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  1. HoLeeKow

    Supertest FAQ

    Question answered
  2. HoLeeKow

    Midway build?

    Thank you again for your help. i will put SE on Midway and see how it goes. Only 6k xp more to get Shokaku and maybe free xp Hakuryu. Have to say , with Ryujo I have nice games. Good damage and sometimes even win when my team actually tries to cap something i do see your build , it looks good for IJN but is it not better for USA to swap CE and last gap for torp accelation and demolition expert ?
  3. HoLeeKow

    Midway build?

    Thank you so far for this help. Maybe will try her also. I’m almost at shokaku now. And may I ask why is it anti BB now? As for Midway, would giving up CE and put SE instead help or will they still be shredded? It looks quite a lot but maybe you guys have good experience with playing it.
  4. So you have this also with Hakuryu? i was wondering if it’s same or worse if she is worth researching.
  5. Hi guys , reading a lot about constant dps and flak and how to do but still my planes get shredded. I play Midway with almost all hp boosters except SE because of the CE I have on midway. Whenever I try to attack the first run goes pretty ok but right after that my planes vanish in thin air trying to get out the AA. Is the AA still that strong or am I doing something wrong ? also my DB and TT seem to lack accuracy. When I approach the ideal position for example a BB with my DB , I approach from nose or back and the green circle covers the ship but still my bombs get only 1 or 2 hits and the rest drops in the water?? any help is very welcome !
  6. HoLeeKow

    Midway build?

    That is pretty dangerous since everything with a spotplane can hit you , even when you in the back line. Does it really help ? I played game after game and my planes get shredded attack after attack. Really ,even tier 8 ships eat my planes. I do try to pick on weak targets but still..... most plane loss is right after the attack run , I drop and then I see my planes vanish one by one trying to get out the AA. I hope balancing isn’t finished yet because now AA really is to much for planes. Also I noticed that when the ship sails straight under my DB , I still get only 1 or 2 hits , is the accuracy of the DB that bad or is it me ? How does Hakuryu stand this AA ? It’s planes are faster ? They have less HP if I’m correct, how they survive ?
  7. HoLeeKow

    Midway build?

    Thank You ! HVAR looks better for cap reset since hitting chance is bigger then tiny Tim’s I was thinking. But tiny Tim’s hit harder when they hit yeah. No concealment ? Only that from camo?
  8. HoLeeKow

    Midway build?

    Hello people, recently I researched the Midway but with all the changes going on in balance-land I am really confused how to build her ( and a small side question , HVAR or Tiny Tim’s ) Planes seem a little slow for a tier X may I ask your modules and captain skills ? I have Halsey at 15 point still but 19 point is available also if I swap with my Wooster. Hopefully you guys know the sweet setup to get some good damage :) thank you in advance !
  9. Thank you for your answer, I will try
  10. Can so eine tell me what program i have to use? I would like to try also but im not really familiar with programs on pc how to do... thank you in advance already
  11. Bought 20 mega santas also. At least one would expect something nice but highly disappointed also. 1 Monaghan ( most worthless imo ) and for the rest all camo and some flags. Oh yes and a few gold. First 10 draws was 1x gold and 9 new year streamer camo...... no no more containers for me. Fleetmates got 6 ships each , including rare like Kutuzov strange odds
  12. HoLeeKow

    Blueprint idea for WG team

    Failing has nothing to do with it. Everyone can grind to tier 10 ,just takes time , nothing more. And just as side note , BB is nothing more harder to get to tier 10 , and if you read my post well , you see I’m not talking about BB specific. And when someone reached tier 10 it usually means that at least the person got some experience in playing.
  13. HoLeeKow

    Blueprint idea for WG team

    When I was creating it , i didn’t see what I was typing , as said it stayed white. I corrected it now, sorry for that. As answer to above, it’s not same since you only have to grind the xp for the ship and not for all ships that are lower in techtree. And I’m sure it’s not that difficult to implement. I’m sure there are working some real wiz kids that can do this easy. But it I respect your opinion , we can’t all agree :))
  14. HoLeeKow

    Blueprint idea for WG team

    Hello Hello again, HoLeeKow here but this time I have an idea that maybe can be nice for players and good for WG wallet :) I was thinking about an exclusive item that can be bought only once and of course it’s up to WG how they want to “sell “ this. A Blueprint which allows a player to research a ship from the same nation and tier but only a different class. The xp needed for that ship has to be obtained by the same tier ship from that nation. For example , you want the Gearing tier 10. So that person has to earn xp with another tier 10 ship from that nation ( Montana, Des Moines etc ) Once obtained that xp , the person can buy exclusive one time only a blueprint and with that blueprint he is allowed to research the wanted ship with the xp obtained from the other ship ( same tier ) Have a good day HoLeeKow
  15. HoLeeKow

    Why penalty?

    If you have a screenshot or explain the situation what happened you can write to support and they can reset it. It happened also a lot with people when the new update was installed. WG know about this problem so they will help you I think.