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    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    A SPECIAL THANKS TO ...those that helped me improve my game, especially @ForlornSailor, @DFens_666, @NothingButTheRain (who often divved up with me), and at the rest of the bunch of forumites (yeah that's you too, @Riselotte) pointing me to things that I could do better and/or different. I knew it was there and finally broke the 100k barrier in that damn Monarch. But, at least a RN BB that has some sort of AP dakka... Here is (and yes, of course it is a defeat... working on that though...) the barrier bust of Monarch. Note the shameless exploit of two Derpitzes, well what can I say, and the 'calculated risk kamikaze' on Musashi (which didn't end well... ahhh dammit) Also thanks to the Cossack player, gave him a +1 for perfect spotting of Buffalo (he asked for assistance, was a one-shot wipe out). BOOMshakalaka! My_record_PBSB108-Monarch_44_Path_warrior.wowsreplay

    Four codes from Wargaming fest

    Worked, dunno what it will do yet... EDIT: so far, nothing happened, but it didn't explode anything either. Do you know what it is supposed to do?

    Minimum requirements

    It is not always the fastest PC that connects first though. When we play in division, the commander is always first and then the rest. But even the 3rd one is usually already fully loaded before the game starts.

    Minimum requirements

    That is probably the internet connection. We have three PCs here running WoWS, the first connects to the game in 5secs, the others a bit later. I tried to add 4, but indeed before that player enters the game the first one is already moving. I think: too much Pr0N downloading in background...

    Ships for T9 ranked

    I'm taking the Lion, should have it spaded by then. Full stealth build... and mega-heal.
  6. Couldn't help notice, as I am a biologist-chemical engineer... Santa lives on the north pole, right? Well... maybe somebody should note that penguins only live on the SOUTH POLE... Cheers Weegee!

    FIX the damn game

    Actually you can ignore them and they'll just be added automatically at the end of the day. True though, that dude rubbing the enormous ehh... thing does not excite me anymore either.

    premium ships

    In Coop it is good, but better not try randoms. Because there: - you will meet people that have LOTS of experience, that is how they got their T8 ships. - you will also have +2/-2 tier, so you get put in battle with Tier 10 ships as well.


    You mean, unless your teammates sink YOU or him first.
  10. BLUB__BLUB

    Minimum requirements

    I have an i5, my son has an i3. Both with 8GB memory DDR3, a GFX card with 4Gig (mine) and 2Gig (son). W7 (me) and W10 (son). Running from the normal HD drive (no SSD). Game runs perfectly smooth, the only difference is mine is at max-all and his slightly less. Only thing, his PC takes ~30 sec longer to load the game. We both run full HD, getting 80-120FPS.
  11. BLUB__BLUB

    Twilight Event

    bring it on.
  12. BLUB__BLUB

    Is there any point to the Bismarck?

    I love Fat Freddie. My favourite XP piñata, even better than Yamamaaa. Greets from Bone-Argh, here's some bonfires for ya. BTW I love Bismarcks too, as long as they stay > 12km. Below that, i start running. But over 15km, yummie yummie. Tastes like Delicious Derpitz. Div-mate Boat loves it though and manages to score twice as much as my Bone-Argh. It's true, not every ship is for everyone (and I should know).
  13. BLUB__BLUB


    How about 2 teams, each co-op, and then there's a convoy see who farms the most? Meanwhile they could also shoot eachother...
  14. BLUB__BLUB

    Console Ready CV's....We all told you so ;-)

    No problem, also I think they'll sell quite a few to old farts when they put Stormy Daniels as captain. I'd be curious what her 'special power' would be. Uhh... well, maybe it's better not to know, actually.
  15. BLUB__BLUB

    Console Ready CV's....We all told you so ;-)

    Hey I've seen them play games where they club mammoths, muck around with dinosaurs and the whole lot. So yeah I think they'll manage. If they sell those old ships with unicorns and rainbows and wide-eyed anime girl captains... oh wait... they already did...