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    hahahahaha not at all *edit
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  4. i was playing a battle and just when the battle ended pc froze game client shut down and i was back to desktop. I restarted the pc and run again WOW. Login screen comes up and this time with no username and pass info (i keep them saved), plus it s in windowed mode instead of full screen as it was before the crash). I input my username, but when i try to input the password game client freezes and is not responding and have to close it through the task manager. Same thing happens if i try to go full screen from the options in the login screen. I've ran an antivirus scan and everything seems ok. Wtf is this?
  5. Ostria74

    If You Thought Wargaming Are Great...........

    Typical wg
  6. Ostria74

    lag in ranked + not loading support page

    I suffer too from lag during ranked. There s a lag between firing a salvo and the actual firing if the ship. I contacted support but wg is the shittiest company in the entire game industry so.......
  7. Onwhich website can you see this info?
  8. Ostria74

    Could we just delete the radar

    Νo, just l2p with radar and don t ask like a child to be treated like a princess.
  9. Soviet BBs incoming???? OMG the WG bias gave the moskba 50mm armor in the bow, so i assume soviet BB will have at least 999mm armor.
  10. Ostria74

    What ships do you think need buffs?

    Ibuki mogami are so fragile with an abysmal health pool they re a joke. Zao too but to a lesser extent.
  11. Ostria74

    Moskva (X) - fore + aft armor 50mm (!)

    Omg more WG russian favoritism...
  12. Ostria74

    Update 0.7.5 Bug Reports

    Sinde last patch my pc shuts down randomly when battle ends, before the battle results appear on the screen or when i quit to port. I contacted support and they instructed me to follow this: http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/566792-how-to-fix-application-error-0xc0000005/ unfortunately none of thise solved my prob which still persists. Anyone else experiencing similar problems with pc shutdowns?