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  1. DanSilverwing

    Battle Pass Coming

    Ah, publicly speculating about the price pre-release reminds me of the speculation between Hayate and Smaland's announcement and release. A good way to gauge the very upper limit of what value people attach to the product and then release it at a slightly higher cost.
  2. DanSilverwing

    Just Wondering: Anyone Else Get Robbed Recently?

    Flawed poll: I still have the Dunkerque, the slot, and the Premium time without further transactions. This is pointless. You feel hard done by and need validation, that's all.
  3. DanSilverwing

    Where is this for EU players?

    https://7.warships.net/ Works with Edge, Firefox, Opera; not Chromium.
  4. DanSilverwing

    Cherry Blossom: Something is strange. Any ideas?

    It was bugged on the PTS as well.
  5. Play in high tiers, they said. You'll earn more XP, they said. Then WG invented Arms Race and inflicted it on co-op to restore WG-style balance to the economy.
  6. Yes, I am too cheap to pay 200 Doubloons for a permanent camouflage. Like many players I sold off (nearly) all my expendable camouflages once 0.11.6 went Live, with the exception of those still locked (still waiting to get rid of those), but I kept one of each as an example, just in case. And, like many players, I now run (nearly) all of my TT ships naked, with the exception of the ones I already had permanent camouflages for. It was nice to receive 30x "Stars and Stripes" camos from the Anniversary code, but you know it's going straight to cash... Is this what Wargaming wants for us? Is this how we show our appreciation for Lesta's talented Artists? Clearly yes. Yes, I am too cheap to pay for even the most basic of expendable camouflages to liven things up. I am also too perpetually skint to not immediately sell any new stock for cash. But what if there was a way for everybody to not lose out? I present: the "Camouflage Cashback" scheme! After every battle you used an expendable camouflage you receive the equivalent sale price of that camo as a cashback. It couldn't be a usual credit modifier in the results screen because of the Premium multiplier, but maybe either a discount to service costs or external to the battle results itself. Wargaming don't lose anything as players already either have the expendable camouflages in stock, or are now buying expendable camouflages for full price but now refunded half the purchase price back. Players don't lose anything, because the alternative is simply selling stock from Inventory. Unless you're so in-game rich you can afford to keep paying the difference between the purchase and sale prices. And then a situation where no-one loses might then become a situation where we all gain by re-introducing a splash of colour and frivolity into the game. What? Wargaming want us to buy the permanent camouflages? For every ship? In a Free-to-play title? Not a chance. Thoughts?
  7. DanSilverwing

    World of Warships is Back on HMS Belfast!

    Thank you, I received an e-mail this morning. There was a bonus code! But it was Inactive. So I've raised a ticket. Also completed the survey.
  8. DanSilverwing

    Your Guide to Reworked Operations

    Everything you need to understand about Wargaming's attitude to Operations is summarised here: To make Operations more accessible we are going to remove Operation of the Week, completely randomise which Operation you'll play, and upscale the opposition, for the same nerfed economic rewards as before. And if you like playing Operations in a Division and want to choose the Operation you play we will additionally nerf your rewards by 20%. So you face a random Operation and have to play only a capable Tier 8 ship, which makes it less accessible than before. You'll then receive an average of fewer rewards then before (because of either the built-in nerf to picking or your new failure rate with randoms), leading to less popularity than before.
  9. DanSilverwing

    Public Test 0.11.8 - General Feedback

    Good to see last month's format of missions and rewards continue. But as it's Submarines I'm not going to tryhard this one.
  10. Previously posted screenshot from a 5* Hermes. Note that against the wave of T8 BBs I couldn't do very much and relied on our T8 BBs to carry (did set a few fires, was never in range to land torps). And about 450k potential damage from constantly dodging, which is the main problem. Finished with just over 1k HP left. On the PTS it was even worse because we did face a wave of T9 BBs, so even more dodging and less damage out. Then it was 1.2m potential damage. Last cruiser standing! I haven't had much time for playing for fun lately.
  11. DanSilverwing

    Still no PT rewards...

    Nice boost to the Treasury.
  12. I think from a financial POV Wargaming need to bear in mind that we are quickly moving towards an exclusive T8 meta, and if you're not grinding TT ships you may prefer to play with a Premium ship. At a stroke the re-work has made playing Ops with Tier 6 Premiums pointless. Tier 7 ones can still pull their weight but the bonus XP and credit rewards from being uptiered seem absent. The problem is twofold: reworked operations were supposed to be more accessible to all, but for new players they are less accessible than they were before with ship and/or tier restrictions, due to now being constantly uptiered and noncompetitive. There was an economic case for buying a Tier 6 Premium ship, as they are not too expensive, whereas an equivalent class Tier 8 Premiums is at least double the price (the old "x ship costs the same as a new AAA game"). Agree with +1/-1 MM as the way forward. I've been arguing that since round 1 on the PTS.
  13. DanSilverwing

    World of Warships is Back on HMS Belfast!

    I had a good time. Thank you, Wargaming and WG Staff, for organising this event. I didn't quite understand at the time about the missing Notebook; I think I was told to expect an e-mail? I've given the plushie to my son, and guess what he did with it. I didn't want to bring him this year because he is a bit young, but hopefully in the future. We went to HMS Unicorn during the Spring half-term holiday and spent the time rushing around the ship playing their "find these objects and letters" quizzes, and he got every kind of sticker reward they had. Today's quiz was likewise a good motivator to explore the whole ship and connect with other groups. Also I enjoyed taking the T7 Belfast Premium for a spin in that side room, except the screen I was looking at was in Port and showed that Belfast was already in a battle. Hmm... Pressed the Tab key and there she is already in a T8 co-op Battle and half the team is already dead! And would you believe it was a Battle on "Northern Lights" map with a Tirpitz bearing down on me. Truly a memorable day. Thank you again.
  14. WG are not good at Impact Assessments. It's nice to have the old Ops back again, but instead of simply adding them to the rotation we have randomised Ops with a broken tier spread, so it's now impossible to assess the impact of each change.