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  1. HoLeeKow

    British Cruisers: Early Access

    Opened 11 so far and nothing but flag and camo and a few free xp. but it’s ok , not worth any doubloon and only Goliath is pretty ok.
  2. HoLeeKow

    Combat Missions in Update 0.9.0

    Where are they Pan Asia Lunar ships ? directive 2 is open but where are those ships ?
  3. @MrConway thank you for your advice and made it possible
  4. Can We use this information as proof that it is possible and can be done ? in my ticket they trying to let me believe they don’t have the tools to do so.
  5. If it was impossible to get the first booster doubloons back then why did @MrConway write in his post to DO make a support ticket about it. If he knows that it could never been done , he would never wrote this , right ?
  6. Is There already someone who got back doubloons from the first booster ? if yes , what was said in the support ticket?
  7. HoLeeKow

    Combat Missions in Update 0.8.11

    Puerto Rico Slave grind i wonder if ANYONE from WG has the nerves to take part on this topic and can say with honest heart that the objectives are not over the top. Did you put a “0” to much on the end of the numbers ?? Almost all CC , streamers etc call this a scam , WG can you tell us it’s not ?
  8. HoLeeKow

    GEUS zoekt NL/BE

    Even een bumpje
  9. HoLeeKow

    GEUS zoekt NL/BE

    Goedemorgen , GEUS zoekt gezellige frikandellen en croquettes om mee te spelen. Wij zijn een NL/BE clan bij wie gezelligheid voorop staat. Wij spelen voornamelijk in de avonduren waarbij we zoveel mogelijk gezamenlijk op discord zijn en het zo leuk en gezellig alswel leerzaam te maken. We spelen graag in divisies En helpen nieuwere spelers op te klimmen in de techtree. Ook clanbattles spelen we graag. Wij vinden gezelligheid de belangrijkste motivator en begrijpen ook dat de huwelijkse voorwaarden gerespecteerd moeten worden ;) dus we snappen dat je niet 24/7 online bent , maar als je speelt is het wel belangrijk dat je ook op onze discord server aanwezig bent. Als je interesse hebt , laat een berichtje achter of stuur een pm en ik neem zsm contact op. Volle kracht vooruit kapiteins o7 HoLeeKow and here is the required English translation to not get this post removed ;) Good morning , GEUS is looking for fun frikandelles and croquettes to play with. We are a NL / BE clan for whom fun is paramount. We mainly play in the evenings, where we are on discord as much as possible together and make it as fun as it is educational. We like to play in divisions And help newer players to climb into the techtree. We also like to play clanbattles. We find socializing the most important motivator and also understand that the marriage conditions must be respected;) so we understand that you are not online 24/7, but when you play it is important that you are also present on our discord server. If you are interested, leave a message or send a pm and I will contact you asap. Full speed ahead captains o7 HoLeeKow
  10. HoLeeKow

    SUBMARINES - discussion, feedback, opinions

    I hope they seriously take a look how Steel Ocean did it with subs. That game was really good with the balance between subs and surface ships. Please WG , look how they did it and please remove ping/ homing and auto drop DC. And also, torps should be able to be fired when sub is on surface also. Also the single deck gun to defend from low hp ships attacking you. Dont make it to easy. In Steel Ocean didn’t even have torpedo predicted path and that was very good playable. It required skill but I personally like it if it’s not to easy. I hope somebody from WG reads this. You can have my log in from Steel Ocean to play and see for yourself.
  11. HoLeeKow

    Supertest FAQ

    Question answered
  12. HoLeeKow

    Midway build?

    Thank you again for your help. i will put SE on Midway and see how it goes. Only 6k xp more to get Shokaku and maybe free xp Hakuryu. Have to say , with Ryujo I have nice games. Good damage and sometimes even win when my team actually tries to cap something i do see your build , it looks good for IJN but is it not better for USA to swap CE and last gap for torp accelation and demolition expert ?
  13. HoLeeKow

    Midway build?

    Thank you so far for this help. Maybe will try her also. I’m almost at shokaku now. And may I ask why is it anti BB now? As for Midway, would giving up CE and put SE instead help or will they still be shredded? It looks quite a lot but maybe you guys have good experience with playing it.
  14. So you have this also with Hakuryu? i was wondering if it’s same or worse if she is worth researching.
  15. Hi guys , reading a lot about constant dps and flak and how to do but still my planes get shredded. I play Midway with almost all hp boosters except SE because of the CE I have on midway. Whenever I try to attack the first run goes pretty ok but right after that my planes vanish in thin air trying to get out the AA. Is the AA still that strong or am I doing something wrong ? also my DB and TT seem to lack accuracy. When I approach the ideal position for example a BB with my DB , I approach from nose or back and the green circle covers the ship but still my bombs get only 1 or 2 hits and the rest drops in the water?? any help is very welcome !