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  1. DanSilverwing

    A few tips how to keep your sanity intact and enjoy the game

    Have a nice cup of tea.
  2. DanSilverwing

    Just picked up a book that looks interesting.

    Very nice! Very collectable. The decimal place might have been in the wrong place (if in a different shop).
  3. DanSilverwing


    World of Warships: Age of Sail edition. If they can do submarines they can do a weather gauge.
  4. Um, any idea if the XP refund includes the XP cost of researching the modules, or just the stock ships themselves? I'm personally going to keep all mine anyway, even if they end up being port queens.
  5. That's a useful link. The reason that the report starts from October 17, 941, rather than the official entry date of the USA in World War 2 is because of the USS Reuben James incident. A Clemson-class Destroyer launched in 1919, hit by a torpedo from U-552 whilst on Neutrality Patrol near Iceland and sank with the loss of 100 men. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_Reuben_James_(DD-245) My understanding of the loss of Ark Royal was from an account calling the evacuation order premature as it also meant damage control personnel evacuated the ship rather than attempt damage control. I haven't really looked at it closely.
  6. DanSilverwing

    Interesting Warship Documentaries Thread

    Excellent Jutland short.
  7. DanSilverwing

    The First Battle of Narvik - Discussion Thread

    Well researched, well written, and nicely illustrated. My compliments
  8. DanSilverwing

    Huanghe - what do people think?

    This demonstrates perfectly a disconnect in WG logic that really infuriated me. Haida T7 + 1 extra gun turret = Cossack T8. But Perth T6 - 1 gun turret = Huanghe...T6!
  9. DanSilverwing

    Huanghe - what do people think?

    I'm extremely interested in the Arethusa base model. Huanghe is currently available to me for £7.69 with port slot only. Whereas I bought Graf Spee in Steam sale for £7.79 with port slot, 500 doubloons, and 6 point commander. Call me cheap, but I like a good bargain and Huanghe ain't it. Plus that from LWM makes me very sceptical I'd be getting VFM (value for money). I think it's time we had a ship to boost sales on the EU server that market research already shows* great demand for: a Premium Royal Navy Heavy Cruiser! Come on, WG, Cap is waving money at you here. Give your customers what they really want! (just don't muck them up like Dreadnought and Vanguard, tyvm)
  10. DanSilverwing

    Halloweend daily reward..

    Question for those who opened a Premium Halloween container today: Is that it for you now? Or will you get everything twice like those of us who had their progress reset?
  11. DanSilverwing

    Witch ship is better, (fletcher or jutland)

    Obviously too early for jokes. This is Salem's seal: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:USS_Salem_(CA-139)_crest_1949.png aka "Sea Witch", because what is Salem, Massachusetts, known for?
  12. Arriving a bit early and joining a long queue outside the venue was very British. Um, I'll have a think about suggestions for another event (yay!), but having looked at the booking costs beforehand I have no complaints with what was provided. It was very generous. Incidentally, for those interested, you can book private tours on HMS Belfast...but. The group size is restricted to 10 or 12 (can't recall which) and costs £400 per group. I don't think that's practical for a future event.
  13. DanSilverwing

    So, no daily shipment today?

    Um, so I had logged in this morning and collected my 50 doubloons no problems. But after seeing this thread get much bigger and reading that progress had been reset for some I wanted to check that I remained unaffected... Logged back in and have been reset to 10th place, so can collect another container. But as there are 13 days left to collect rewards and after being reset to 10th I now have 13 days to collect the other 9 daily rewards again? Extra Coal and extra Doubloons for me! And still get the Premium container at the very end. I guess for players like me who can log in every day (even if I can't always play) it's good because we get extra rewards. But players who can't log in every day and who now will find it impossible to log in 9 more times over 13 days will never get the Premium container, whereas before they were making progress towards that... they're the ones getting the sticky end of the stick.
  14. Started and finished the 2-year anniversary collection taking 4x5,000 coal containers (20 containers). Luckily the missing pieces only required 2 duplicates to obtain, unlike the later collections I have been used to. That's given me five permanent camouflage for Tier 8 ships that I don't yet have. Just about the buy the KGV, Monarch will have to wait!
  15. Finally found the time to read this one, and it was well worth the wait! Very interesting aviation backstory, thank you.