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  1. AmiralPotato

    Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    Had a battle against @Aotearas in his Ohio. It did not end well for the potato :D
  2. AmiralPotato

    Italian "Resolute and Rapid" Containers

    Wow, you guys are quick on the cash grab :D
  3. AmiralPotato

    ST - new German commander and test ships.

    I admit I dislike this new trend of captains with skills that activate under certain conditions. Improved skills are way better in my opinion. This game has enough RNG as it stands.
  4. AmiralPotato

    Chieftain Talks: the Hunt for Tirpitz

    These historical operations would be great as Ops in the game, unfortunately WG seems to care only for lootboxes now. Sad.
  5. I see your point, but is it really better to have WG "release OP ship, cash on it, and then in one year or so do nothing or try some more or less wonky global nerfs" ? In my opinion it should be stated clearly that ALL ships, premium or not, are subject to balancing. The contrary basically allows p2w, and has led us to a mess of OP ships removed from purchase, which is stupid.
  6. AmiralPotato

    Strongest AA for its tier

    You know, this actually sounds nice ! If only WG were not so stupidly stubborn, they might even consider it :D
  7. AmiralPotato

    4 x CV’s in Tier X Battle

    That would be incredible. I guess chances are next to zero.
  8. AmiralPotato

    Remove Random bundles

    Strong logic here :D
  9. AmiralPotato

    Tired of all the firestarters

    There is some truth in that :D
  10. AmiralPotato

    Why are BBs hanging back and how to fix that?

    I think that 5 of anything except cruisers leads to bad, static games. More specifically, too many BBs ruin the life of cruisers, leading to BB vs DD matches which are not good, I agree with you here. I think this is what started the class unbalance mess we have today. (but I joined only in 2018, so I might be biased here) I am under the impression that cruisers are the only class who may number rather high without completely ruining the battle dynamics. I would be really curious to see how random battles with a hard cap of 1CV, 3BB, 3DD (so at least 5 cruisers) would turn out. For instance, CB have more or less become the only time when I play cruiser, due to the low BB cap (and I was NOT thrilled about the recent 2BB mode that allows BB crossfire). But yeah, it's down to personal opinion, and maybe the caps proposal above would turn terrible. I don't know Ps. As for WG, we all know the answer: they get more cash from BBs. And be assured this is the only reason, no matter what they say.
  11. AmiralPotato

    Battle of Midway

    This would make for such a great Operation. You know, if WG actually cared.
  12. AmiralPotato

    Why are BBs hanging back and how to fix that?

    Well, many BB captains seem to believe they should be able to murder other classes without any fear of retaliation. Because reasons :D For these ANY kind of threat just becomes an excuse for long range camping. Hard to work around that. And 5 BB per team is just too much.
  13. AmiralPotato

    Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    Just has a nice battle with @beercrazy in his Kaga, who saved my fat Freddy stern from an infiltrated z46. Thanks :D
  14. AmiralPotato

    Warhammer 40k Collaboration ?

    Games workshop used to have this old manowar game by the way ;-) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Man_O'_War_(game)
  15. AmiralPotato

    Warhammer 40k Collaboration ?

    They need more red paint though. 'cause red goes faster :D