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  1. Poliorxetico

    Looking for an active clan - details inside

    Apply to RMBPD Clan, please.
  2. Apply to RMBPD Clan, please.
  3. Poliorxetico

    Looking for the IDEAL of WoWs

    Apply to RMBPD Clan, please.
  4. Poliorxetico

    Looking for clan

    Apply to RMBPD Clan, please.
  5. Poliorxetico

    Looking for a competetive clan for CBS

    Apply to RMBPD Clan, please.
  6. Poliorxetico

    Looking for a friendly UK based clan

    Apply to RMBPD Clan, please.
  7. Poliorxetico

    PT 0.9.4 - Ranked Season

    That's fine for us in our clan. Personally, I prefer tier 8, 9 and 10, but 7 is ok too.
  8. Poliorxetico

    Invitations and Useful hotkeys

    Otherwise I must tell new players (time after time), "Please, read our Statements". (Wrote in my former message, but not clearly understood by you). That means, the Statements are alredy posted and on show. The point is, people accept the invitation without reading that before. Cause they didnot, I must ask them to go and do it. If the invite goes with the Statements... easy and shortest way.
  9. Poliorxetico

    Invitations and Useful hotkeys

    Hello! Here I go. 1. As a Clan Commander, I send invites to players. With the invitation we could also send the Statements of our Clan. Doing that, new players could know in advance if the Clan is for them or if they are for the Clan. Otherwise I must tell new players (time after time), "Please, read our Statements", and add some other information that we can save just adding the Statements with the invitation. 2. Key messages along the battles. I see we lack of some type of information that could help us to communicate withing players along the battle. Having to write messages it takes our attention apart from the game / battle. For example: "Wait for me!" Useful when someone goes alone into hard situations or enemy controlled seas. Another one could be: "Do not separate! Stay together!". Very useful when formations break out. Finally, that one: "Fear seas..." is not useful at all. Could be changed for something like: "Play as team and good luck!". Just an idea. Thank you for your attention. Poliorxetico. Commander and owner of Royal Marine Beach Patrol Detachment - Clan.
  10. Poliorxetico

    Rewarding Clan Players

    Oh! I wasnot aware at all of that. I know i can share some benefits but nothing about the rest. Where can I find it? Thank you!
  11. Poliorxetico

    Rewarding Clan Players

    As Commander of Clan I think it is convenient to have some kind of recognition for the best players of the team. I mean medals, honors, diplomas and even some kind of bonus. Not only is it a recognition to the most active and hard-working players, it also stimulates those who do less in the Clan. Our Naval Base gives the same benefits to all players. This is not only benefited by those who contribute most to the Clan, but also those who do little or nothing. Would it be possible to have this at some point? Thank you!