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  1. There was an English criminal case in which Person A drove a nail through a testicle of Person B at the request of B. A was prosecuted for causing bodily harm to B after B ended up in hospital. A defended case on grounds that B consented to the act but the CPS was of opinion that B lacked capacity to give such consent because no sane person could consent to the same. Fleshed out definition of consent between adults etc. I think it was a nail rather than sandpaper - but a home improvement theme to the bedroom antics in any event. But , yes, I'll give the French DD event a whirl. But if too grindy, no.
  2. slugford

    What cosmetic changes would you pay for in the game?

    Ability to change the key for a consumable... i have a short attention span but the number of times I’ve hyrdo’d when I meant to heal on a German ship—well!
  3. slugford

    What is your most played ship?

    HMS Weymouth - 319 battles.
  4. slugford

    HMS Rodney.....

    And torpedoes because Rodney was the only battleship ever to hit another battleship with a torpedo -- but this will make Rodney too balanced? EDIT - ah, someone already pointed that out above. Sorry!
  5. slugford

    RESULTS – Battle of the Philippine Sea

    Many thanks for an event that caters for lower tier ships - very much appreciated!
  6. slugford

    1st of May, the weebos day

    I think Queen Elizabeth is only part of the “collection” rather than a commander.
  7. slugford

    RU BBs first impressions

    I’ve only played one game in the T5 but accurate guns and good bow armour. Good at tanking but side armour is not the best. Feels like it’s a tier higher than the other T5 silver BB I’ve played (Iron Duke) and also the Texas. Too early (I mean, I’ve only played one game in it) to say it’s OP but I got a kraken in that game and I average those once every 500 games. Fun to play.
  8. slugford

    Team Honor or Glory?

    Ah, my dear boy, it sounds like the new line of Soviet BBs will be right up your street -- take on the monied, imperialistic USN and RN and IJN. :) I don't think it is fair to say that modern-day soldiers are "not that bright" but that is not the topic at hand. Honour, at times, makes no sense. I do not understand, say, why Captain Langsdorff took his own life after scuttling the Graf Spee. Well, I can understand his reasons but they seem to me … a waste, a senseless waste? But glory -- the paths of glory lead but to the grave, as the poem goes.
  9. How did that carrier die first, please?
  10. slugford

    Team Honor or Glory?

    It is really more about doing the right, proper, correct and moral thing -- keeping a promise or carrying out a duty to queen, country, god, kith and kin or being true to your own principles until the bitter end is not necessarily being someone else's thong but if it is, you can bury yourself in someone else's undercarriage knowing that it was the right thing to do.
  11. slugford

    Your top 5 most Fun ships

    1 -3. Omaha, Murmansk, Marblehead - fragile but fun 4. Katori - maddeningly slow, which makes it the sea slug of doom 5. Hood
  12. slugford

    Azur Lane x World of Warships Collaboration Stream Summary

    I like the musketeer flavour to Dunkerque. Some lovely design work on some of the outfits - fabulous. I picked up Aurora and Hipper in the, I think, January combat missions and it would be nice to add a couple more captains -- Neptune and Dunkerque would be nice. I downloaded AL on Saturday. Only played for 15 or so minutes - seems silly, frothy fun :)
  13. slugford

    European research tree?

    Norway's HNoMS Stord (s-class RN destroyer, which I don't think is in the game already?) played a key role in the Battle of the North Cape, so it would be nice to see her added to any rest-of-Europe line. Dutch and Spanish ships - fab, yes. Some Italian ships in their own line would be fun.
  14. I stopped playing on my Mac a couple of months ago - the crashing was too, too, too frequent. I don't think my crash rate was ever as high as 40% (!) but I feel your pain. My Mac was fine on everything save for WoW. I play on a PC now - much better but still get the odd connection/server issue. I don't think the issue is with WG - it's Codeweaver's wrapper that needs some work? Not sure on this but I'm sure someone will chime in.
  15. slugford

    Your favorite cruiser: Tier for tier

    1 = Black Swan 2 = Weymouth 3 = Friant 4 = Svietlana 5 = Furataka or Marblehead 6 = Budyonny or Nurnberg