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  1. DanSilverwing

    server interruptions, 19h

    I went on last night and still got kicked out during a battle and could not get back in. (02:00UTC). Of course this is not the first time this has happened, but without any assurance it is fixed I'm reluctant to start whaling with premium time, flags, and consumables if they're just going to be wasted. And no word on compensation for last night?
  2. DanSilverwing

    Are you going to grind the Puerto Rico?

    Not so long ago I thought we would be building California and the event requirements would be reasonable. I hadn't heard anything about Gorizia, and was looking forward to getting a decent amount of Steel. The PTS made the process deceptively easy, so much that I completed the PR twice and the shipbuilding collection. The Developers Bulletin for 0.8.11 gave no warning of what to expect, possibly because the details hadn't been finalised yet and whoever wrote the article was not in possession of all the facts. 7 Directives, but only the first 4 expected to be enough. The final three Directives to get PR even earlier. Then the patch hits. The numbers are revealed. Disbelief. Fear of missing out. Anger. Sure, some nice rewards, but unreasonable and unrealistic. Steel locked behind Directive 7, with 9 days to complete before the event ends. More Steel locked behind stage 34 out of 36 of the shipbuilding. Still out of reach when for us filthy casuals who'll be lucky to get 3 boosters. Expectations are rapidly de-escalated. Wargaming have made their intentions crystal clear. This event, and that ship, are intended solely for the benefit of Whales. Non-Whales will have to accept and be thankful for what they can get, and I think most of us have come to recognise that with the emphasis returning to Snowflakes.
  3. DanSilverwing

    Will you be acquiring Gorizia this event?

    While the community have been making their feelings about acquiring Puerto Rico abundantly clear, and indeed a poll already exists for that, I'm not seeing that same determination for Gorizia. MrFingers has already produced an excellent comparison to the P.E.F. grind a year ago, and even grinding Gorizia for free is an ambitious goal for a casual player, especially if the intention is to follow through with the Gorizia combat mission chain for the chance to earn two New Year permanent camouflages for Tier 8 ships before the event ends. Last year it became apparent that buying P.E.F. outright at the start would make the entire event grind easier, and you could look forward to receiving a Doubloon refund when the ship was finally acquired from the Directives. A similar strategy suggests itself this year (Gorizia will refund 8,500 Doubloons), but I'm hesitant to fork out upfront even though ultimately I wouldn't objectively lose out. Putting aside how you feel about Wargaming right now, how do you feel about Gorizia objectively vis a vis making the grind a bit easier? What strategy do you pick?
  4. DanSilverwing

    Combat Missions in Update 0.8.11

    Good to have clarification on the Ajax permanent camouflage, and thanks for making it easy for me by including Operations.
  5. DanSilverwing

    Are you going for the Alaska+ (AKA PR)

    Not so long ago I thought we'd be building California and the grind would be reasonable.
  6. DanSilverwing

    24,000 doubloons for 'premium' Puerto Rico boosters.

    I have some empathy for Sub_Octavian who engages frequently on Reddit. Yesterday when it went bad it was late at night and he was on his phone. He takes ownership for WOWS and takes some criticisms personally when he should really step back a bit. So somebody please explain to me why MrConway thinks it's okay to be so condescending to the community? Good luck with the stream today.
  7. DanSilverwing

    Dockyard: the Rules Made Simple

    After frankly admitting that even purchasing and activating the 3 Premium boosters alone will not be enough to reach stage 36, it would be nice if they could at least caution how many ludicrous Directives also need to be completed for that. It's a good CYA disclaimer though for those that do splash out 24,000 Doubloons and still don't get PR: they just wasted their money for nothing. Such a shame how an event everyone was so excited about has turned to ash.
  8. DanSilverwing

    Happy Holidays =/= Family Friendly Update 0.8.11

    I've seen one Gorizia already. Like PEF the optimal strategy seems to be buy it upfront, use it to complete missions for Directives and wait for the refund. In the meantime you can get a headstart on the mission chain for Furious and the 2 permanent camouflages. And just like PEF that's a big mental adjustment for a game that is marketed as "free to play" and is supposed to be fun.
  9. DanSilverwing

    0.8.11 - 1vs1 Ranked Sprint

    Just to note that when Ranked Sprint is active it will not count for the new Directives released during that week (4,5, and 6).
  10. DanSilverwing

    Shipyards. A request to make the Dockyard a stable part of the game.

    I think the Dockyard is a great addition to the game, and it's too good to be dismissed forever by negativity surrounding the PR grind. PR builds passively in the background even when you're not logged in. But one of the things WG and other games companies crave is continual engagement. Ergo rather than add build points towards construction when logged off simply have a ship that can build only when you are logged in. No timegating needed, or at least no short-term timegating until the dock is needed for another ship. No boosters, just continuous build points when logged in. As a mechanism it could be used to replace discount coupons in the armory: rather than have a 25% discount for immediate acquisition, instead pay 50% upfront and acquire the ship after x amount of hours depending on the tier (with abbreviated animated phases to spare the workload).
  11. DanSilverwing

    Contemplating ranked.

    In the PTS for 0.8.10 we had Ranked with 3 vs 3, and I thought that was quite a nice format. Do the survey responses when you see them and let WG know your preferences.
  12. I didn't meet any CVs on the PTS so I'm looking forward to meeting some. PTS is not the real thing of course, because maps, capture point accumulation and point accumulations can be adjusted for Live. Domination mode was making it very important to move to the middle. I'm not sure what value kiting and stealth torping will have when there is only one other player on full health who knows which direction you're in (or can guess). I only met one Fantasque player who tried the rush-in and nuke with two salvos, but it didn't work and I killed him before he could complete his turn to try a third. YMMV. I lost fair and square to a Tirpitz. All I can say is that some ships will work for you most of the time but I doubt any will work all of the time. With Ranked structure being what it is you just want a match-up of classes that you can win most of the time.
  13. DanSilverwing

    Update 0.8.11: New Year

    Hopefully it will be like the PTS version where every Rank is irrevocable. If so it should really be called Ranked Turbo. Edit: Oh, and it would be a good idea to explore the possibility of cross-server matches, like you've done for CBs, to compensate for a reduced server population. I can't imagine that many people in NA/EU will be playing around then.
  14. DanSilverwing

    Update 0.8.11: New Year

    Ajax permanent camouflage for Leander to be made available with a combat mission chain. I love this! Ranked Sprint for one week only over the holiday period. Clan Brawls with larger teams. Hmm.
  15. DanSilverwing

    again with the Christmas gamble boxes.

    While the Snowflakes are fully disclosed (and the stage rewards of the shipbuilding are also known) the precise details of the Directives are still unknown. There is going to be an additional 2,250 Steel from Directive rewards, and with 7 Directives is not going to be an even distribution. If Directive 7 is going to be limited to TX ships then I strongly suspect this may be a clue to those Steel rewards. We can only wait and see.