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  1. slugford

    Return of the Fleet of Fog: Last Chance!

    Compared to the grinds to get the PEF and the Gorizia, this grind to get 4 premium T5 Kongos, 1 premium T7 Myoko and a spirit-of-a-sunk-battleship-entombed-in-a-teddy-bear commander is a walk in the park. @Sunleader is a better player than most and his/her estimates for each stage are probably too optimistic for the average and below player. Time is short, yes, but the road isn't that long and if you play "normally" until the next patch, you should be able to get one ARP ship? Thank you, WG, for this event -- manageable and, well, quite generous. /brown-nosing
  2. slugford

    So...I got the PR....

    Will you be unleashing your self-righteous fury on those few PR players who ground out a PR entirely for free, please?
  3. slugford

    Wind speed and direction - nerfing CVs indirectly

    Wind speed and wind direction would make it fiddlier to gauge a ship’s speed and/or direction from its plume of smoke?
  4. slugford

    Peurto Rico - who is actually grinding her

    Ground out the Gorizia just now. Pleased with that - didn't think I'd complete those D3 base XP missions with the time available to me. Feel like I've earned the Gorizia (rather than with the PR, where I paid dubs for the 3 boosters) -- a challenging but doable grind to finish D3 and get the ship. D4 seems a bit joyless and there's naught to be gained by me for doing it, so I'll down tools now on this event. Good luck to those still grinding for Gorizia and PR. Will be interesting to see how many people make the hall of fame.
  5. slugford

    How is everyone getting on with Puerto Rico grind?

    I need about 45,000 base XP to finish D3 and get the Gorizia, which should be do-able.
  6. slugford

    Peurto Rico - who is actually grinding her

    Am on track to finish 36/36. Just finished a 5 hour session... Tired... I did buy the 3 doubloons boosters (was 10,000 in "new" dubs, IIRC) and I would not have been able to finish without those. The PR will probably sit in port for a year while I figure out USN CA. I'm genuinely interested to see if anybody gets into the hall of fame on this event. Like many people have said about the event -- lovely design work and a great concept, for which I am grateful, but it was let down a bit by, ah, other factors. I wish everyone the best of luck with their grinding.
  7. slugford

    Peurto Rico - who is actually grinding her

    The grind for the one ring for free was a cakewalk compared to the PR for free. If only Sauron had coughed up for the gold boosters... Nearly done with D2 now. Overeaten and need a nap. Will see if I can finish it tomorrow.
  8. slugford

    Peurto Rico - who is actually grinding her

    You get Gorizia at end of D3. D4 onwards looks much harder than D1 to 3. Just like Baby Jesus would have wanted, I've spent an hour this morning spamming HE in an Irian - and should complete D2 v shortly.
  9. slugford

    Peurto Rico - who is actually grinding her

    Am currently on pace to do 35/36. Have the 3 doubloons boosters and the first 2 free boosters (from directive 1 and from daily missions/drops). Am hoping completing directive 2 will get me over the line. When I bought the 10k dubs for the 3rd dub booster, I did promise not to spend any more money on the PR - so no T7 Italian cruiser for me & do not think I will be able to complete D3 w/o her--but we shall see!
  10. slugford

    New Code

    Thank you - a 3-point german commander and a reserve slot. Who is Jakeey Hermann, though?
  11. slugford


    Huanghe has better AA than the Leander, plus HE. Crawling smoke, too. Leander has faster turret turning, more guns, and single-firing torps. When you are up-tiered, Leander can struggle against BBs at distance but Huanghe has HE.
  12. Glad about that. I don't play in divisions, so I can complete this mission! Weeeee! The recent RAF camo for the Polish ship was nice looking, too.
  13. slugford

    Twilight Battle.

    Twilight was, for the most part, fun. The variety of ships you could play kept it from going stale. I liked the design work, especially on Angler. Generally, there was more co-operation than in random battles (but I accept from the above that experiences here varied). After two weeks players mostly seemed pretty drilled - sink the ghoul and scarab, trigger the spawn of fossil and varg and sink them, head for the croc and the 200 clockwise, then into the portal or off to Rasputin. The mad dashes to the portal were always fun, whether camping players or the 5-mins-to-go minions were in the way. I can't say I minded player treachery - that is, truce breaking - which felt like a feature after 10 or so battles. Being reported for sinking said truce breakers - well, not so much fun. The amount of commander XP, free XP and credits you could win was really nice. The bundled rewards for filth were nice. Chat was more relaxed than normal -- winrate % etc not at risk, I guess. Would love to see Twilight return next year (but with the option of freeing that poor caged creature by the portal).