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  1. Yoshanai

    Offtopical Disco

    @CptBarney Have some culture
  2. Yoshanai

    Please don't buy the Puerto Rico

    Actually I didn't think about that. Good point.
  3. Yoshanai

    Please don't buy the Puerto Rico

    What many many many people tend to forget about PR is that everyone disliked the idea of handing out T10 prems for free to anyone or make it easy to get. WG actually kept that in mind and that is another reason why it's inhumanly hard to get it for free. It's so that noone can complain about easy T10 handouts. But if course that goes against the narrative right.
  4. Yoshanai

    Alaska VS Puerto Rico

    Imagine having a Montana occupying a Cruiser slot. It has its benefits.
  5. Yoshanai

    My suggestion

    Who is "we"
  6. Yoshanai

    ★I bought the T8 perma cammo for 4k doblons.☆

    I just noticed that I don't even have Yuudachi. Well OK when I get home I will put it on Kaga.
  7. Yoshanai

    ★I bought the T8 perma cammo for 4k doblons.☆

    Well crap. Looks like I messed up somewhere. Ashitaka is T7???? I hate T7. What about Yuudachi?
  8. Yoshanai

    ★I bought the T8 perma cammo for 4k doblons.☆

    I was sure Colorado was a T8... Oh well. Ashitaka it is then. Will look great on this bare stock Hull T8 amagi ship
  9. Yoshanai

    ★I bought the T8 perma cammo for 4k doblons.☆

    What.. No. I will put it on.... Hngh..... Mogami.... Or Kagero..... Or.... Ehhhhhhh. Colorado
  10. U can't put them on CV's.... I wanted to put it on my Shokaku. BUT NOPE WG 7his is unacceptable business practices and I fell for it shame shame on u wg /s No but I don't know if it was said anywhere that u can't put them on CV's. But just so you guys know. U can't put the special T8 cammo on CV's.
  11. Yoshanai

    Puerto Rico, what would happen if.....

    Yes let the 50 or so people on the forum revolt. Please wear funny pointy hats while doing so.
  12. Yes. I noticed Coop matches finish in around 5 - 7 minutes. It's guaranteed wins and gets you the snowflakes done fast.
  13. It's always good to take a break. Just remember to finish gathering the free stuff if you haven't yet. It's good stuff
  14. Yoshanai

    Thank you WG for Christmas events

    Thats what makes it so good. And serious or not doesn't matter. The success he had is incredible.
  15. Yoshanai

    For the love of god...no more Directives!

    Ehhh. Isn't it usually a good idea to follow the best advice and in your case the one you have given? Didn't u say it would be best to leave? So if it would be best.. Why not do that? Ah you probably didn't mean it like that right? Also Google translator is bad.