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    How to unlock French BBs

    Maybe I had some fortune with this, I'll explain. I bought the De Grasse in order to have a ship suitable for doing these missions (i'm a new player and didn't have nothing above tier 4). So I was granted with a French container where I get the first BB mission (Bretagne). The day after after some grind I was granted with two more BB missions (Normandie and Richelieu). So two days after I have 3 BBs with their corresponding slot space in port, their captains and the entire collection completed, so I also have the 10 point commander. Or I'm very very lucky or this is a way to get newbies like me to think that paying some € worth a lot and then the next time I got back to the premium store thrown back to reality. Either way I got a bit suspicious about it. PS: Anyway, this is my first post so hello everyone, captain Ferchimonde from Spain here to serve you all!