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  1. _Warfarin_

    General CV related discussions.

    more of these please
  2. _Warfarin_

    What is your reason for potatoing?

    Overconfidence. I take risks I shouldn't.
  3. _Warfarin_

    General CV related discussions.

    I'm fairly sure the t10 German CV will not be useful in randoms. My views on the German CVs only have CBs in mind atm.
  4. _Warfarin_

    What line should I grind out?

    The one that you find more fun and interesting to play.
  5. _Warfarin_

    General CV related discussions.

    You also have to remember that by trying to counter those rockets u might show broadside to the attacking CVs team :)
  6. _Warfarin_

    General CV related discussions.

    Yes. I mean if you look at their capabilities they are likely going to be a toppick for competetive while being challenged in random battles. The Torps and AP rockets will hurt cruisers pretty badly especially once the better CV players figured out how AP rockets are best to be used. I can't however see them dominating in randoms much. For CB they will likely be a better pick than Haku. The fast planes, very fast torps with low arming distance and overall focus on citadel damage will be an overall better pick than Haku.
  7. _Warfarin_

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    3,4k base exp in CV despite the base exp nerf. Also very happy with this game, was hard to win.
  8. _Warfarin_

    General CV related discussions.

    Can't tell yet as I haven't played them yet
  9. _Warfarin_

    WG throws another fit?

  10. _Warfarin_

    General CV related discussions.

    It's usually better to keep the blob spotted, loitering around and making them nervous by showing the presence of your bombers. Gambling on some random dude shooting at the 30km away CV is kind of bad
  11. _Warfarin_

    General CV related discussions.

    Don't give bad advice. Let people who seek help get the right advice.
  12. _Warfarin_

    General CV related discussions.

    None. Strike something else.
  13. _Warfarin_

    General CV related discussions.

    It's a matter of practice. You need to get a feeling for which ship has what kind of AA. Then you need to get a feel of how fast your planes die under certain circumstances. Make sure to do some research from now on. Going through ships you have most trouble dealing with in the wiki might be helpful.
  14. _Warfarin_

    General CV related discussions.

    The best "potat" DD hunter. Enterprise is easily mitigated and only a handful will possibly hurt you on EU if you are in the wrong ship at the wrong place and time. But yes. Enterprise punishes mistakes/mispositioning on DDs the hardest and Shokaku isn't far off if that.
  15. _Warfarin_

    WG throws another fit?

    Of course it can't possibly be that the new player pool will eventually get exhausted since people move up the lines and moving up doesn't cost as much XP in low tiers than in high... It is very difficult to have a consistent and constant stream of new players coming to the game too. So it might just be that lower tier pool is exhausted of new players and players who start grinding a new line. I personally usually free xp new lines I need to grind directly to t6 or 7. Many are likely doing the same leading to low activity in lower tiers. But yes of course it's likely just one singular reason because it suits your narrative.