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  1. slugford

    Update 0.10.9: Halloween

    I am jealous, genuinely, of the current love you have for this game, of the direction its heading, and of the confidence with which you usually express these things. Without being disrespectful, I don't think it is helpful to say, "Don't like [submarines], don't play [the game] at all". Perhaps some players do have a lot fun pressing "G" in Co-op, like the spreadsheet says, but subs are no fun in Co-op, really, to me. I can't see them being a fun addition to random battles, either. To suggest players should not play the game because they don't like subs is not the most convincing of arguments and is, well, a bit like chucking the baby out with the bath water. I say that on the basis that you were commenting in good faith. Anyway, I am looking forward to the German battlecruisers.
  2. slugford

    World of Warships Anniversary

    Happy 6th anniversary to WG and the players. I hope genuinely that the 7th year will be a lot of fun.
  3. I don't mind made-up ships, really, whether based on a real design or a WG extrapolation. It'd be hard to flesh out tech lines to tier X on most nations otherwise. What I do find questionable is WG's marketing chutzpah, which arguably loses touch with reality--and I don't think it is unkind to say that. The Soviet BBs, remember, would have been better than any other nation's battleships (if they could ever have been built). And in the case of Soviet CVs, we get this: "The operational elements of the Soviet large aircraft carrier weren't inferior to those of HMS Ark Royal, USS Yorktown, and German Graf Zeppelin at that time." The operational elements here were the abandoned hulls of a battleship and a cruiser; that is, rivets and steel plating, mostly, rather than anything that separates a CV from a BB or cruiser.
  4. I am trying to be the change I'd like to see in the game, so I will not play Soviet CVs, but the perma-camos do look nice.
  5. >We will replace the ensign flags on Dresden, Emden, G-101, Karlsruhe, Kolberg, König Albert, >Nassau, V-25, and V-170 to the WWI-era Imperial German flag. A very small change, but one I like a lot -- many thanks :)
  6. slugford

    REMOVE SUBS from COOP please!!!

    I don’t mean to sound like a battered wife who excuses her husband’s behaviour because she talked back to him, but I’ve gotten used to Co-op subs now. I’m being the change I want to see in the game by not playing them, but I accept they are here to stay. The sluggish endings to games aren’t fun.
  7. slugford

    National Dog Day: Naval Dogs

    Thank you for an article that made me smile.
  8. slugford

    Who is TURRY?

    There was that nice lady called Anna who was responsible for those emailed bonus codes recently, too -- not her, either :)
  9. slugford

    Tonight's official Livestream a request

    Sir, you are a gentleman!
  10. slugford

    Update 10.7 survey

    I tried to be as level-headed, sincere and positive as possible in the survey, so I ticked the box to say the upcoming introduction of the special Dutch captain was a good thing, which it is (and it would also be nice to see Karel Doorman added as a legendary commander one day). Everything else, however, was coloured by the fact that I am currently so unhappy with the game that I, in all likelihood, will not have the enthusiasm to complete the combat mission for the special Dutch captain, no matter how short or undemanding it might be. Patch 10.7 feels like the patch in which joy and fun couldn't outrun their pursuers any more and rather than make an heroic last stand, they simply lay down in the mud ad filth and rain, sobbing hopelessly as they waited to be caught and snuffed out.
  11. Co-op games used to be 6 mins of fast, frenzied fun. Now it's 4 minutes of fast, frenzied fun followed by 7 glum minutes of doddering about.
  12. It pretty much drove me to becoming a co-op only player. Deadeye was just a dreadful thing to introduce—unbalanced BBs that were previously balanced by their long range inaccuracy. Even when it got removed, I couldn’t face playing random anymore. The move to 21 points was disheartening. Felt like goal posts got moved. I worry they’ll up it to 25 points down the line... it it made me feel like me and WG were a long married couple, but she’s having a midlife crisis and keeps trying to reinvent herself in ways that I can’t understand. She won’t listen. She rubbishes what we once had—tells me what we have now is better. I’d tell her I don’t like how she’s changing but I don’t think she listens to me—she just shoves a spreadsheet in my face to show me i’m wrong. At this point, we’re only staying together for the sake of the Kidd.
  13. I have enough coal for the Napoli but might wait until I have the coupon to save the 50k-odd coal.
  14. slugford

    [RESULTS] Christmas in July with Free Gifts!

    Thank you -- and merry Christmas!