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    General CV related discussions.

    ???? So, you take a DD that has no smoke, but as quid-pro-quo (finally) has enough AA to be a nuisance, and then you do not use the AA??? I must be reading that wrong...

    General CV related discussions.

    Well, if you look at the WR and damage output of CVs that point is not far off. Looks like I'd better take my Arizona than my Ark Royal... I'm sure you'd like me to. Only two BBs in T6 do worse damage than even the best CV, and the WR for BBs is also more favourable. A similar thing is going on with cruisers and DDs. Then add service cost vs delivery of credits. Nobody will want to play CV. Which you will like, problem is WG will not like it... What WG will get right on is the money. Nobody is gonna pay for a ship that doesn't deliver and doesn't pull its weight. And knowing WG a bit they'll just make it easier farming, most likely. So you'll get more CVs... which is THEIR goal. And it will not be done by balancing out by making better gameplay... probably just heavier torpedoes or stuff like that.

    General CV related discussions.

    Those 3 probably died to CV or as usual (ran to cap, smoke up, die). Nerfing CV damage didn't solve much except some CVs can now only hunt DDs, larger targets being too difficult. The thing is - do fighters really protect DDs, all they do is shoot down a few planes and sometimes not even the attacking ones but the last ones. They do give away the position of the friendly DD though. So what I do is use them for spotting, trying to snowball the game "in the right direction". For example if our DD is in a cap, I'll put planes not right over him but in a position so that reds coming to that cap are spotted (hoping team will shoot those, as such protecting our DD). It also provides "eyes" for the DD which is in smoke so he can dakka dakka some. Yup, that indeed. I find that DD hard to kill. But IMO that is a better solution: make AA stronger for DDs instead of nerfing CV into oblivion.

    General CV related discussions.

    The thing about RN CVs is, they are dependent on DoT. I'm not the very best CV player but I'm good enough, and I know most stuff (mostly because people here told me and I checked). They told me the Ark Royal needs lotsa GitGud and yes it does. Those T4 planes... man they are sloooowwww and flimsy. However you get LOTS of them. If you have a teammate you can do mega-damage, as in "that Bismarck used damage control"... if no friends, well the carpet-bombers are still excellent. But the difference is clear, check my stats for Ark Royal: solo ~50% and in div-2 60%, div-3 almost 70%.... Solo, the Furious is better (but I just grinded through that). I'm now working on GitGud for the Ryujo. Grinded the rest to T10 but didn't mind about WR (and 90% played in weekends... oh boy...). Ryujo is much stronger certainly when playing solo. It does have some carry-potential which Ark Royal has not. Also you'll never get kills in Ark Royal (usually) because on your way in for the final blow the victim gets "kill secured"... Well yes indeed it is good to know, but WG is pumping them out so fast I can't keep the grind up to try them all. Besides that I don't play DD (I suck and I have a usual divmate that is quite good), lucky for me there are videos... As for Visby - probably same as WG now make me regrind the Donskoi (which I thought was most terrible). And for the new US ships need to regrind Colorado... oh my... as I needed to grind lots of crappy boats to get Venezia. Some sadist at WG has probably put those ships there, for "survival entertainment" or something! TBH yes I also think that kind of bombs is unfair against DDs, they have no defence (only "just dodge"). Rockets are bad, too. Usually though I do not feel too much sorry for them, as there is only 1 CV and mostly 3-4 DDs, and they wil try to get me as well. Not like I have much defence in that floating island (spotted from the moon) either if they launch their torps at me, or spot me for their friends. CV mechanics are just faulty, and nerfing them does not make those faults go away. It just makes the DD a more (only viable) target, by lack of anything else. I see some CVs are only able to get the DDs and not much else anymore. So that is what they do...

    General CV related discussions.

    I dunno. I kinda think they deserve a good revenge, sometimes. If they manage to get me, I always give them +1. Sometimes it even wins them the game. Depends if they have done the rest of their duties, or will do it after.

    General CV related discussions.

    Well maybe I could call myself that as well, indeed. But I'm slightly above the avereage. Doesn't mean I can't be a potato. In fact sometimes I am even worse! Eh, if you don't see them coming... pretty sure though his team was kinda... unrescueable, seeing that screen.

    General CV related discussions.

    Problem is the team thinks "oh the CV will kill those DDs" and then they do f-all. Now it's OK if it is 3 Shimas or other crap, but not so much if it is 3 Hallands or Kidds or stuff like that, and they are actually smart. Usually they find out when some nitwoit Currywurst suddenly eats a face full of torps. "Hey CV didn't you kill all of them yet". Well noooo because you all yelled CV OP so... meh. Today I got a game, reds had 4 hallands and 3 Smolensks, all bunched up, spotted them but nobody shooting... So I went and harvested some Shikishima and Currywurst. Tasted niiiice...

    General CV related discussions.

    Might even work as I have seen lots of potato Cvs...

    Scharnhorst: 75% winrate during a week after purchase, now 30%

    Holidays have started... notice anything "special" about the length of games?
  10. BLUB__BLUB

    CV auto pilot problem

    The CV is worse than even the fattest BB in steering, but it is faster in a straight line (though not accelerating very hard). Most CVs will outrun a cruiser... and some DDs, too. But they'll not outrun guns and usually they are just as squishy as a cruiser, and a lot easer to hit. Most annoying about the autopilot is that, when you finally have a "satisfactory" line plotted on the map, he decides to change it... You think you have a nice rounded line so the CV will make a good turn behind the island... nooooo... he runs into it and starts going FWD-RWD...
  11. BLUB__BLUB

    General CV related discussions.

    Nope, except that when they are "on the attack" their maneuverability is less, and it will enlarge the reticule/visor. So, perpendicular on the plane-direction is best. And if you can make them steer more, due to slowing down or speeding up, even better. I have had DDs avoiding to get hit, but it is not really skill - it is all RNG but you CAN influence how large that RNG circle is, or screw up bomb-fall direction. Movement at the last minute will give some sort of "weight on a rope" dispersion-like effect. All bombs might even drop on the left if the planes turn to right while dropping! The game between you and the CV, he needs to get that circle as small as possible and on top of you - and then drop the bombs straight - and you need to prevent this. But now you also know what shape it has and how many bombs will fall. It would be handy if you'd play some CV yourself, or study some of the online videos. TopTier is a good one to check as he takes them directly from gameplay. Some replay videos do not show a lot of stuff (like the reticule). BTW - I suck at DDs, but I do play them (mediocre and y upto T6...) so I know what they do and can't do. CV don't bother me much, as I know how they usually practise their 'trade'. My usual divvy (a DD main) he doesn't care at all. Or so it seems... but this is what he usually pulls off in his DD, he survives and makes top 3. Note that this DD has no smoke... and we lost.
  12. BLUB__BLUB

    CV auto pilot problem

    WG average autopilot...
  13. BLUB__BLUB

    General CV related discussions.

    Well if they can get him after 10 minutes, they can still win the game. Especially when the enemy DDs are all dead, the main threat is the CV. I'd say in this case (both teams around 525 points, killing the CV will give 100 points) they are doing good. After this those 3 DDs will cap the two remaining caps and I have no doubt it will be a win.
  14. BLUB__BLUB

    General CV related discussions.

    Furious has carpet-bombers. Per drop you have two planes. If he can make it he can do three passes. Each pass will drop 12 bombs. You did very well (or were lucky) to need 4 passes/attacks. Or the CV was not that good or unlucky. The reticule/visor is elongated but... welll watch this.
  15. BLUB__BLUB

    Autopilot Bug is it only for KM CV?

    Autopilot is WGs way of balancing CVs....