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    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    3x Ise div, a Belfast and a kamikaze, and they got clubbered... ...and finally learning to properly play North Carolina.

    TST - Submarines Feedback thread

    I ff-d it up, and didn't take into account the time was UK-time.... Worked like a charm after 15:00 local time. But the thing is, when it is busy you cannot get a game. Maybe (probably) they have reserved a few too little hamsters. I tested the subs, so did my divvy - he is a DD main and he likes them a lot. I think they are funny but I am just as crud with t subs as I am with DDs. So the main thing I tested was killing them with cruisers and BBs, and some DDs. Which is all well when BB or CA/CL, but fo course I get smacked in DDs by other DDs (duh). I agree 100% on that one. They should reward higher when you play anything else than a sub, or make it harder to keep/get a sub. Also - just a few days of test? Hmmm. True/not true, also there are several buffs (skills/buuilds) you can use to get more "underwatertime". Also, matches do not last 20 minutes, usually. Which could also mean that you can be underwater 100% of the time. My divvie never ran out of time. There are some more stupid things too. Like, the underwatertime goes faster when you are detected. Duh. Guess where that leads to. Basically after the underwatertime is up, you are a more-or-less useless DD. With 10km torps and low detection, but still. And that is what 99% say, there should be "use when underwater" and "regeneration on surface". That, however, is a "damage balance" thing which they can buff or nerf. You do not HAVE TO ping to hit stuff (except other subs). You just CAN do it to gain more damage. Well, I did not expect them to FUBAR CV at all... I think they should dump the whole ping for surface ships, and just keep it for "other subs". Surface ships only to be hit when the sub is on the surface or periscope depth. Maybe give the torp more RNG when periscope depth, because you can also fire them closer. True. Still it is, so far, the best version IMO. We know. I am already shivering with fear, because there were no Russian subs.... Not enough server hamsters... You have a lot of good ideas, but some of them bad, IMO. The thing is, wil he be detected at 10m? because you said "underwater no e detection except hydro". They have something like that alrady, but it needs balancing. I have mentioned something similar before, "regard the water as added armour". I agree to that. Sometimes you lose, actually you have already lost but the game still has to end. You could actually end the misery sooner and have him mercy-kill you.

    Low tier seal clubbing recomendations.

    Baby seals , but rich fat ones. The ones that bought a premium T9 or so. The fat ones they taste the best, eh?

    Low tier seal clubbing recomendations.

    Well, you can hit it allright, lose 2 planes and get "incapacitation". Usually. Sometimes (some... very rare) you can kill a DD in one blow. But then, think of the 20K + fire/flooding you'd have scored on that lonely BB and you know why FDR doesn't hunt DDs.

    TST - Submarines Feedback thread

    Times are from 14:00 to 23:00, alas. I dunno if 4 days is all we get, either. But check the news on that, it says when/what days. And I think WeeGee needs to enlarge the rewards, as there were many bots. But we had some games that were 100% players and they were huge fun. They may be close to having a good one. At least, the mechanics. I hope they stick surface reloading of dive capacity on, rest is OK me thinks. Damage balancing will need further testing. Depth charges do massive damage and very large radius. Torps from (German) subs may be a bit too weak (US have a lot more).

    TST - Submarines Feedback thread

    I just came in on surface at 10 km, dropped the first load... slowly went closer, first load hit and then he started to move. Of course... autopilot.. saw him launching planes again - so, next drop.... When I got closer I went to periscope level, he had a hard time detecting me... As I was detecting him, teammates helped, too. I think subs are gonna be the CV-whackers. They just need to be careful, once they get close basically the Cv is toast. If they get too brash yeah then you can kill them, but they'll still spot you and if their teammates help you're dead.
  7. Up ya go, we need a few more players. Wanna get better at the game? Wanna div up see if 3 of you can carry these taters (you can!)? Get in... the water is nice...
  8. UP ya go! If you are going for a clan, but want to relax... Want to div up (sometimes) and want to try a bit of CB (sometimes).... But you do not want to HAVE TO:

    New player looking for clan.

    Hi Sibince, If you are going for a clan, but want to relax... Want to div up (sometimes) and want to try a bit of CB (sometimes).... But you do not want to HAVE TO:
  10. BLUB__BLUB

    TST - Submarines Feedback thread

    Yes I killed one too, and I am quite bad with those subs. Once a sub gets close, the CV is toast. I found that as a CV as well. If you notice them too late, you'll not be able to kill them, and they will either kill you themselves or their teammates will. I'd say, all CV-haters, get yourselves a sub. Itis like a DD with 10 minute smoke, that you can still see out of and shoot. Sort of. You can't even get hit in this smoke by the CV. NO LONGER "just dodge", now it is "just dive". The DCP-thing though, well that is stupid (LMAO, well, it is as expected...). Can't see the big fuzz though. BECAUSE even if WeeGee decides to make it a "consumable" or a separate button, they will not allow the CV-player any control over it, so I guess that will stay FUBAR. Reeeeee or no REeEeeEE...
  11. BLUB__BLUB

    ISE in da shop

    TBH even a lot of CV unicums don't like it either. But you play what you get.
  12. BLUB__BLUB

    TST - Submarines Feedback thread

    A much better idea than what they have now. I expected them to screw it up with CVs already... sigh... but they sure will not give them any player-control either. Quite good ideas there. I did like this iteration much better than any of the others though.
  13. BLUB__BLUB

    General CV related discussions.

    I think you make smart choices (c). But look above - our team was shiteritis (guess what they did, ahem...). They can;t even blame it on "hiding from those awful planes"... we took the B-cap (in the middle) and then went after the CVs. All they did was spam us and we managed to kill one and almost killed the other. Plus we did some "collateral damage". Not saying CVs aren't broken, because yes they are, and WeeGee doesn't seem to be willing to fix them. But part of the problem is people claiming stuff that just can't happen or that can only be pulled of by unicums.
  14. BLUB__BLUB

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Look how many plane kills...
  15. BLUB__BLUB

    General CV related discussions.

    Yes, THAT is true. However, it is NOT true that FDR can just kill at will when you blob up. He can't. Although, theoretically you could blob up in the cap, eh. But they usually do it behind islands. Three ships together is enough to make it VERY hard for an FDR to get you killed. EDIT: how about T6, a DD without smnoke and a spaghetti-BB vs two CVs? If our team had not been hiding behind islands (and they did NOT hide from the CVs...) then what? Sometimes I think all some people do is find excuses not to get off their @r$es.