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  1. Starchy_Tuber

    Enjoy new balance from WG

    they obviously dont play their own game, thats for sure
  2. Starchy_Tuber

    Well Done, Wargaming! .... Hhhhhhh XD

    so, so ,so retarded, classic WeeGee
  3. Starchy_Tuber

    PSA: Godzilla vs. Kong voiceovers

    Uniquely rubbish is the most accurate review. Honestly WeeGee this is pretty low-ball even for you guys. Its a single roar-type which is, quite literally, the minimum effort required to fulfil the barest qualification of "kong"ness"...and some of these other excuses are rather pathetic .... I mean, render the models but don't change the hitbox - problems solved. You already do this for in-game models like the huge scorpion, so saying that you cant do it is pretty obviously not true. It really seems like you cant even put in the effort to come up with decent excuses nowadays, let alone decent product.
  4. Starchy_Tuber

    PSA: Kong and Godzilla camo

    Well, what they got was a single quiet roar, overlaid at the start of a normal national commander voice.... pretty lame and minimal effort. What they could have done...
  5. Starchy_Tuber

    Waterline (DB 147)

    but not as much as by not implementing them at all... like the cv rework f.ex
  6. Starchy_Tuber

    Dev Incompetence or just (edited)?

    You need to wait for the new secondary specialist BBs which will have built-in bonuses to their secondary's, that you cant spec for via skills. They should be arriving as soon as WeeGee see a dip in sales revenue....
  7. Starchy_Tuber

    Waterline (DB 147)

    not true. weegee want some return on their investment, so we will get subs regardless of how well they are, or are not, implemented. just like CV rework. what the players want is quite literally irrelevant in that decision. just like commander rework.
  8. it will stop WeeGee selling as many gambling crates at Christmas...therefore the only "balancing" will be done on already useless "Premiums" rather the totally OP shyte that sells gambling crates.
  9. Starchy_Tuber

    Waterline (DB 147)

    Yes. 82.78% of people who expressed a preference said their cats preferred it.
  10. Starchy_Tuber

    Not naming and shaming but...

    Indeed, some people would be much better teammates if they just went AFK.
  11. Starchy_Tuber

    Not naming and shaming but...

  12. Starchy_Tuber

    Waterline (DB 147)

    Assumption noted. returning to facts - the majority expressed opinion on submarines and their gameplay was decidedly negative.
  13. Starchy_Tuber

    Waterline (DB 147)

    Discovered in fossilized Unicorn Poo
  14. Starchy_Tuber

    Waterline (DB 147)

    Are you seriously trying to suggest that everybody, or even a majority, of the people not on the forum will have dramatically different opinions? the majority of people who expressed an opinion frakking HATED sybmarines. Your attempt to claim that "the majority" had a different opinion is laughable (if for no other reason than the utter lack of interest in playing them and them being forced into ranked just to get some people to try them out)