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  1. martin035

    Is There a way take back sold unique upgrade?

    Research Bureau if you have enough points
  2. martin035

    kamikaze & fujin owners pls look here

    Got my Kami from a Supercontainer, makes a change from RNG giving me a 100x det flags
  3. martin035

    Penalty for Ships dying in the first 2-3 minutes

    Easy for DD then, for the 1st 3 mins of the game I would just move at 1/4 speed to the cap I don't wanna get an early death penalty punishment for making a mistake. All you BBs & CAs can do your own spotting and capping.
  4. Well been playing subs game mode a couple of days now, started with the obvious DDs to counter them, then CLs to see how they cope and then grind a few Tier 6 CLs to Tier 7 using the cruel sea bonus XP. Also BBs for the lol's The bots are ruining this game mode, the 2 things I've seen happening is either bot DDs yolo to their death and that's you lost your counter to subs or your bot CL/BB opens fire on your friendly DD making a waterbomb run cos he's spotting the sub and unfortunately over the sub, worst thing is the sub is at 40+ meters so those shells can't hit any sub but obliterates the DD instead again losing your counter to the sub.
  5. martin035

    Submarines poll

    The thought of CVs been finally accountable gives a big Yes from me
  6. martin035

    Sub tactics.....

    That's one tactic I've seen numerous times in my DD, I'm heading towards a sub and the sub is heading towards me, surfaces and fires a volley of Torps at me, my DD is thin enough to fit between the volley and at worse I'll eat 1 torp, he will then end up eating 2 rounds of depth charges and been dev struck. However, sometimes he will stay surfaced and end up ramming each other, good time to invest in Hotel Yankee flags.
  7. martin035

    Submarines - first impressions

    Agreed, In my Geupard all I need to do is speed boost to the sub location circle, within 1 km start depth charging, soon as it's reloaded depth charge again, shallow depths sub is Dev struck, if sub is deep there's still a good chance of a Dev strike, oh so easy. Only thing stopping me from killing the subs is the red team's cruisers if there's no cruisers then the subs are just XP pinatas.
  8. martin035

    Submarines - first impressions

    Did lol in the last battle, our CV located the red CV and one of our subs just sailed straight to where the red CV was, 2 pings later dev strike. Can see a lot of CV players getting very salty if subs are introduced into Random battles.
  9. martin035

    Submarines - first impressions

    Had a sub do this to me today, luckily I had enough health to survive the ram, it's an interesting tactic, think I'll start putting Hotel Yankee signals on my DD
  10. Why do players do that, you never know what's gonna happen until the game unfolds, made that mistake myself during ranked had 2x Belfast's on our team and thought even at the player lineup screen this is in the bag easy win, how wrong was I, the Belfast's went down in first 5 mins. The enemy team as the start must have thought the same as your DD player we've lost this but player skill and RNG make it a funny old game.
  11. martin035

    quite strange - cheater

    Your team must have had premium ammo.....
  12. martin035

    European DD's

    Mid tiers ain't the best but T8 to T10 are much better, lot more torps, better guns and concealment, their AA also causes big problems for the majority of average CV players but don't take it for granted as unicum CV players will still wreck you. Also at the begin of the game if your trying to cap enter the cap at an angle not bow first so if you are spotted it's a lot easier to disengage. And if you've had a good kicking, use your heals and don't feel pressured into re-engaging to soon better to use 2 heals than be dead because some BB is crying for intelligence data
  13. martin035


    Detonations, that RNG always likes to kick me in the pants at the most inopportune time
  14. martin035

    Why don't allow team up at Rank?

    Team up in ranked, wouldn't that be like clan battles???