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  1. Yoshanai

    How does a Shimakaze deal with a CV attack?

    It's a lovely duel. CV vs DD. He has all the advantages but fails regardless. Its pure joy
  2. Yoshanai

    How does a Shimakaze deal with a CV attack?

    You think you know it better while I experience it exactly as I told you. Btw I can tell if a CV is speshul or not by their opening alone. I don't need to wait for him to strike me. I know after 30 seconds.
  3. Yoshanai

    The best tech tree T8 CV for a noob?

    Saipan. It's unforgiving and teaches you what happens when you mess up so you learn faster not to mess up. Ah crap you asked tech tree my bad lololol
  4. Yoshanai

    How does a Shimakaze deal with a CV attack?

    No you are kind of wrong. Imagine drawing the attention of a BB, a Radar Cruiser, a DD and the CV away from the rest of your team for like 3 - 5 min because they are speshul. It happens to me all the time. I see this as a big win. I get spotted by the CV on some flank near the enemy all alone. 3 ships turn my way the CV trying to harass me. I have the attention of 4 ships on me and all of them fail to sink me with combined effort. Why? Because I want that to happen, I'm prepared. I know exactly the strike opportunities of a CV, how long my smoke will last, how to WASD incoming shots while CV spotted. How to annoy the hell out of the baddies. It works like a charm
  5. Yoshanai

    How does a Shimakaze deal with a CV attack?

    Isn't that a bonus? They are constantly nervous and worried about you :D
  6. Yoshanai

    CV players...

    Ss is useful... There are no better skills to take. It improves quality of life so much.... The numbers don't look impressive but without it all your attacks will be less accurate.
  7. Yoshanai

    What do you enjoy most in WoWs?

    If you look at the diversity of classes I have played the last few months you will realise that there is more than just CV for me. I get what you mean however and yes I might enjoy an Op class a bit to much. ★
  8. Yoshanai

    How does a Shimakaze deal with a CV attack?

    They are not as precise anymore in theory but there are ways to exploit the new drop pattern to make them close to being as reliable as they once were.
  9. Yoshanai

    How does a Shimakaze deal with a CV attack?

    I'm currently working on gathering clips where I kill DD's with my Midway DBs. I want to have at least 500 DD kills packed in a 4min video. It doesn't matter how skilled the DD is. I will blapp him with DBs.
  10. Yoshanai

    How does a Shimakaze deal with a CV attack?

    The sheer amount of incompetence I face in my DD's against CV's man. I've killed 4 CV's while playing DD's lately. Only one of them managed to cause me enough dmg for his teammates to finish me off After I killed the CV. The amount of salt I gathered because I mocked them in all Chat. They can't deal with a DD that turns into their rocket planes or reverses. It's a walk in the park. I have still not found that one CV who made my life hell in randoms but I know for a fact that I would certainly have 0 Chance if I ever met such a CV. I wouldn't have a chance against myself for example because I employ what I know to be effective and can therefore counter it.
  11. Yoshanai

    What do you enjoy most in WoWs?

    The game is simply enjoyable to play. There are more things but talking about them would ruin me :)
  12. Yoshanai

    CV Rework Discussion

    People haven't started leaving yet however. That is still an illusion
  13. Yoshanai

    High School Fleet back in the Shop

    Oh yes yes. Those smokes are a nightmare I tell you... For any CV obviously. We killed like 40 or 50 planes combined and by the end of the match still had smoke to spare. And that Lexington really loved us a lot which is evident by him stacking all he got on us. We should do that more often. CV op pfff
  14. Yoshanai

    CV Rework Discussion

    No. That piece of electronic equipment just got lucky to wear his name.
  15. Yoshanai

    CV Rework Discussion