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  1. Starchy_Tuber

    General Submarines related discussions

    I truly wonder what WeeGee thinks when they see a video like this from such a well-known and respected player of the game. Do they honestly just shrug it off as an "elitist" and carry on regardless thinking that everything is not only "OK" but that subs need buffing? I guess that when the owner of the company knows how to ride a horse everything and everybody else is unimportant.
  2. Starchy_Tuber

    General Submarines related discussions

    Subs are absolutely canine faeces for this game... the overall mechanics, homing torps and so forth, utter dross in terms of game design. Well done WeeGee for surpassing the low-level of mechanic design that we thought you had already plumbed, to even new lows. You excel in pushing the boundaries.
  3. Starchy_Tuber

    Bugs Bugs Bugs

    they arent being ignored - it's just how the professionals do things. If you'd made your own game you would know this. ¬_¬
  4. Starchy_Tuber

    The eleven most terrifying words in the world.

    At the moment those will be the following: "Watch out! Hes launched torpdeoes and they werent aimed at you!"
  5. Starchy_Tuber

    Flags, Resources, Coin... come WG how hard is this?

    random-ality is FUN! How do you not know this? You should talk to the boss Mailk, he will explain to you that you have obviously never ridden a horse and therefore don't understand how the Pros do it.
  6. Starchy_Tuber

    PSA. Its official. The torpedo bug hasn't been fixed.

    I'm so glad WeeGee is now being more transparent on how they go about things, and that people like Mailk are here to show us how the professionals do things. It is truly enlightening.
  7. Starchy_Tuber


    nah, cant be bothered
  8. Starchy_Tuber

    Torpedos are even more broken now!

    Working As Intended. They can now sell a set of loot boxes that have a random chance for your torpedoes to go where they are supposed to. Makes perfect sense - and if you wait a year or so you will even be able to find out the percentile chance that your torpedoes will go where you aim them, possibly.... maybe... wait for a couple more uninvolved people to get fired first, then they'll have an announcement in about 3 months' time that they will fix it..scheduled just after the Austrian CVs are launched.
  9. Starchy_Tuber

    Soviet Carriers Early Access bundles prices "leaked"

    "grind" (not directed at you personally) Oh, you mean "Play the game" don't you? Chalk up another one fallen to the good old fallacy that "playing the game" is just a "grind" to get to something "better". The game doesn't change dude, its either a game you enjoy playing or literally every single aspect of it is a "grind". IN which case you are paying to get to something that is still just a grind, well done, money well spent. One can tell a "game" is a success when the mere playing of it, at any level, is considered to be nothing more than a laborious "grind" so that you pay money to get past "the grind" to "the real game" - which is just more grind as its exactly the same as the rest of the game.... and yet some allow themselves to be utterly fooled into thinking that paying money will somehow get them to a secret nirvana of gaming goodness - the legendary "Tier 10" where the grind stops and everything becomes fun? oh my.
  10. Starchy_Tuber

    Subs, simple yes or no

    This game doesn't run on any principles.
  11. Starchy_Tuber

    Important message for the community

    I dont believe you & I dont trust you. Yeah, it really, really was - you throw it in the bin.
  12. Starchy_Tuber

    Important message for the community.

    A year?!! .... dont make me larf... you telling us that you are going to need a YEAR to "work out" your drop rates? THIS is the sort of blatant BS that gets you a bad name...
  13. Starchy_Tuber

    Important message for the community.

    Waiting for actual actions, sick and tired of WeeGees "words".