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  1. Youshanai

    Patch = Default key binds

    Didn't change for me either but a friend of mine has the same problem. No idea what's causing it for them
  2. Youshanai

    Kearsarge .... thoughts?

    I like her looks....
  3. Youshanai

    Negative income...?

    Try to improve at the game. Izumo is a good ship. You will be rewarded with positive incomes just by improving. No need to pay, just play.
  4. Youshanai

    General CV related discussions.

    I would say save your money. Just imagine if you had the option to get food from your favorite place for the same price but instead you go to the one place with bad rep, get the food and it tastes as bad as expected and the money will never come back either.
  5. Youshanai

    Kearsarge .... thoughts?

    and at least 1 second rocket flight time before they hit.
  6. Youshanai

    Kearsarge .... thoughts?

    its a great ship, would recommend. You need to get used to the tiny tim rocket delay but once you got that down it's extremly powerful
  7. Youshanai


    can you just post the replay?
  8. Youshanai

    Eendracht vs subs

    Whoever gives heed to instruction prospers, and blessed is the one who trusts in the Lord.
  9. Youshanai

    Eendracht vs subs

    I mean he is imagining you posting since you are one of the most popular guys on this forum. A topic without you posting in it is hard to imagine so it's just made into reality then in his own mind to compensate for you being late so shame on you. It just shows once again that every repetition needs it's basic ingredients and you are one of the main ingredients for the usual topic that is about WG introducing some unfair crap that is unfun and killing the game. You have to understand this deeply. Your presence is required so you better show up and if you don't you will be made to show up and even if you fight it in their minds you will be there. You will have posted even if you don't know it. You are past being yourself. You are a god now. Ascended
  10. Youshanai

    The broken router is again in use boys...

    It's the desperation of people who truly suffer that makes them find out the ultimate culprit named Frankfurt believe me... I had my fair share of sudden 300ping spikes Q_Q
  11. Youshanai

    The broken router is again in use boys...

    Yes its usually the problem. I guess I'm lucky as I'm not routed through there so my ping was stable the last 10 games I played recently
  12. Youshanai

    A true admission that submarines are not working.

    Basically this. There is no way submarines will stay as they currently are. They are boring to play, way too repetitive and too strong even close to hydro ships. They need too be worked on more and they will be made harder to play as to get in line with the over ship classes
  13. Youshanai

    How can we ask for another break from the submarines?

    yeah exactly. Players tend to excuse past issues all the time like this. It's double standards being mastered
  14. Youshanai

    How can we ask for another break from the submarines?

    Can you point out the players or posts that ever said that this was fine?