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  1. Vbeest

    Brandenburg or Tirpitz

    Don't have either of them, but from paper stats it is clear that Brandenburg's guns are nothing like Scharnhorst's - Scharn should overpen much less...
  2. Vbeest

    I rather fight Sub's

    For a misplayed Halland, perhaps.
  3. Vbeest

    subs literally extract the fun out of the game

    3) But I will post here just this one last time. Sure. The problem is, the game is apparently dying. Yet, the auction price for having an early access to a silver ship reached... How much? 80 Euro or something (25 k dubs)? You will get missile ships in two years from now max. Small fast as hell missile boats with 30 km guided armament, 40 knots speed and 3.5 km concealment. Mark. My. Words.
  4. Vbeest

    Auction : The Lighthouse

    Nominal purchase cost for those T11s will be nothing compared with their upkeep costs. They will be the ultimate credit sinks (something WG should have done for T10s, but they did not, so they have now battle queue tier-wise of metacentric height similar to Takao with sumo captain at the highest deck).
  5. Vbeest

    Auction : The Lighthouse

    Not just a silver ship, but a pure invention of WG, which even looks bad. I mean, come on, the existence of casemates is one thing that already looks ridiculous. But the placement of those casemates - I mean, they have learned sometime around 1915 that you don't place them like that in the warship design... Anyway, thank you guys for paying for this game, so I don't need to. Have subs in return for your generosity!
  6. Vbeest

    Auction : The Lighthouse

    9k... filthy capitalist! Doublons have been interned and will be redistributed to Proletaryat.
  7. Vbeest

    YOLO'ing sub games

    Do it twice or thrice and from pink you will turn orange. Do it, get yourself an even cooler color.
  8. The Blyska and "Hipper" graphics may be just that - some semi-accurate graphics, not following in-game models. I doubt they would introduce some new variants of the existing premiums. Even copy-pasting seems to be quite exhausting for the Bloatware Developers from WG. Also, the Blyska on the contemporary photo has post-war Russian 100 mm guns. If anything, I would rather expect the wartime variant with British 102 mm guns.
  9. These are also not accumulated, you just receive two at once, every month (AFAIR).
  10. Vbeest

    First Khaba, then GK...........Next Mogami?

    Interesting that such ideas are supported by players. It is nothing pro-player, to have interesting ships as premium/special ships. It is shifting interesting, valuable content away from F2P content. But then again, if players were even a bit aware, the game would not look like it looks now... They are potato-ing in battles equally as they do in life. On topic - Mogami is the only IJN cruiser somehow interesting in the entire line. As WG, sure I would rather see you paying for it.
  11. Vbeest

    Camo rework announced

    If this is not outrageously opposed by the playerbase - then WG will know they can do anything they want...
  12. NO, this is NOT how it works! Both commander XP and FXP are tied to the primary XP. The commander XP is boosted through "ship bonuses" by the total XP earned for the match with all bonuses included (that means a camo with +50% XP gives also +50% commander XP). FXP is always the 5% of the total XP, again counting all bonuses in. So a camo with +50% Commander XP and +50% FXP is not better than a simple camo with +50% XP (and in fact misses the +50% ship XP).
  13. Seeing how all the cyclic events evolve, this is probably the last anniversary with SCs...
  14. Vbeest

    Get subs (and cvs) out of ranked.

    Oh god, please no. Just no reports, these ruin peoples' lives...
  15. Vbeest

    Get subs (and cvs) out of ranked.

    Remove also cruisers and destroyers, while you're at it. Seriously though, I'm rolling of laugh right now, seeing how you have now not just one but two classes to hate, LOL