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  1. hrzo18

    EU server down?

    again, after Clan Battles..... crash
  2. hrzo18

    General Feedback - 0.7.6 PTS

    geting PINK after exiting from battle after my 'death'......
  3. hrzo18

    Ranked Season

    ok, but look picture
  4. hrzo18

    Ranked Season

  5. hrzo18

    Bug Reports

    ok, now works :)
  6. hrzo18

    General Feedback

    ranked battle should not have mercy time (or whatever it's called), why ends before 20:00 min?
  7. hrzo18

    Bug Reports

    again no trail...
  8. hrzo18

    Bug Reports

    NEPTUNE has NO smoke and water trail
  9. hrzo18

    Public Test Rewards

    no! realy? dang! must wait till.... dont no? huh? oooo......
  10. hrzo18

    Public Test Rewards

    and for 073?
  11. hrzo18

    General Feedback

    yes, this is after Roswell crash.....
  12. hrzo18

    General Feedback

    yap, spec.op. is HARD
  13. hrzo18

    Bug Reports

    Unable to join battle
  14. hrzo18

    Space Battles

    i can't start space combat mision
  15. hrzo18

    Other Improvements

    horn is nice :D