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  1. ArsenalChris

    PSA: Santa Containers

    So if I understand this correctly with the system as it is, then the only way to guarantee a "rare" ship is to own all premiums on the list ?
  2. ArsenalChris

    PSA: Santa Containers

    It seems to me that the reason people are understandably upset by this situation, is the fact that the ship containers are rigged. So the way I see it if you received a ship from a container, then said ship should be removed and a total random ship container should be issued. If you didnt receive a ship then honestly you have no cause for complaint . It worries me that people will use this situation to receive a second chance , and when that fails will continue to complain , because as I understand it WG hasn't "fixed" the issue and the crates are still available to purchase.
  3. ArsenalChris

    Remove or IMPROVE player reporting function

    You were reported just for saying XDDDD LOL ? That's amazing , some might say unbelievable ..
  4. Thanks for the advice pra3y , my own fault entirely, a case of getting caught up in the moment , not paying attention to the minimap and comms. By the time I'd realised I had no support it was too late . You live and you learn ! But as I said before it is a work in progress , I do enjoy playing dds so any advice I can get is greatly appreciated so again thanks . All the best.
  5. In your earlier post you claimed it can't be stat shaming as you removed the names now your changing your story to it has to have some form of stats to be stat shaming , I know its confusing but try to keep up . Not once did I say anything about 45% check my posts. However your mate did mention his 65% win rate to make a point which in itself is STATSHAMING . You can spin this anyway you want but at the end of the day I saw 2 players picking on another player , playground style. But hey whatever floats your boat. As I said before I've better things to be doing with my time than posting here, I've explained numerous times what I perceived to be happening and what I thought of it . So this is my first and last post . Potato sacks .. really ?
  6. This is why I don't post in forums , I'll try to explain again so you get where I'm coming from . 1. From the chat log that was posted and what I witnessed in game it appeared to me that two players were picking on another player using there stats to make a point . 2. After the fact I see that the above mentioned player is being shamed in the forum without being able to defend himself . To reply to your other comments in his original post your clanmate was complaining he was reported , I told him it was me and why I did it . Nothing to do with making me feel better. Finally if you think what happened in chat was acceptable then good for you , i on the other hand think it was bang out of order. Oh and one last thing we've already established I'm a bad player and that I'm not particularly interested in any snide comments you "experts" may have nice try though .
  7. P.S. have a great day
  8. What are you talking about , are you for real ? Read my original post I said you and your clan mate were picking on another player essentially stat shaming him . When your mate goes on about his 65% win rate and you reply with XXXXD LOL that implicates you as well! ( ever heard of guilt by association?) I'm not making this up YOU posted the chat log and I challenge anyone on this forum to read it and honestly come to a different conclusion than I did. You said it isn't statshaming if you didnt post his name well I've proved that you did , so it's in the public domain now and therefore it is statshaming . Let's be honest about this you weren't expecting to be called out on this and now you're trying to worm your way out of it ( badly ). But hey I don't have a problem with you personally , and I'm sorry if you feel insulted that wasn't my intention . It's just I expected more from two players with your obvious experience and let's be honest skill level , especially as one of the reasons for a forum is to help "lesser" players. I wouldn't worry yourself about me ruining my reputation by admitting to reporting you , as you can see by my stats I don't have a reputation( although it is a work in process )
  9. You removed the names but your original post in what was your greatest gaming achievement of today there's a screenshot of the leaderboard , and you don't need to be a genius to work out who the amagi player is so yeah you did publicly statshame him . I am most certainly for real obviously you and I have a different interpretation of what an insult is like I said I say it as I saw it ...
  10. Also what do you mean by showing gratitude ? What has that got to do with anything ? My original post was to call the two of you out for picking on someone who's unable to defend themselves . Believe me Ive way more important things to be doing than posting on this forum , and if you hadn't felt the need to stat shame someone publicly I wouldn't have posted at all.
  11. I don't remember insulting anyone I say it as i saw it . Also nobody started anything with you it was your mate who had the problem , so why did you feel the need to join in ? Ultimately making the situation worse but then again I suppose bullies need a sidekick to egg them on . Oh and by the way there is something very wrong with stat shaming someone ( although I see you have a history of that ) and then coming on the forum to brag about it ...
  12. Your clan members know what was said that's all that matters . But you can enjoy your popcorn to the chat log that was posted . I find the part about 65% winrate and the reply of XXXXXD LOL to be particularly snack worthy.... Good to see clan mates sticking together though well done !
  13. I was a witness to all this unfolding , and I find it strange that you've left out quite a lot of pertinent information from the chat log.i saw this situation as two self appointed so called "experts" bullying a admittedly worse player which I find to be a little pathetic. You can spin this as much as you want too make yourself look good, especially when the recipient of your stat shaming can't defend themselves. Oh and for your information I reported you and your mate for misbehaviour in chat.
  14. Not in a clan ? Why not are you mental ? Ever looked at ships like Stalingrad with envy ? Well we the European Rascals League are the answer to all your Problems ! It doesnt matter where your from so Long as you can speak passable English , and you would like to Play in a few clan battles in a relaxed enviroment. If so drop us a line Chris
  15. Ahoy there you salty sea dogs ! Want to join a clan that doesnt take its self "too" seriously ,where the main focus is having a good time in a friendly enviroment ? We are a fairly new clan with members fom all over Europe (official language is English) So if you think of yourself as a bit of a Seaman Staines or a Master Bates in Clan battles then drop us a line ! Thanks in Advance Chris