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  1. AkerJack

    what is the purpose having fighters ?

    The question is why during the attack planes are invincible...and why fighters take 15 seconds before they attack enemy planes? It is almost impossible to avoid air attack...and beyond impossible hurt russian planes. I'm not saying to remove CVS but at least make some balance...
  2. They don't care because they try things and play style that they are too scared to use in random or ranked otherwise it will affect their precious WR
  3. AkerJack

    Is this a new bug?

    Happened once to me a couple of years ago...passing next to an island, the camera got stuck on the island and the ship continued on her journey. I had to restart the client and the game but was too late of course. I checked the replay later on but nothing was showing, just a freeze of the game that lasted 1 second. I sent a ticket but they couldn't do anything.
  4. AkerJack

    This is too much

    There are different players that look for different rewards playing different modes, so WG put different missions. Just stick to what you want. You don't need to complete all of em.
  5. AkerJack

    How to Ohio

    Ohio accuracy is higher than Montana...I think she has tue second best accuracy after Yamato but pays a little the lack of guns and vertical dispersion is a bit of an issue. Georgia is faster but guns accuracy is way lower...you shoot a target from distance you let the shell go and start to pray. Ohio is a mid-close range ship with her secondary, you can't compare it with Thunderer that has other gimmicks and not even with montana that has a totally different pkay style.
  6. AkerJack


    Mechanics are still the same...use the detonation flags!
  7. That is another purpose of the RB, becayse there are players literally sitting on millions of FXP, and WG, I believe, wants them to spend them, like elite XP. Even regrinding over and over again Haru and Shima soon or later the xp will finish. At least I guess. I've got only 2 RB ships because I wanted them...and I re-grinded every time my Mino.
  8. It's simple RB have been introduced to reset kine and grind them again and make people get acquainted to low tiers play style, which in some case is good even if bypass the actual grinding is an easy task. If you put RB in the daily missions people will start not to grind again and you will get people with T10 ships without having any remote idea on how to play them...and of these people we are already flooded. We saw what happen with the great idea of super-ships given away for free... let's try not to make the same mistake.
  9. Maybe you are talking about the upgrade to be bought with coal that gives 20% more radar duration...because the UU gives DM improves the maneuverability...just saying.... If you had to nerf, by force as there is nothing to nerf in that ship, DM you should have nerfed something else...
  10. DM radar nerfed...like it is not enough complicated playing with her. Just..WHY?
  11. AkerJack

    Epicentre needs to go.

    What happens in Epicenter happens also in other modes... But I never liked Epicenter...finally is going away!
  12. AkerJack

    change everything about the game

    I believe that the solution for you is to change game...
  13. No, today they announced the separation between camouflage and economics for all ships https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/161140-separating-economic-bonuses-from-visual-customizations-db-318/
  14. The company made some strategic changes that doesn't affect the game mechanics and MM. In Naval Battles you can have opponent clans from all over the 4 servers...