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  1. AmiralPotato

    Clan battle divisions not getting full

    Would disagree with that. Forcing newish players to grind T10 too soon just to be able to try clan battles doesn't seem a great idea to me. As you said, it's up to each clan to decide who will take part. It' not like random/ranked where you don't get to choose your team. Also some clans struggle to get the 7 people already, I don't think shutting them off from CB would benefit the game overall.
  2. AmiralPotato

    Santa's gifts are here! Please, share your loot.

    Yeah, the development of loot boxes :D (I agree with the general point of supporting the game though, I just prefer to know in advance what I'm giving money for)
  3. AmiralPotato

    Santa's gifts are here! Please, share your loot.

    This is a lottery, plain and simple. Obviously no refunds. Personaly I'll just wait for discounts on the ships I want.
  4. AmiralPotato

    Missing PT rewards

    Got them yesterday evening ;-)
  5. AmiralPotato

    All the things wrong with the Black Ships

    With each black ship you get a set of 10 missions with 250 doubloons each, which require playing with the NON-BLACK version of the ship. I would have bought the permacamo, but rebuying the same ship ? No thanks.
  6. AmiralPotato

    New "Storm condition" totally suck

    Same here a few days ago. That was actually quite interesting. And pretty :D I admit I like these little variations (cyclone, snow, whatever) in random battles. They don't happen too often and break the monotony (just like epicenter in fact :D) Edit: I was in a DD. Maybe indeed these are harder for cruisers. Don't know if something could be done to alleviate that.
  7. AmiralPotato

    How good is the Tirpitz now

    Maybe not a buff, but a bit more differentiation from Bismarck could be interesting, since both ships are quite close in specs now.
  8. AmiralPotato

    B-Ships+Personal Missions Bug ?

    Well, to be fair with OP, he's not the only one to be upset with this. (by the way, OP, there was no need to open a new thread, several others already mention the same thing)
  9. AmiralPotato

    Tier 8 MM after the change. Poll included.

    Great... Could you please consider quitting T8 ships completely, if you're going to ruin your team half the time ? Thanks.
  10. AmiralPotato

    Oficial thx to wows admins

    Well, your first sentence is pretty clear: you played worse than a bot and made your bot team lose. As for the second, you'll probably want to draw your own conclusions.
  11. AmiralPotato

    Some love for the Derpitz maybe?

    Without going as far as a buff, it would be nice to make the Torpitz a bit more different from Bismarck. Scharnhorst for instance brings some variation from Gneisenau.
  12. AmiralPotato

    Please do something about tier 8 matchmaking

    Well, what about T11 and T12 battles ? I recall some posts dismissing the idea but without actually explaining why.
  13. AmiralPotato

    T8 BB's in T10 games, an idea for survival.

    From the wiki: http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Fire Ship Tier Fire Resistance Coefficient (Stock Hull) Fire Resistance Coefficient (Top Hull) Fire Resistance Coefficient Tier I 1.0000 N/A Tier II Tier III 1.0000 0.9667 Tier IV 0.9334 0.9001 0.8002 Tier V 0.8668 0.8335 Tier VI 0.8002 0.7669 Tier VII 0.7336 0.7003 Tier VIII 0.6670 0.6337 Tier IX 0.6004 0.5671 Tier X 0.5338 0.5005 The chance to set fire for a single high explosive shell (or aircraft bomb) hitting a section is calculated by the following formula: [Fire Resistance Coefficient] x ( 1 - [Damage Control Modification 1] - [Fire Prevention] ) x ( [Projectile Base Fire Chance] + [Demolition Expert] + [Signals] - [Inertial Fuse for HE Shells]) = Fire Chance
  14. AmiralPotato

    [WTF?NO!] "We Truly Follow No Orders" recruits!

    (wrong forum :p)