint in every effin battle. So last week I grinded my Sinop and got the Vladivostok, and damn! Damn the gameplay on that ship is dumb! its moronic you dont have to risk anything but the guns blab anything that gets caught in front of you. Even victories in random battles taste sour with all the lemmings around. wtf is wrong if the bottom tier ship, BB or DD has to go and spot for the top tier ships? me in Scharnhorst, mate in Gneisenau. Shadowed by Alsace, Saint Lois and a Kagero! We break for left to take a cap, these 3 stooges continue forward into enemy spawn, once they realize we ditched them they seek cover from near by island and start spamming the "I need intel"-button. Speaks volumes when WG didint make a 4th Anniversary collection for this game. There is nothing to celebrate in year 2019. CV-rework, RU-BBs, French DDs, BI-weekly Premium ships. dumbing down of AA and flooding mechanics.
  3. Fatal_Ramses

    Tier 6 Premium ship

    what nations DDs and BBs you have been playing? if german DDs then T-61 is a pretty good pick.
  4. Fatal_Ramses

    Tirpitz and Asashio are back in action

    During my almost 2 years active playing I have never seen Tirpitz Admiral (flag) bundle on sale... same goes for last weeks Scharnhorst. Why is it so hard to keep admiral bundles in rotation?
  5. Fatal_Ramses

    Günther Lütjens

    Not listing skills I would want but something Lutjens mostly likely has. A set of skill that gives a boost for every ship class but does not support the other picked skills... why? because its a german captain.... and they cant have nice things.
  6. Fatal_Ramses

    PSA: AA Sector reinforcement mechanic

    All I remember of RTS times was that back then I had dedicated AA-captains on many ships on many nations. Even with "fewer" CVs I would still gamble with AA-captains cause it was fun and rewarding when a CV game hit you. Now my poor AA-captains are sitting in port 19/19 getting alcholism, while their colleagues at Survial/Tank department are over worked. Back then AA-skills mattered now they are just a roll of dice with a hint of surprise mechanics in it.
  7. Fatal_Ramses

    Ranked sprint feels broken

    1. Team with the better CV wins. 2. If no CVs or in rare cases both are gluesniffers then team with the most Vladivostoks/Lenins usually win. 3. If 1 or 2 does not met then its usually the DD that dont yolo OR hide behind friendly BBs that solves the game. *edit I would also say that seeing lots of Bismarcks and Tirpitzis in your team is a bad thing. For some reason they have a HUGE death wish and they even solo rush the whole enemy team.... Even if you have 2/3 of the caps and you are duck in like a tick.... Trust your Bismarck player to throw the game.
  8. Fatal_Ramses

    Viribus Unitis is alive

    Nice looking ship, but at tier V? I bet Gangut gets the job done at tier IV and still gets better MM.
  9. Fatal_Ramses

    This game needs serious balancing.

    I mainly meant Cruisers and Battleships, at least there are huge differences in the DDs. IMHO as cruisers and battleships its not worth investing in "just" AA-skills. Full survival builds everywhere cause specializing into anything other is not worth it cause the skills suck atm.
  10. Fatal_Ramses

    This game needs serious balancing.

    I'm more concerned how streamlined the game has become. With this I mean the captain skills. Pretty much the only skills worth taking are survival skills, no matter if you are in a cruiser or a battleship. Secondary skills only work on few ships and even with them they are a high risk / not-so-high reward builds. AA-skills are not worth it!
  11. Fatal_Ramses

    Explain to me how Sinop is considered OP?

    Two full salvos of Belfasts IFHE from 9km to flat broadside and get nothing but non-penetrations....meanwhile Scharnhorstesses and other others take 3500 per salvo from any angle... Got one salvo on that Sinops superstructure before she slipped behind an island, it was something like 890?
  12. Fatal_Ramses

    Latest Ranked Sprint..

    16 battles to rank 1. 3 defeats, 3 saved stars.
  13. Fatal_Ramses

    The Mighty Hood

    If they were to decrease the reload time on the Hood they should also increase the chance of detonation.
  14. Fatal_Ramses

    Are Premiums Up-Tiered ?

    For the past 3 days I've only played VII, VIII and IX silver ships cause of the +200% exp. gain. Majority of the games ive been either to bottom tier or mid.tier ship.