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  1. martin035

    Udaloi - Captain skills and Upgrades

    Due to the present CV Meta I went for an AA spec As you can see, it's not to bad at shredding planes
  2. martin035


    I never hunt the CV, as there normally always at the far edges of the map and that takes you away from the main battles causing a lose of firepower or spotting for the team. If a CV does pop up unexpectedly Infront of me, then if I feel I've got a chance I will attack but this will give my position away to the red team who will try to defend their CV and focus me down, sometimes it's best just to spot and call in fire support as your CA/BBs just luv to sink a CV.
  3. martin035


    Ffs need to pull my finger out, my record is 52 in my Nicholas. Aye the IJN torp boats are brutal to play at the moment but the IJN gun boats ain't to bad.
  4. martin035

    Fellow DD players...

    Exactly, and with the amount of kaga's, graf Z's, enterprise's and Saipan's I've seen over the past couple of days WG must be well happy with the meta/profits. However, that does make tier 6-9 more difficult due to the amount of premiums, making 2x CVs per team more common, but not impossible.
  5. martin035

    Fellow DD players...

    First thing I do now in a DD is look behind me to see what cruisers I've got for support then 3/4 speed to the cap, always keeping a nice distance between me and the CL/CAs, once I know where the planes are I then scout ahead more. Mistakes I keep making, changing zones turns your AA on, whoops that's you detected. Or going straight from one game to another and forgetting to turn your AA off at the start, whoops that's you detected again. I'll learn the hard way....
  6. martin035

    2 CV focussing on a single CV works...

    The 2 CV per team teamwork tactic can really hurt if the CV captains know what there doing, saw it today 4 CVs & 4 DDs in a domination match, I DD headed to the A cap the other DD headed to the C cap, thinking 1 CV will come my way the other to the other cap, was very wrong when I saw the other poor DD getting pounce on by both CVs, didn't take long for them to remove him from the game. Luckily for me they stayed on that sided of the map and moved on to the next victim.
  7. martin035

    t3 aa and secondary balance needs reviewed.

    Agreed, but they don't lose any/many planes in those attacks so enjoy the experience and get a taste for CV play. If however, their planes were to get shredded in the first attack with no rewards then said CV player would give up the grind to T6 as to frustrating.
  8. martin035

    t3 aa and secondary balance needs reviewed.

    Unfortunately WG want T4 CV players to enjoy their experience and develop their skills at this level and not be put off by strong AA ships, all this at your expense, so that they progress quite happily to T6 and maybe even purchase a premium CV.
  9. martin035

    4 carrier battles at high tier

    As a DD player, seen that a lot recently, enemy CVs dropping fighters to keep you spotted, but also seen an increased number of friendly CV players dropping fighters above you, especially if you're in the cap to give you some protection. Also seen CV team play increasing in a lot of games, when the rework came out the CV would find the first DD with his rocket planes and just blast it and repeat with bombers against the same DD, now a lot fly past you and reccy the next cap, giving lots of intel to the team, before coming back to blast you haha.
  10. I like it when the T10 rentals come out and WG also runs a upgrade discount weekend, good for stocking up on upgrades for the future on the cheap, especially those slot 5 & 6 upgrades. All the upgrades get dismounted and sent to the inventory for free when the rental expires ready for your future ships.
  11. martin035

    Re-build 17-point DD commander?

    That's happened to me a few times in my RL equipped shima, normally when I'm heading from one cap to another, RL bearing points to where you expect the enemy ships then bam RL points 180° to a position well past our lines, quick ping on the map to make the BBs change direction followed by a reccy and oh look one sneaky enemy DD
  12. martin035

    Exeter - Last stage

    7 achievements: KGV - dreadnought, fireproof & arsonist + a Lightning detonation haha 750k: chaining Icarus & Lightning in co-op 3 kills: Lightning in co-op, shocked really only took 3 battles 20 citadels: Fiji in co-op
  13. martin035

    Help me Shimakaze

    Exactly powercreep hasn't been to kind to the Shima but it still has something most other DDs don't, a 'wall of skill' and a very lower detection range, use these to your advantage. Most higher tier BB/CA players will WASD hack as soon as their detected, so unless their obviously steaming in a straight line don't use the torp aimer, think if they turn to the left where will they be, then put your torps there, each salvo side by side, you may not get a dev strike but should land a couple. Don't YOLO use your detection range and plan an escape route, ie if I go left at the island coming up and then get jumped/radared the island hinders my escape, safer to go right, longer in time to get around but you might live longer if the you do get jumped. Good luck and happy hunting.
  14. martin035

    Most underrated cruiser?

    +1 When the CV rework got released and DD numbers dropped overnight, the Huanghe became the new DD, stealthy enough to spot but capable of shredding any planes that attacked her. One of the best £7 I've spent on a premium ship in a long time.
  15. martin035

    Help me Shimakaze

    Planes can be a pain in the arse, try not to make a b line from spawn to the cap, that's the first place a good CV captain searchs, also use the 'P' button to disable your AA as this can give your location away at 5k, smoke once detected by planes with AA still off, early on in the game a CV ain't gonna wait around for your smoke to go to get you when there's loads of other targets to get, only use AA if caught with no smoke or late on when he might wait around, also keep moving in your smoke for the torp danger from other dds. Captain skills, I don't have EM or BFT I use RPF this gives you a heads up on the position of the nearest target and the majority of the time if you can't detect it, it's an enemy DD, time to flood the area with torps and move away, the more you use RPF the better you get, use YouTube video as a tutorial. I also don't use smoke screen expert, as I just use smoke to cover an escape and not to camp in, I prefer the extra points in survivability expert. I use the 12k torps, great for smashing radar cruisers that you flank without getting radared. Speaking of which learn your radar ranges and duration US CL, US CA, US/UK premium and russian and how to bait them into using it, ie keep just in their radar range then once radared use the 6 seconds to move out of radar range before everyone targets you. Also keep an eye on the mini map if a radar crusier is detected by CV or another DD remember his location and certain locations on certain maps where radar crusiers love to camp, ie an island next to a cap. T10 is expensive, unless you have a premium account, do lots of damage or have flags/cam to counter the costs, unfortunately it's a way of WG life.