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  1. AmiralPotato

    Write here your biggest everyday annoyance when in WOW

    1. WG 2. players
  2. On the other hand, since it would likely indicate that some skills are basically crap and/or bugged, we can understand why WG is not eager to give this information. Still, what a waste of a good game.
  3. AmiralPotato

    Reactive Play vs Strategic: Ship Choices

    Quite interesting. Can you elaborate a bit on the T9-10 change and how it translates to gameplay ? As someone who struggled a lot when reaching higher tiers and did not find it particularly rewarding to try and get better, I'd like to understand better if/how this was related to some intrinsic shift in ships characteristics. Edit: you can PM me if you feel this would clutter the thread
  4. AmiralPotato

    Detonations. A poll to help WG hear the player base

    Spot on, sadly.
  5. AmiralPotato

    idiots in gam,e

    And of course, hidden stats
  6. Interesting indeed. Hoping for some official comment on this.
  7. AmiralPotato

    I like the new captain skill changes

    Sigh. So glad I finally uninstalled this pile of crap a few days ago, nevermind the 30 days of premium from SC... They are hopeless.
  8. AmiralPotato

    The gospel of Femennenly

    Absolutely spot on. They are basically a bunch of amateurs who got really lucky. The bosses probably never expected, and still can't believe how much easy money they are making out of this. For them it's all 'Holy crap, look at those whales. Take the money and run' Once you keep that in mind you won't be surprised by anything WG does, and you can plan your involvement with the game accordingly. Because let's face it, we are not going to change them. Nothing can, except a strong competitor game in this particular niche.
  9. AmiralPotato

    Subs News...

    That reminds me of another game. World of whatwasitagain ?
  10. AmiralPotato

    O dear god they buffed the Dutch airstrike

    Yes, the flak part will obviously be a huge difference with real players. Still the test may be useful to rate the overall AA of ships between themselves, to have a first idea of which ones deserve further investigation. I'll try a few and see how it goes
  11. AmiralPotato

    O dear god they buffed the Dutch airstrike

    Well, we always have this question regarding AA, unless you div with a CV ;-) Still, I think it's worth knowing if some specific ships can actually be specced effectiveley for AA. Then you can decide if the cost is worth it
  12. AmiralPotato

    O dear god they buffed the Dutch airstrike

    Interesting. Can I test this in the training room, or is the experiment pointless against a bot cv ? Better yet, can you somehow infer the effectiveness from the AA 'stats' of the ship ?
  13. AmiralPotato

    Can we have a few more minutes in Raptor Rescue?

    Having one or more tugs in the Op team whose role would be to drag Raptor across the map while staying alive with their glorious 10k hp or so would actually be pretty fun :D Unfortunately never gonna happen, WG being complete donkeys when it comes to PVE (ok, to be honest everything apart from pretty art and whale-milking, but this is particularly obvious for PVE content)
  14. AmiralPotato

    [Poll] Are you playing "The Brawl" ?

    The rewards (xp and credits per battle) seem quite low in this mode. Did they just take the formulas for normal randoms with no adjustment for the reduced team size (overall 5vs5 means less damage, kills etc than 12vs12) ?