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  1. I gave it a 3. My personal reasons for the score: - Over-emphasis on CVs and not wanting to challenge the players who main/play them. I am completely fine with CVs as a concept. Hell, I even started playing the game in the first place because of RTS CVs. But the unwillingness to actually balance them/making them fun to play against is frustrating. A good example (in my opinion) is the change to rocket planes. I love the fact that once you go into the strike you cannot move your planes around anymore. (almost like every other class in the game can't move their shells mid-air) But the fact that they had to make the planes COMPLETELY immune during that phase is baffling. They could've done something like 50% damage reduction if they had to add in something as compensation. And this change, in practice, for me, makes CVs even less fun to play against as now your already ineffective mid-short range AA is even less valuable. - New ships being over-reliant on gimmicks and it being detrimental to the entire package instead of being additive. Good example: The new Dutch cruisers (specifically the T8-10 ones) On paper, They should be very good and fun to play: Big guns, Good armor, Amazing AA. But in reality because they get the airstrike their guns get completely gimped as to where they are really only there for show. Now, this wouldn't be that bad if the airstrike were actually consistent to land and did reliable damage. But it doesn't. It has good burst potential, On someone who is passed out on top of their keyboard because they partied and drank too much a couple of hours ago. And so instead of balancing the airstrike so that it does less damage but comes down faster so you can get more hits reliably. Instead they just gimp the guns because you have the potential to nuke someone. Not very good game design in my opinion. - Lack of variety in game modes/objectives/maps. Honestly this one's relatively easy to fix. You hire a game designer with a crazy imagination and problem solved right? Apparently not. As we haven't gotten anything new for years. Only recently have they started experimenting with asymmetrical battles and the super-battleship one. But there should be a new game mode at least every other patch. Even if it's not good. At least try to make something interesting and engaging. And who knows, maybe one is so good it will even be added into random battles. - Wargaming's attitude. This one is baffling to me. Personally I haven't seen a game developer themselves be a main reason of why a game sucks. Now of course there are games where the developer makes bad decisions and screw over the game. But usually that isn't a routine thing. But with Wargaming? It seems to be. At least to me. They seem to be more focused on getting short-term profits rather than long term profits. They seems to be focused on getting everything they can out of their community rather than growing it. I stress though, that it seems like it. Whether they intend to or not. It's the perception I and (from what I know) a lot of other people have as well. They constantly seem to be blaming the community for not understanding a change/decision they made. Or similar bad communication. Going to list a couple of more minor reasons without going in-depth on them: - Under-tiering of certain ships. (artificially gimping stats and performance because they have to fit into that one tier without the possibility of changing it) - Completely fictional ships/ non-realistic modifications - Commander rework and the insane amount of xp needed to get to 21 - No free respeccing of commanders. Which limits build diversity, because why try to experiment with a wacky build when it'll cost you more than 100k elite commander xp or actual money to change it if it doesn't work out? - The over-performance of fires. - Non historical ship models/loadouts for historical tech tree ships. - The British Battleship line. Feel like this was a bit too long haha. But anyway. That's my reasoning.
  2. CaptainWolf11

    ARP Maya and other copy-paste collab ships

    The thing with the Harekaze is that you got a normal premium camo with it. (Like the one you can buy for the Kagero) So if someone didn't like the base camo they could just swap it out of a more realistic one. Same goes with most anime collabs. If you disable anime content in the game most of the camos will just turn into normal premium camos.
  3. CaptainWolf11

    ARP Maya and other copy-paste collab ships

    WG recently has made collabs very friendly to people who don't like the source material. For example: the bonuses you get from the premium camo on your ship stay on even if you disable them. So if they DO make a unique collab ship it shouldn't matter if a person doesn't like what the collab entails as they can just disable everything to do with it (par from the name I guess) I'd like to know why this would be a "horrible idea". As an extra 1km secondary range doesn't break anything and only adds to the playstyles you can do with said ship. Want to actually meme and build a Kongo for secondaries? Now it's somewhat viable although suboptimal. Fun > min-maxing in my opinion. Again: they are making collabs more friendly to the people who don't care about them. Againt, example: If they made the Littorio actually look like the Littorio I bet a bunch more people would've bought it just to have the "Littorio". And the people who don't like the weeb camo just disable it. If you disagree with what I said please let me know. I'm always open to change my mind.
  4. So this is something that's been bothering me for a while. If you look at most collaboration ships I.E. All the ARP ships, AL Rom- Oh sorry Littorio and the Warhammer ships ect. Have all been pretty much copy-pastes of ships that were already in the game to begin with just with a different camo (most don't even have any visual model changes). And I can't help but think about the wasted potential or just the plane laziness when I look at most of them. For example, what if they made the Warhammer ships unique in the sense that they make them more secondary focused? (kind of what the Massachusetts is to the Alabama) Or what if they had fun with the ARP Kongos and made them all slightly different from one another? (One having more secondary range, the other having slightly more AA ect.) But no. Even when it comes down to just changing a few values to make them unique (I don't think a 0.1 sigma buff and 3sec longer reload is "unique". Although it's miles better than just a straight copy paste.) they can't be bothered for whatever reason. What happened to the HSF Harekaze style of collab premiums? Why didn't they make more of them? I love the fact that I can choose what kind of gun I can equip and makes it way more memorable. And now I come to the ARP Maya... I don't even know what to say. The Maya in ARP for anyone who doesn't know, has slightly altered superstructure and the C turret being removed. So what you see in-game as "ARP Maya" isn't even ARP Maya. It's just a Atago cosplaying as the ARP Maya. And I don't even know if I should call WGs decision here lazy as in WoWs Blitz there is a full and accurate Maya model in the game. This is what baffled me the most. They already have an accurate model of Maya and all they had to do was add on the ARP skin to it and add it into normal WoWs. So did they not even try or something? I'm at a loss for words as I'm very confused by the decision making that went on. Another ship that comes close to the Maya in my opinion is the AL Littorio. As it's 1: not even a Littorio. 2: The anime art in Azur Lane is more accurate to the real life ship than the WoWs version. (the art in AL has the two port side anchors there, doesn't have the raised nose and has the different bridge that the Vittorio Veneto and Littorio actually had.) and 3: The stats aren't even any different than from the Roma. They could've made her like the Warhammer ships with .1 more sigma but 3sec more reload at least. And I guess I'll end this post by asking; why? Why are WG so lazy/uncaring for their collab ships while in AL for example they add completely new ships. (With different non recycled art and unique skills) They could be making more money by actually making them unique to play. (as if you look at the number of battles for most of these collab ships they are near or are the least played ships on their tier) Either way, thanks for reading this post of the semi-frustration I have with the missed potential that these ships could have. And would love to read if anyone else feels the same way or if I maybe looked over something.
  5. CaptainWolf11

    How to get ARP Yamato ^^

    To be honest I'm more disappointed that they didn't even bother making ARP Maya accurate to what she actually looks like. (She has the 3rd turret from the front removed and a slightly altered superstructure) Rather than them selling ARP Yamato for doubloons. I guess they just can't be asked making unique ships for collabs. The only real "unique" ships they actually made for some were the Harekaze and Yukikaze (and Sov. Rossiya to an extent) Kinda makes me sad as some of these collab ships could've had cool gimmicks or be at least somewhat unique instead of just a premium copy of a tech tree ship. And I bet they'll also add the description: "This warships has been specially designed for World of Warships, and is modelled after Maya as she appears in "ARPEGGIO OF BLUE STEEL -ARS NOVA-"" Like they have with all the other ones even though it's just not true. Would it be that hard to just remove the 3rd frontal turret, change the superstructure a bit and then buff the reload since it has 2 less guns now. Would actually be kinda cool to have a (maybe) slightly higher DPM Atago with less alpha. But why would you do that when you can just make an inaccurate reskin, change nothing about the stats (kinda like the AL Littorio too) and sell that instead? Still hoping they will make future collab ships more like the Harekaze and Yukikaze so they actually have a unique flavor to them while playing.
  6. CaptainWolf11

    Ally voice lines for quick commands not playing

    Huh yeah, That appears to fix it. Weird. Hopefully WG will take notice and fix it though and not ignore it as not everyone is affected by it.
  7. So ever since update 0.9.6 ally voice lines stopped playing for whatever reason. I haven't really changed any sound settings apart from using Ultra quality now. What's also strange is that when a player is using a certain commander (be it the bad advice or some weeb commander) the voice lines DO work. So any advice on how to fix this or why it is happening would be appreciated. Things I've tried: Change back to High quality, Complete fresh reinstall, Change a bunch of volume levels in the audio settings. I also play on the steam version if that causes any issues. (even though I don't know why it would)