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    General CV related discussions.

    He has 18K battles, I do not think he will be amazed....

    General CV related discussions.

    Yes, I agree. How about " a bit more random" then, when DEF AA is pressed. Like, the AA-crews go berserk. Anyway as it is now is bubkus. Some "technical skills" are needed, but then you can avoid most of the FLAK. Depending on the speed of the attack group you only get 2x FLAK or so anyway. Some squads are large and slow, cannot avoid at all, and you get 5x FLAK spawn. Some squads can throw from so far away they don't eat any at all (and no DPS either). Good luck balancing that, WeeGee...

    General CV related discussions.

    Agreed, well sort of. I like the current interface better. The old one was (for me) buggy as hell. Correct. They're more usable as spotters. Correct again. Current DEF AA only works when I get surprised by a Halland or something like that. Yeah AA also works when they cluster up, sort of. But that also mean they're quite useless (as they are clustered up). Something like that. But first, WeeGee should restore some of the most ridiculous stuff: - DPS damage is done to the last plane in the squad... - FLAK is a set pattern that is "steered" by the plane-flight prediction, as such (almost) 100% avoidable. - Automatic "refill" from above when a plane is dead, even without any delay or aim/scatter-disadvantages. If you get hit by FLAK, AA sure works, but a savvy CV-player (almost) never will get hit by FLAK. Say DEF AA would create a different pattern. Randomized, or chosen by the player. Could even be a pink pony-shaped cloud in ARP ships, it would work a lot better! DEF AA and/or AA should also "leave holes" when a plane gets shot down. If half the attack flight gets shot down, then there should be a large gap in the drop.

    CVs Fighter Shield

    Holy crap I didn't know you could use the CVs spotter planes for that as well.

    [BBMM] - [EU] recruiting for Clan Battles


    Chaklov vs Hornet

    I'm quite average... but... I think I agree @ReDiR20

    General CV related discussions.

    Yeah that is what is crap about them. CVs will always be broken, as that is why they work and (in real life) ruined it for BBs. You could not touch the CV itself, except with another CV - and such is even "not so much" in the game. Yeah of course there is such a thing as 8-9-9 divisions or stuff. But that's about all. You cannot hunt CV, even with a CV. WeeGee could improve that... by adding some 'realistic' interaction. But they simply do not. Shame. Subs, in real life, also did a similar thing, but not in WW2. Nowadays a sub can destroy half the world. From stealth. Back in WW2 stealth is all they had... and A LOT of interaction... so they should be better than CVs, right? Sneaking up, running the risk of being detected, and then shitting bricks after to get away... But again, WeeGee has fluffed it by DIMINISHING the options of interaction. In fact they're worse than CVs.

    Chaklov vs Hornet

    Kaga rules. I mean, Enterprise does but you'd need to give WeeGee a lot of cash for X-mas RNG-crap boxes.

    General CV related discussions.

    Seriously, yes. It would at least provide some option to reduce CV and sub menace. Also - what is a sub now to a CV.. some sort of moving scenery.
  10. BLUB__BLUB

    General CV related discussions.

    WeeGee is dumb. They should give CVs anti-sub weapons. So, subs would hunt CVs. Let Cvs chooce which squad they wanna change for depth charge squad. And then they should remove those damn guided torpedoes, and make those "pings" just cause DCP not to work for 1 minute or so. Or hit 5x harder depending on ship speed. Parked-up ships would then be fooked pretty hard. Which would mean best prey for subs would be CVs - and they keep eachother busy. Rock-paper-scissors, now add the nail and the hammer. Because they already did that anyway just make it WORK.
  11. Well I'm kinda crap with that as well, but at least I know when it is time to move my butt. I suppose there's a whole load of players that doesn't ever play anything else than CVs or BBs or something though. And they just haven't got a clue. Like today, I cleared the A-cap (in T8 Kaga), and they still didn't move in - then finally a T6 Sinop did. Meanwhile I had also cleared the B-cap... killed two, rest were running... again it was that Sinop. Who got killed, of course. All the T8s (5 of them...) who had gone A-cap were still behind a mountain. The red DD (killed Sinop...) was pushing into the A cap, had gone around... So, I torped him (LMAO...) and then went into cap myself. Next up, they all Yolo forward AROUND the cap and die like flies.
  12. BLUB__BLUB

    [BBMM] - [EU] recruiting for Clan Battles

  13. BLUB__BLUB

    Oldest clans

    I suppose so, but the wokieflakes are evolving. Next a simple yellow flag will be provocative, so....
  14. BLUB__BLUB

    General CV related discussions.

    I don't think I can fit 5 torps into an average length BB. Unless at T10, plenty long ships there. That said, maybe 12 would be better as that would at least reduce the chance to miss them completely. Or maybe we could make them homing, just like subs. Burst fire any option?
  15. BLUB__BLUB

    Convoy Shambles

    I just found that on tyhe Two Brothers map, 1/3 of the convoy actually goes through the middle... LMAO WeeGee! But here's the stupid part - the enemy also knows this... Guess what happens.... @Seraphice can you predict it? Had much LOLZ there though sitting in the channel with my totally non-biased Russian CV defending the convoy.... ROFL