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  1. L0V3_and_PE4CE

    ☆ Manually controlled AA can not work! ♡

    @Uglesett Now combine all that with the time you have availible before the first drop happens as soon as the planes enter your AA range (around 5 seconds if no boost) to calculate all that AND aim correctly while a battle is going on around you.
  2. L0V3_and_PE4CE

    ☆ Manually controlled AA can not work! ♡

    So how is your thought of system going to work then? Let's hear your ideas and if you point me to your accurate description of MFAA again then you are simply a lost cause in all this :) ☆
  3. L0V3_and_PE4CE

    ☆ Manually controlled AA can not work! ♡

    We already have that in the game in form of a captain skill called MFAA. It gives a dmg boost, lets you switch sector faster (current form of manual AA) and the accuracy is already the best it could get ;)
  4. L0V3_and_PE4CE

    Clan wars canceled on Wednesday?

    @AndyHill ☆☆☆
  5. L0V3_and_PE4CE

    ☆ Manually controlled AA can not work! ♡

    Why don't you elaborate? ☆♡☆
  6. L0V3_and_PE4CE

    ☆ Manually controlled AA can not work! ♡

    I made it to adress all the people who losely adressed this idea in all kinds of threads all over the place. ☆♡☆ Since many give ideas without giving them deeper thoughts i wanted to do those deeper thoughts for them :D ♡☆♡
  7. L0V3_and_PE4CE

    Update 0.8.3 - Dasha manages to keep serious?

    I'm glad we didn't see any CV nerfs ♡☆♡
  8. L0V3_and_PE4CE

    Really a dictatorship???

    What's worse? ☆ All those dots or my hearts and stars? ♡
  9. L0V3_and_PE4CE

    Again illegal false advertising from WG?!

    Remember that WG means no harm to you or your wallet! ♡ Mistakes sure weren't intentional! ☆ They are after all interested in healthy and wealthy customers so would be strange if they mess themselves up intentionally! ☆♡☆
  10. L0V3_and_PE4CE

    ☆ Manually controlled AA can not work! ♡

    No offense but... ☆☆☆☆ What does all that have to do with my topic? ♡☆♡ I think you meant to post this in the CV discussion sticky thread! ☆♡☆
  11. L0V3_and_PE4CE

    ☆ Manually controlled AA can not work! ♡

    What??? ☆ XD
  12. L0V3_and_PE4CE

    ☆ Manually controlled AA can not work! ♡

    Let's try to make it work without nerfing AA plane speed or buffing AA range further. Suggesting nerfs/ buffs is not the aim here either. This is supposed to be talking about the idea, not adding others to it. If manual controlled flak has the same properties and spawns the same distance away from planes then automatic AA i am sure manually aimed will be very useless and very easy to avoid. But if a player could literally hit the planes with flakclouds (hitscan) the AA would be way to strong. So that is certainly not an option. Adjustments would be needed again.
  13. L0V3_and_PE4CE

    ☆ Manually controlled AA can not work! ♡

    Let's keep the talk mostly about the manual AA idea please! ♡ What you are discussing about the rework has been said and repeated more then 10 times a day every day since rework. ☆ It's getting old.
  14. Because the current AA model is as accurate as you could ever be forcing a CV to dodge out of the way every few seconds! ☆ A human could never really achieve that kind of predictionary accuracy and even if they could,it would be just the same as the auto aim of current AA and not any harder to dodge. ♡ Since flak is seen well in advance and always gives enough time to dodge,even if the surface ships starts to predict the flightpath of CV planes it would still be easy to react to. ☆ Every "miss" by a human player could be just ignored. ♡ And then there is that it takes you out of the battle and makes you turn your camera constantly to track the fast flying planes which will more then likely disorient you. For no gains at all since automatic aim AA is so much more reliable while you can focus on the battle. ☆♡☆ No hate please! ♡
  15. El2aZeR is right! ☆ 7k rocket strikes are not rare! ♡ I do up to 10k in the Midway regularly against DDs! ☆ Also it would be quite stupid if a smokey bunch could screen the front of their team with AA wouldn't it? ☆♡☆