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  1. the_crow_96

    Italian cruisers and Smoke Mod 1

    You can't mount it on Italians
  2. the_crow_96

    Extra Special Lottery "Year of the CV"

  3. the_crow_96

    Holiday Lottery 2019 - Try your luck !

    I want to participate too and good luck everyone
  4. the_crow_96

    Tier7 is the new Tier8

    You should do at least 20 battles with a ship to calibrate the MM, but overall I see a very good improvement
  5. the_crow_96

    Thoughts on Italian cruiser captain builds?

    PT, AR, SI, CE, RPF. EM, EL, TA (tier X has 56 kt torps so with TA you get a good 61 kt or 63 with luigi, with the good firing angles it's quite useful and you still have 10.8 range)
  6. the_crow_96


    The whole converting idea is bad, but try to find a way to use elite exp without real money is good, like in exchange for particular camo on your favourite ship or historical captains, specials ports and others stuff like this
  7. As soon as they implement them in a good way and they're are fun to play i don't care to much about the name, historical name are more then welcome but it isn't a priority for me
  8. the_crow_96

    First look at Unseen Content? In your Streams!

    Italian branch?