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  1. AmiralPotato

    Getting reported just for playing submarine?

    Indeed, it's not the same. A player bringing a cv in coop is fine, the planes from the bot cv are free credits. A player bringing a sub in coop brings a damn bot sub that is annoying as hell. I never reported a cv in coop, I certainly did for subs, so that may be one of the reasons.
  2. AmiralPotato

    Guinea pigs against submarines

    As said before. The people in charge will look at only one thing: numbers, be it server population or revenue. As long as you keep paying, or even just playing, it does not matter what you say (well, particularly strong uproars will lead to a bit of PR damage control, but nothing else).
  3. AmiralPotato

    What to do against Subs

    Well, sadly the only true sub-proof option is simply to not enter the game modes with subs in them. Works with CVs and superships as well. Added benefits: frees up time for other leisure activities, and does wonders for you blood pressure.
  4. AmiralPotato

    What are your favourite scenario ships?

    Good old Flint and Scharn for Narai. For T6 DeGrasse is great, can be played either with casual standard pvp setup or more try-hard lighthouse pve build. Perth is not bad either. Molotov works too but requires more effort. If you really dislike cruisers, Aigle is suprisingly good in Ops for a DD. Warspite is strong but slow, PEF guns felt a bit weak, same for Dunk, Repulse felt undergunned as well, sold all four (yeah yeah, I know :D). I'm still looking for a good T6 BB for Ops, that can reasonnably carry without feeling like a chore. Novorossi is in trials now, trying to escape the scrapyard :D CVs can be nice, but I dont play those so I can't really comment on them.
  5. AmiralPotato

    Fun tier 6 premium ships for operations?

    Congrats ! I was going to suggest DeGrasse as well, a very solid choice for Ops, good regular performance on all of them even playing casually. Just dont get greedy and killed too soon. I tend to save the engine boost for disengaging if getting focused too much, or repositionning if needed for the objectives. You can't really go wrong with the captain skills, either go the lighthouse way for PvE as @Capn_Redwolf mentioned, or a bit more careful. GF, DE, AR then TGG probably for a start. Then depending on how you find the survivability, you can decide if you want Heavy HE / CE or not. A more PvP build works great as well, I often use my SaintLouis captain, so dont worry too much ;-)
  6. AmiralPotato

    canarias , extremely useless

    Glad to see some people enjoy her. I sold her after a few tries in Ops. Then I admit I tend to heavily favor light cruisers in those, especially DeGrasse.
  7. AmiralPotato

    Let us discuss the minimap rotation

    Isn't there a mod that lets you adjust transparency of the minimap ? Maybe at max it removes it altogether ?
  8. Aw crap. I really like Cap. Well, no big deal, back to the original icons I guess.
  9. Not saying the one-ship-max rule is perfect, but it felt like a small improvement, since I doubt we will get proper balancing at any point. No Cvs, no subs, no supercrap, ever. Another possibility would be a smaller selection of authorized ships to give a distinct flavour to each season. Out of the blue, say only light cruisers (<= 152 mm guns) in cruiser slots, only specific nation or groups of nations, etc It'a all rhetorical though, since the vast space of what could be done is only (over)matched by Wg's greed and lack of competence as a game developer. (I mean, they're pretty damn good at milking clueless whales, I give them that, but this is not what I call a game developer)
  10. Well, the 'one ship of each kind max' rule could be made a permanent feature of CBs.
  11. AmiralPotato

    No prima aprilis mode or anything?

    Yep, I'm pretty sure the lone intern assigned to dev has had his plate full for quite some time.
  12. Hi there. Did you change the (comics) Cap portrait with a realistic one :D ?
  13. AmiralPotato

    Please fix the poor bots

    They. Don't. Care.
  14. Just met @SnuSnu_RIP in battle. Let's say the encounter between my benson and his cossack div-mate did not go as well as I would have liked :D See you around !
  15. The problem is T9, which used to be relatively spared by CVs and could only be -1 bottom tier.