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  1. AdmiralThornado

    Teamplay Requirements from tier VI

    There is a lot of stuff to learn. Teamplay is perhaps not the most pressing. At higher levels, it is more essential.
  2. AdmiralThornado

    Teamplay Requirements from tier VI

    This game has many good tutorials online. They can produce good players. This game is all about team play. There are probably some tutorials on that as well. The game could produce better players with team play requirements, say, from tier VI and up. To get access to those higher tiers, you would have to work your way through some scenarios that explained how to execute good team play, to rank other people (affecting their karma), and how to communicate so your group moves as one.
  3. AdmiralThornado

    Karma insights

    Actually karma does a lot for those who would care. I spend more points on good manners than good in battle. We are different. It is an indicator if you are good at playing - and helpful. I wonder why they mix these, as they are not related. It holds some potential and could be more developed.
  4. AdmiralThornado

    Karma insights

    I played several games in a row. Tried to be transparent on strategy and helpful and give proper criticism where due. Afterwards, I found I lost 6 Karma. But to what input? and What game? I have some feature requests. They will let us learn how to improve our social skills. * Please attach karma feedback to a game and precise game time. * Please make it visible when we get bad karma and when we get good karma.