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  1. AmiralPotato

    Operation Defense of Naval Station

    I think it's impossible to balance an operation both for a random team and a div knowing what they do. The overall efficiency gap between the two is huge. Ironically, WG had the good idea a long time ago: easy and hard mode. A pity they never did it, considering the resources they waste on, let's say questionable developments.
  2. AmiralPotato

    bots invasion

    Indeed. These money rewards were really a stupid idea. Who the hell is making decisions at WG lately ?
  3. AmiralPotato

    Bismarck uptired every game

    Well, the obvious reason is: encourage players to grind through T8 then T9 and finally be the top dogs at T10. Ofc, paying premium account to reduce the pain, and T10 permacamos to enjoy the constant top tiering :D A side effect was that the T8 misery caught up with all the premium T8, which is probably why WG started selling T9 premium instead.
  4. All rentals are below 45% WR, what a surprise :D
  5. AmiralPotato

    Clan Brawl

    Wasn't it supposed to be 6 vs 6 at some point, or am I confusing with the next Clan Battles ? Also, what are the *detailed* rewards ? (saying you can earn "up to ..." is pretty useless for most players)
  6. AmiralPotato

    The World of Warships ModStation!

    I guess I have my answer. And by the way, how long til these basic quality of life mods are included properly in the game itself ?
  7. AmiralPotato

    Dynamic Crosshairs how do they work?

    Interesting indeed. The almost constant time for stalingrad is remarkable. Your graphs also show that predicted and actual values are close around 15km range. This is consistent with the rumor that the dynamic crosshair is calibrated at 15km and you have to adjust for closer/farther ships. I wonder what the results would be with the static crosshair ?
  8. Incidentally, it feels silly weird to change the XP/modifiers of ships instead of changing their characteristics so that they perform a bit better/worse overall.
  9. Thx a lot ! Still, I'm amazed this modifier is not explicitely in the wiki formulas
  10. Ok. I can't seem to find mention of this ship_modifier in the wiki (except for premium ships, which I knew of) Does anyone have some official source ?
  11. Hi there. This announcement got me confused. Does it mean that each silver ship [now] has a specific XP/credits modifier ? As far as I know, premium ships have a +50% XP and some unknown, ship-dependent credit modifier. I thought silver ships were all the same in that regard. https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/game-updates/update-085-rogue-wave/#economics
  12. AmiralPotato

    Großer Kurfürst IFHE Secondary Build + Captain Skills

    Interesting. Do you have a link ?
  13. AmiralPotato

    CV Rework Discussion

    This. I've gone f2p since the rework, and honestly, no regrets.
  14. AmiralPotato

    Post CB season Captain respec when?

    Respec is free at the moment (retraining is not).
  15. AmiralPotato

    My Swan Song to World of Warships

    Nailed it. Some players will keep up paying even while complaining, some will definitely stop p(l)aying. The sad truth is that, if the income generated by the never-ending new lines and loot-boxes offsets the loss from dissatisfied players, WG has no reason to change their ways. The *only* thing they will listen to is the loss of revenue.