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  1. rihardslv11

    Holiday Lottery 2019 - Try your luck !

    Yes I would like to participate too Hope luck this time is better than last year
  2. rihardslv11

    Update 0.8.11: New Year

    So the snowflakes are added to already owned ships or they will also be added to a ship purchased/added to my port in 0.8.11 ?
  3. rihardslv11

    Ship classification

    Disclamer. This is made purely for fun, so dont take this seriously. Ship classes by their performance. 1) Good ships (Des moines, jean bart) 2) OPiness ships (Payfast, Balansk) 3) Meh ships (PEF, yorck) 4) Bad ships (Crispy créme) 5) National 'flavour' ships (RN bb's) 6) Annoying ships (Harugumo) 7) Heaven ships (MO, mushashi) 8) Fun ships (atlanta) Feel free to add more categoriess to this list;) P.S theres a sub-section of national 'flavour' - Russian bias
  4. Im personally playing it in scharnhorst in co-op, for caping im using nicholas and for anyting else i use dallas
  5. Hello.Just a simple question. Is Atlanta still worth it in 2019 with new meta etc. Since its now on sale for 30% I am wondering about she. I already wanted she but price was too high. Now its on discount. Wanting to hear opinion of her from her owners, not trigerred bb drivers P.S. whic skill should i take first IFHE(for he pen) or AFT(for 13,6 km range)
  6. rihardslv11

    Where is christmas discounts?

    When new update passed on i wanted to take a look on premium ships. And there was no discount on doubloon cost on ships, but around the same time last year there was. Last year in christmas therewas a ship dicounts, doubloon sale and fxp converation discount. Are that supposed to be in new year, because russians dont celebrate christmas, or again WG sh***g in EU.
  7. rihardslv11

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    I want to join the lottery. Good luck
  8. rihardslv11

    Why arent game launching from launcher?

    Soon after it launched, but i want to know what was wrong?
  9. i started the WG launcher and in wows section pressed PLAY, but play button flashed like i was clicking it, but nothing happened. WorldofWarships.exe(i dont know name of that exe)wasnt starting. Are that my system fault, or servers are closed for update? P.S. Time of this happening: 27.10.2018 10:35 GMT Thanks for replying. EDIT:server EU