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    Current CBs meta

    I was quite amazed, usually they are gimmicked crud botes if they get "hyped". But this is actually worth something in CB.

    Current CBs meta

    What would that mean then if I take win from Kremlin in Conqkek?

    BB main had a meltdown with the game and after a

    Also, I have fallen for this trick; I knew DD was around somewhere and saw smoke. Put fighters over smoke. But never saw the Dd again. Duh Turns out he put smoke and then left the area... I was watching his empty smoke... Lucky me I am smart enough to just put fighters and then go elsewhere. I have seen CV players circle and circle... and then go off their rocker in chat... (yes I play DD sometimes, too)

    Current CBs meta

    AKA better have a half-potato in Conqkek than have a total potato in Kremlin? But that would mean it is my skill...

    Current CBs meta

    You are probably correct, but I see most Kremlins being of no use at all though. They wander around at the rear hitting nothing, and in the end they just get hunted down and rammed or torped. Only a few I have seen used well, and those are the times we usually lose (generally, we are potato... so it's not just the Kremlin then). I have killed a few Kremlins and Yammies in the meanwhile. Of course I'd like to claim it is my skills, but... I guess it is either the severe lack of skills from enemy or Conqkek just being stronger than they thought. Also... the amount of broadsiding cruisers that think it can only shoot HE... One more thing it does is hunt DD. Keep the nose in, a few torps will be no problem. After you spot them make them into submarines with HE. We had a clan turn up with 6 Klebbies, I finished three of them. The most surprise to me this CB are Venezia and (yes, really) Puerto Rico. Especially PR just refuses to get citadelled.

    Current CBs meta

    We run two teams, Alpha and Beta. The Alpha team is where the jocks end up (hey sometimes it includes me in Salem, so... they're not THAT much jocks). Alpha-team gets "hand-selected" by the (very good and experienced) SC, so that is our pack of sheep (some wolves...) lead by the upper wolf. The Beta team is usually "register and play", and hey, sometimes they even have ME for an SC... WUUUTTTT nobody using Conqkek... why not? Insane heal and it can also shoot AP (which people forget). It is hilarious. Here's how that goes... LOL. If anyone knows how to make it "playable" like youtube, let me know. Because this is kinda hilarious. I sent one DD off to cap, and then we all mashed them. Somehow both teams are in storm league... https://replayswows.com/replay/80459#stats

    Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    How do you get that power? With me it is the other way around. They just kill steal whatever I am about to hit (after I drop the bombs).

    Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    A few more doubloons and I get a perma-camo for Conqkek. Maybe they mistake it for Thunderer...

    Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    Just now again met @rnat in his Edinburgh, his team gave good effort especially that naughty CV. But it wasn't enough as I had Kaga (in the mission "get 25 floodings with CV"for the RN cruiser...) so I just kept spamming them. In the end all we needed was the DD dead, so... well... I hit him but no kill. Of course not... Same as I could not kill Rnat, duh, well I tried, as he had just torped our Baltimore (saw it happening... urrtggghhh, well, that Balti had it coming...). I dropped my bombs on Rnat but the Bismarck beat me to it and blapped him 0.00001 sec before my bombs could hit. That just about happened every time so meagre score and no kills for me. Well played Rnat (nice kill on that Balti) but no cigar. EDIT: seems RNGesus took pity on me because look what happened, I earned my 2nd container that game (took "resources"...):
  10. BLUB__BLUB

    Will removing slingshot actually do anything?

    I killed one while fail-divving in Ark Royal... Granted, that almost got me deplaned. But I got him.
  11. BLUB__BLUB

    Rename the tier 8 British Heavy Cruiser

    I'd have it named HMS Curry because seems like only producing wet farts....
  12. BLUB__BLUB

    Carrier Feature Request

    The thing is, after you set it - for example to make a circle if you want to GTFO, then the thing decides (while you are flying the plane) to go forward/backward anyway. And you will find out... CV spotted... BOOMSHANKA!
  13. BLUB__BLUB

    Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    Nope, a loss it was, well - for us. We are a quite casual clan and amazed we got this far. As in, we run what we have so teams can differ every game, and we bring the ships that we have. In Storm League we sometimes meet teams that are too much for us. Good game mate.
  14. BLUB__BLUB

    Possible german cv line

    It could be a nice "operation"... IJN and KM ships only, kill Habakuk. @MrConway how about it? I'm quite sure some of your modelers already have fabricated it as a LOL-thing.
  15. BLUB__BLUB

    Possible german cv line

    It is a really modern ship, too. It got recycled and re-used...