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  1. DanSilverwing

    Hit the Tier VI Milestone in 10 Simple Steps

    It's a great read, if the goal is to encourage a linear progression before mastering the basics. This guide, all of your articles and videos, CC programme, are not a substitute for a proper in-game tutorial explaining how to play and how to master each of the mechanics. If you really want to expand the playerbase you have to make it as accessible as possible. Don't just chuck new players in to sink or swim. Even in co-op.
  2. DanSilverwing

    I was supposed to finish the Benham daily missions today

    It's really annoying because we're conditioned to expect deadlines to expire at midnight, and not 5 a.m. local time. I also found it really weird because I got the 48 and never missed a day, but didn't have a day to spare? It seems like I was a day behind at the beginning based on when the update went live, but can't really remember. Maybe I slacked off that first day.
  3. DanSilverwing

    freeXP ships -- some news?

    I'm hoarding everything until there is some indication of Thunderer's currency/cost.
  4. I hate to picky, but this is an inconsistency. Because I'm a relatively new player with a limited number of slots in my Reserve I tend to notice these things. I also always keep my reserve at 100% to benefit from this quirk in events. For each of the Rogue Wave ships we got an additional slot in the Reserve. Particularly when acquiring the 2* and 3* ships. I got the Hill and it didn't expand, so assumed that was as intended, but now just got the Benham and gained an extra slot in the Reserve. So this is inconsistent. Should there have been an extra Reserve slot when finishing the final Directive and acquiring Hill?
  5. Forgive my ignorance, but does mean combat missions if you already own one of those ships, to be completed by playing that ship? Or is it a combat mission that once completed will reward the corresponding ship?
  6. DanSilverwing

    New French DDs event... Who s gonna bother with it?!

    Yes, in particular I was thinking of the Directives that could be completed with any RN DD (that existed at the time of the promo) and the ones that could only be done with T7 and T8 DDs...
  7. DanSilverwing

    New French DDs event... Who s gonna bother with it?!

    I expect some of the Directives will be for French DDs only, so Aigle and Le Terrible owners will have a good start.
  8. DanSilverwing

    What ship is this?

    Well the topic is in the form of a question, so... I'm guessing Neptune.
  9. DanSilverwing

    Operation of the week = pointless

    I don't know why you downvoted the person who initially responded with a factual explanation of the current situation, just because you neither like the situation or that answer. It's pointless posting this in the Q&A if you're going to do that and actually just want to petition for a gameplay amendment. There are appropriate sections for that; the Q&A is not.
  10. Ah! Lower tier Operations, another opportunity to get on my hobby horse and plug the idea of revamping Operation Dynamo Balanced for T4, T5, and T6 British and French destroyers (which are all quite close in combat capabilities) as a nod to the historical participants.
  11. DanSilverwing

    Ranked, a failed atempt ?

    No discrimination against the physically disabled, thanks.
  12. @Crysantos This initially came up on Reddit, and the workaround is to use two double divisions simultaneously hitting the battle button, which is not ideal. The guy has new friends playing who are not at a stage yet to play in operations.
  13. DanSilverwing

    Suggestions thread

    off-topic: What the F-keys really mean https://forum.worldofwarships.asia/topic/30713-my-chat-f-key-cheat-sheet/?do=findComment&comment=370620
  14. There's always a current version of the executable in the "clientrunner" folder, but tbh that hasn't been working for me either and the replays I have wanted to watch I've needed to copy over to my WG launcher folder and use that one.
  15. DanSilverwing

    bots invasion

    New batch of brand new baby bots coming through: @Crysantos fya