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  1. Thank you for your answer, I will try
  2. Can so eine tell me what program i have to use? I would like to try also but im not really familiar with programs on pc how to do... thank you in advance already
  3. Bought 20 mega santas also. At least one would expect something nice but highly disappointed also. 1 Monaghan ( most worthless imo ) and for the rest all camo and some flags. Oh yes and a few gold. First 10 draws was 1x gold and 9 new year streamer camo...... no no more containers for me. Fleetmates got 6 ships each , including rare like Kutuzov strange odds
  4. HoLeeKow

    Blueprint idea for WG team

    Failing has nothing to do with it. Everyone can grind to tier 10 ,just takes time , nothing more. And just as side note , BB is nothing more harder to get to tier 10 , and if you read my post well , you see I’m not talking about BB specific. And when someone reached tier 10 it usually means that at least the person got some experience in playing.
  5. HoLeeKow

    Blueprint idea for WG team

    When I was creating it , i didn’t see what I was typing , as said it stayed white. I corrected it now, sorry for that. As answer to above, it’s not same since you only have to grind the xp for the ship and not for all ships that are lower in techtree. And I’m sure it’s not that difficult to implement. I’m sure there are working some real wiz kids that can do this easy. But it I respect your opinion , we can’t all agree :))
  6. HoLeeKow

    Blueprint idea for WG team

    Hello Hello again, HoLeeKow here but this time I have an idea that maybe can be nice for players and good for WG wallet :) I was thinking about an exclusive item that can be bought only once and of course it’s up to WG how they want to “sell “ this. A Blueprint which allows a player to research a ship from the same nation and tier but only a different class. The xp needed for that ship has to be obtained by the same tier ship from that nation. For example , you want the Gearing tier 10. So that person has to earn xp with another tier 10 ship from that nation ( Montana, Des Moines etc ) Once obtained that xp , the person can buy exclusive one time only a blueprint and with that blueprint he is allowed to research the wanted ship with the xp obtained from the other ship ( same tier ) Have a good day HoLeeKow
  7. HoLeeKow

    Why penalty?

    If you have a screenshot or explain the situation what happened you can write to support and they can reset it. It happened also a lot with people when the new update was installed. WG know about this problem so they will help you I think.
  8. HoLeeKow

    Why WG won't keep previous cv play pattern?That is unfair

    Unfortunately it weren’t a few people that complain but anyone that lacks the self reflection to see that they themselves are responsible for being an easy target for a cv. They always complain about OP CV but if you don’t go playing lone wolf and be aware of surroundings to dodge incoming torps then they wouldn’t complain and blame a so called OP carrier. Same goes for a dd that put 8-10 torps in their ship. Nobody complaining DD need rework. I agree with you , it’s really a pitty that they want to make it easy for everyone. I’m like a lot of people just a average player that enjoys CV a lot to play but I am afraid I do see a refund for my Kaga coming ? despite what people say , I dont think a CV is that OP that it should be reworked. Every ship can be superstrong with the right captain on the bridge. That doesn’t only count for CV. But not much to do about it anymore. I just try play my CV games and enjoy it to the fullest before they pull the plug. Happy Sailing!
  9. HoLeeKow

    triple bonus first purchase

    Good luck its just a pitty that the the people who already invested some money don’t get a chance for this. Buying a tier 8 and get over 20.000 doubloons as bonus is something I would not skip also but I guess my logic doesn’t reach further to understand this. In my opinion more people make more money in this case...
  10. HoLeeKow

    Has anyone ever got a supercontainer from a More Resources claim?

    To be honest , since that update I only choose more resource containers and strangely enough I already got 3 supercontainers. 2x flags and one time camo.
  11. HoLeeKow

    Rework of CVs

    For new players it maybe is nice but I really wonder how many refunds WG will be getting because I can understand that old school cv players will not like this I’m not old school but I enjoy it a lot and will just wait for testing and see what it’s like. But it one thing that for sure ; the charm and uniqueness is gone.
  12. HoLeeKow

    Rework of CVs

    You can’t move the carrier ? Is it in a locked place on the map ??
  13. HoLeeKow

    Rework of CVs

    And all this because of some crying non-cv players who can’t understand that it’s their own fault that they get attacked. Keep crying to WG that we are sooooo OP but mark my words , they will have something more to complain about when 2 or 3 CV in one game work together and attack them from all sides together. They just want the CV out of the game or so weak that it’s almost useless and they will keep trying until they get what they want but I do think that WG did good with rework instead of deleting CV from the game. I’m really interested to try out the new concept but I do think the charm of my Kaga is gone now, same goes for Saipan , Enterprise and GZ. I guess we we just have to live with it , try it , hopefully enjoy it or get a refund.
  14. HoLeeKow

    Rework of CVs

    Well looking twitch channel now about the rework and gameplay as we know it is totally gone. one big squadron control only now with 3rd person view. A few planes per attack , the rest stays for next attack and the planes that finished the attack , return to carrier. Torps , bombs and rockets we have now.
  15. HoLeeKow

    Rework of CVs

    Taking away alt would be disaster for CV like Kaga , Enterprise etc because they have fighters from one tier lower. That would mean that Saipan always wins airbattles and the other normal CV’s from IJN always have to use both squadrons to take out the single squadron from US carriers. Kaga and Enterprise would be loosing fighters to easy against any carrier because they always have fighters that are lower tier. Strafe can suck big time sometimes when they take out your squad in one time but a good start would be the plane loss from Saipan when strafe out a dogfight and maybe make them tier 8 instead of 9. Lots of difficulties to solve there are