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  1. DanSilverwing

    Servers Down?

    Man, I really hope they extend the completion time for 'Nerves of Steel'. There's not been much time to play.
  2. DanSilverwing

    Servers Down?

    Down again
  3. DanSilverwing

    Servers Down?

    On Reddit. MrConway responded to one topic, then LordofDroid created a PSA thread and updated that with restoration progress.
  4. DanSilverwing

    Low level SEAL CLUBBERS

    The problem is you were not a baby seal in that match; no-one was. The real babies are in all protected matchmaking, where the only danger to them is re-roll accounts looking to pad their stats and garner easy krackens. I haven't looked at your stats but I hope you had the decency to remember that when choosing which targets to shoot at. New players looking to play Random Battles in protected matchmaking with at least one other human and a squad of bots for target practice are well catered for. On the EU server (iirc) they have 120 seconds in the queue to find a match before they go into the general matchmaker. On the NA server its only 60 seconds. I think WeeGee should think about extending that to really protect beginners. Protected matchmaking now covers the first 70 matches, which is a good length of time for beginners. Once protected matchmaking ends then into the piranha pool you go, and those looking to seal club in Tier 1 frequently get clubbed themselves.
  5. DanSilverwing

    Servers Down?

    Ah, but the EU shop never went down, so at least they put that on a separate server. Gives bored players something to do: spend more £$€
  6. DanSilverwing

    Servers Down?

    Welcome back! Let's hope it stays up now.
  7. DanSilverwing

    Blyskawica - WG says it can't buff it because of "stats".

    The ubiquitous British 102s, dual-purpose High-Angle and Quick-Firing, commonly found as secondary cruiser batteries and the main armament of the Black Swan. They have 37.6dps with a base range of 5.01km. With an AA build the 1941 refit would have: 17.3dps @ 2.9km 4x 20mm Oerlikon 26.4dps @ 5.0km 4x 40mm Bofors 44.4dps @ 7.2km 8x 102mm/45 QF Mk. XVI (1the Mk. XIX is modelled in-game, 288.8dps with Manual AA) Pretty killer! But I imagine the only thing holding her back currently is the lack of 19-point captains in the Poland (soon to be Pan-European) national line. The other Premium DDs can easily swap 19-point captains from other ships.
  8. DanSilverwing

    Blyskawica - WG says it can't buff it because of "stats".

    This. For example what is the average commander XP used by Blyskawica compared to the other Premium Tier 7 Destroyers? You don't know, but WG does. For the sake of argument, there is a difference between under-powered and under-performing. I'd be open to seeing evidence of her comparative stats, alpha damage HE and AP, dpm, etc. From what I can see her paper stats are good enough. That suggests if there is a problem it is with the drivers and not the ship itself.
  9. Extend 'Nerves of Steel''! Pretty please
  10. DanSilverwing

    Update 0.8.0 delayed for a week

    That's the one you do with the PEF for the 2019 Steel rewards. But the campaign is extended and that's good news.
  11. DanSilverwing

    Last Prinz directive

    A lot of complaints from players who 'only' had lines in two or three nations. The most efficient way to have made it through would have been to have purchased the PEF out-right at the beginning and use her to complete 5 out of the 6 Directives, and then finish the event with the 6800 Doubloon compensation. It's not a 'bad' outcome, but for a game marketed as 'free to play' that's a big mental adjustment for a new player to make. I've only been playing for one year and it's only just possible for me to complete, having purchased enough port slots on discount during the anniversary to have grinded my way up to T5 in time for this.
  12. DanSilverwing

    Last Prinz directive

    Next week's operation is Narai, btw. Tier 7
  13. DanSilverwing

    Gambling and Lootboxes...

    inb4 lock If the 'value' (monetary equivalent cost) of the prize is never less than the cost of purchase, then is it really gambling? I call it a bonus. But I was thinking about this because they de facto established a monetary value for coal. 300 Doubloons = 2,500 Coal = 1USD So you can then price every Coal ship in the Arsenal to see if it's 'fairly priced': 96.00USD Salem 91.20USD Jean Bart 88.00USD Musashi 21.40USD Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya 19.80USD Aigle 10.20USD Yubari 7.80USD Campleton 6.00USD Charleston Just thought I'd share that.
  14. DanSilverwing

    Smokescreen and AAA

    RNG. The ship put up a 'wall of flak'. Planes flew into the wall. Planes got shot down. What you never see is the hundreds of rounds expended that simply missed.
  15. DanSilverwing

    Tox me baby one more time

    Maybe we can do one of these threads one day without degenerating to personal insults. That would finally convince me that WOWs doesn't have a toxicity problem.