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  1. Please can you figure out issue with textures on camouflage Infernal for Sov.Soyuz ship. Compare to the similar camouflage on Moskva ship (or other), there are clear issues with textures or model. Missing cranes models from the Boat Bay and some details on the exhaust chimney. That issue is not just with my ship. I spoke to guys with the same issue on Sov.Soyuz. Please view issue on the following screenshot: On that screenshot you can see that there is no added details on the exhaust chimney (compared to other ships with that camouflage). And also there are crane models missing (only few pieces of model hanging in the air). If you can, it would be great to sort that out. I hope it is not too much trouble for you. Or i would like to remove that camouflage from this ship, and move it to another tier 9 instead. Thank you