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  1. O3EE

    Air Supply premium container?

    15-20 non-premium - 0 ship mission 20 premium - only Edinburgh So yeah... "higher probability of granting access" is like higher than 0% Not recommended!
  2. O3EE

    Santa's gifts are here! Please, share your loot.

    I'm playing the game since 01.01 this year. Everyone said to me through the year: "Do not buy premium ships. Wait for santa containers. They are the best for getting premium ships!" I was so excited in the morning. And after that i saw you guys saying that 2017 was way better in ship chance Ffs :D I bought 20 mega... let's see... Edit: Out of 20 mega i've got: 200x (10 containers) New year camo 30x Leviathan 30x Wyvern 30x Scylla 5x Mosaic camo 6 ships: Monaghan T-61 Loyang Okhotnik Arizona Murmansk I guess the chances are not that bad... but jesus that 10 container worth of New Year camo :/ It's good and all, but... 200 of it? From mega? And if anyone playing DD's are probably rigged now, but sadly i'm not a DD player so... yeah. I've got Arizona at least (I don't even want to mention Murmansk, i just finished Soviet cruiser line... Kutuzov would be so much better :/).
  3. O3EE

    Best premium xp boost item

    Thank you guys! Yeah i know that i have to play randoms eventually, and i play it sometimes. I hope there will be nice events/discounts in the near future!
  4. O3EE

    Best premium xp boost item

    Thank you for the detailed answer! Unfortunately campaigns are only for random games, and the current scenario (Hermes) is only for French ships (i have Germans only). I already done with "Science of victory" 1-2, and now doing 3. But that's just gives you 5-10 signals each (per task), which will run out quickly :( That's why i wanted to have something closer to permanent. My dilemma is Pi day or Womens day camo or the big signal pack. Oh and i can't afford to buy all :D Before someone points it out :) I can go with the big signal pack only, or the Pi day camo pack 200x, or the Womens day 50x pack 3x :/
  5. O3EE

    Best premium xp boost item

    I have premium account already. I'm very far from rushing :D I'm not able to play so much, so i have to compensate with these premium things. I have 60-70 hours in the game since this january. I played 80-90% of my battles co-op, because i don't like dancing around the maps edge, and i get really upset when my teammates not helping each other, and playing for stats/self survive. That is strictly just my own opinion. I'm at Gneisenau (tier VII), so i have to gather 120 or 130.000 xp to gain access to Bismarck. Thats gonna be a really, really long time for me :) Usually i'm just playing for the fun, not for HC battles and stats. And i want to experience/try CA-DD lines too, because i like torpedo gameplay as well. But as you probably know, co-op battles gives you much less xp than random. I play randoms too nowadays (because xp reasons), but i play co-op more. So the woman's day camo is the best choice?
  6. Hello all! I just wanted to ask, what is the best option in premium store now, to boost my xp? Recently i bought "The sailmaker's deal" pack, but i'm running out of it (and it was just 50% boost anyway). :( I tought that i'm gonna buy the full flag package, but it's containing too much non economic flags. Not worth the price (for me at least). I just want to boost my xp the best i can. Base and free xp too. So my next thought was to buy "Woman's day" camo, but it's just in (max. of) 50 package. And i'm not sure worth to buy like 4 of them for 40+ eur. :/ Next option is "Viva La france" camo in 200 package for 30 eur or so. But it's just adds 75% boost if i recall that correct. It's a pity that there is no flag packages like "Red Dragon" or "Ouroboros" :( What is your best suggestion guys? I don't have exact money limit, but i don't want to spend (waste) too much (pointless) money either. Thanks for your suggestions! O3EE