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  1. martin035

    Poll: Drop chance of normal Italian cruiser container

    Just completed Directive 3 and in one of the 3 boxes was the mission for Raimondo Montecuccoli
  2. martin035

    Poll: Drop chance of normal Italian cruiser container

    Got the Trento from the 1st box after completing directive 2 Not the easiest of ships to play
  3. Bought 5 prem containers got 0 Completed Directive 2 and 1 of the ordinary boxes had the bonus mission for Trento Go figure
  4. martin035

    Ranked sprint tier 8 1v1?

    Good point, but both would have to be in the same vacinty, but if DD goes left CV goes right could give the DD a chance, don't get me wrong once spotted the DD is dead unless in a position to strike the carrier.
  5. martin035

    Ranked sprint tier 8 1v1?

    Kind of agree but with randoms the CV can normally work out the DDs position from either spawn, cap or the direction the CL, CA or BBs go in (leming train) With this 1v1 the CV will have a harder time finding the DD but via RPF the DD will know where the CV is, then it's a matter of who finds the other first.
  6. martin035

    Colision to be reviewed

    WG would have more complaints from that then the CV rework, potatoes will potatoe, but even if your good at map awareness, in a DD if you get radared and see the Priority target go up to 6 map awareness kinda goes out of the window, learned that myself both potatoeing and panic zigzagging into an island.
  7. martin035

    Ranked sprint tier 8 1v1?

    Any DD main worth his salt would just rush you and send you straight to see Davy Jones
  8. Warspite for me to, can't grumble it was for free
  9. From a random SC: Kamikaze Can't complain 😁
  10. martin035

    bots invasion

    Seen loads today, all the same thing, Tier 5/6 KMS CL, some random no meaning user name, no cam or signals and soon as the match starts they fire into the sea.
  11. martin035

    Current Sprint Season

    I ranked out with the Haida (19 matches), as long as I had the team support behind me, normally the first DD I spotted got atleast two volleys off me then whacked by the team and sunk, then turn and smoke before the other team realises what's happened and tries to whack me back, then rinse. Also think the Haida problem is the training of the captain, very hard to get a high point captain, most would prefer to use another nation and transfer a pre-existing 19 pointer over, to get the captain skill advantages that way.
  12. martin035

    Harugumo - overpowered main battery

    Harugumo + smoke = Torp Magnet