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    New Unsporting conduct system needs to be fixed

    I was dc due to power loss last night, logged on this morning pink
  2. generalpaladin

    penalised for server drop

    last night I had a power failure, happens daily in my country. I got hit as though I TK. thanks WG for giving the unlubed rusty prop drive shaft to anyone not in a 1st world country that cant have the best connect, loses power, or just anyone that attempts your shotty connection to your servers
  3. generalpaladin

    steam WoWs uninstalled

    So I was playing WOWs Friday night and couldn't play it all over the weekend. I get to work to use the internet to log on to steam and update and find that WOWs no longer exist in my library after having to log in. when I go to the to the steamsite for the game it says the game is in my library, but when I click play game it says it has to be downloaded, which with my current internet speed in my country will take an estimated 20 days. now my question is has this happened to anyone else where WoWs is no longer on your steam?