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    Quit and uninstalled, just to make sure I stay on the wagon.

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  1. DanSilverwing

    Bots are more dumb than before

    Every change to appease the BB mafia just made the game worse.
  2. DanSilverwing

    NA account

    Just to add, because you no longer need an additional instance: If you're creating a new account don't forget to use an invite code, e.g. PEARLHARBORAZ1941 will get you a free Arizona Then when the account is created you can use a referral code to link your account as a recruit to another player.
  3. DanSilverwing

    LWM review of Yukon

  4. DanSilverwing

    ST 0.10.5, new ships

    Not Renown? Shame.
  5. https://uk.alienwarearena.com/ucf/show/2152540/boards/contest-and-giveaways-global/Giveaway/world-of-warships-godzilla-vs-kong-supply-drop There is also an invite code for players creating new accounts.
  6. DanSilverwing

    Make Money Recruiting - Event Prolonged!

    I thought I ought to share this response I received from Player Support for the public interest angle: Recruiters cannot become Shipmates, and this is a known issue. Literally "impossible" though? Surely all this information is simple data tables and can be amended at source?
  7. DanSilverwing

    A Co-op only clan

    Some of the older accounts have just been reactivated. Must be a recruitment drive on... Balance of probability this is an obvious scam, not only to benefit a recruiter during events (one person or a customer) but re-using the previous strategy of using the free Premium time to grind one ship line per account and then sell that account on later. I guess it works even better when those accounts for sale thereafter benefit from regional pricing. It's incredible to me that WG have not taken any action against this after all this time. I'm on an extended break right now, but considering meeting two of these bots in one late night battle wrecked my 100% WR I'm still salty. Not very encouraged to come back just yet.
  8. DanSilverwing

    Update 0.10.3, High School Fleet

    My only gripe is, as you can see, the school prefers a darker palette:
  9. DanSilverwing

    No Destroyer mode?

    Someone on the Forum was moaning about DDs in co-op not very long ago. I'm not calling to call them out on it though.
  10. DanSilverwing

    Marco Polo Confirmed for Coal

    Well, I was certainly never going to waste Coal on Z-44.
  11. @MementoMori_6030 Taking silver TX in co-op: that's sailoring.
  12. DanSilverwing

    UK T9 Premium

    I would like a nice G3 Premium BB or Renown as a nice super Cruiser. Probably never will. More likely a mash-up like Plymouth. An asset-flipping uptiered Town-class with Radar and Smoke, or an Albermarle with turret swap. Yikes! Any decent RN DDs that would suit?
  13. DanSilverwing

    Remove bot CVs from COOP

    Well, yeah, AI pathing is simple and predictable and can be exploited. When I was playing I would on balance prefer playing with CVs (even as a DD) because it extended the battle time to allow for more caps and plane kills for a higher base XP. They just don't really add any value to the game though, so I wouldn't be upset if I never saw them again. Cf https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/225589-how-do-you-want-your-co-op-matchmaking-megapoll/
  14. DanSilverwing

    Best T6 CV?

    Error 404: Poll not found. And it's Ryujo, and by a lot.
  15. DanSilverwing

    Lack of skill is destroying the game

    WG, please make a SP co-op mode and I'll come back for some pew-pew. WG Bots play better than potatoes and are much less toxic.