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  1. Soviet Union was politically isolated at that time and it was not a signatory of the Washington treaty. The terms 'light' and 'heavy' cruisers were entirely legal ones, and simply did not apply to SU.
  2. Vbeest

    [POLL] Will you buy the "Premium Battle Pass"?

    You mean that another port queen? Already have few freemiums such as Strasbourg, which is not even worth taking into Operations. The fact that a ship has a NOMINAL value in doubloons does not make it worth this amount just like that. Thanks, but no thanks.
  3. Vbeest

    So, the Malta is coming...

    The rocket planes are definitely not better than Audacious ones, at least not against DDs.
  4. Sadly, would not work well (or even not at all) in randoms. Recently played Graf in operations this way (some 20 battles), as bots tend to ignore you entirely if they just have a line of sight on any target with lower hp. Graf can dish out astonishing damage if allowed but also melts very quickly when focused. Which would happen in any reasonable play against human players.
  5. Vbeest

    Belfast coming back..... In AUCTION?!

    Guess 30k for Belfast. What was the wining amount for Musashi?
  6. Vbeest

    Textures flickering (started today)

    The standard client does not allow to customize airplane crosshair. I am now sure that it is some bug, as on torpedo-equipped ships, the torpedo marker displays only the white center line (no cone boundary lines appear).
  7. Vbeest

    Textures flickering (started today)

    Can confirm - had the same problem, update of AMD driver fixed it. However, funny thing, it seems that the airplane (CV) crosshairs changed - for example, the torpedo bombers only have horizontal line (without the inverse triangle mark), dive bombers have no line around the eliptic area designating the bomb drop area, etc. Could someone check if he is seeing the same in his/her client? Thanks.
  8. Vbeest

    About AA...

    And to add even more, salvos from surface ships are also unstoppable... Unplayable!
  9. Vbeest


    Dude, can't you just use HE in your Schlieffen? Then you should see some damage inflicted at least...
  10. Vbeest

    Make Karma Great Again!

    For anyone older than 12, there is no better commemoration for a CV game than -2 from enemies seen after battle. -3 is much more of an achievement and quite rare, I got one for 8 kills in Hakuryu - my max, btw. I should print the screenshot and hang it over my monitor.
  11. Vbeest

    Schnellboot S-100

    OP was asking whether we will have it, not if we want to have it. Besides, it's not up to us to decide but the guys that spend thousands in premium store (lol, just saw a thread on Maya, short summary: "terrible ship" but "must buy" in the second sentence. Yes, you will have dragons here at some point).
  12. Vbeest

    Schnellboot S-100

    Of course, as this game is solely based on content addition in order to stay afloat, we will eventually have everything here, including elves, dragons and dwarfs. In relation to this, motor boats will be here quite soon, with top tiers probably being guided missiles boats. And no, not joking here (bar the elves part) - I am dead serious.
  13. Vbeest

    First steel ship?

    Roosevelt cries in the corner... EDIT: @tocqueville8 (post #12) - sorry, did not see your post at the moment of typing the above