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  1. Starchy_Tuber

    How many Russian Cruisers?

    They've still got a mountain of BS to put out yet, so there will be many more of the "Mightiest Soviestki Bestest in Everything Totally Historical WW2 Fleet of Uberness".
  2. Starchy_Tuber

    Will Benham ever get released?

    lols, I did the same.... currently playing LWOTC XCOM2, then it'll be Warhammer TW new expansion, and by then it will be 2077 time. my premium ran out a couple of weeks ago and I have seen nothing whatsoever to encourage me back into the game atm. nothing.
  3. Starchy_Tuber

    Soviet Cruisers: Two Bogatyrs

    please stop wasting your resources on crud like this, spend that time on something useful like scenarios...or anything else that actually does something for the game instead of this wasteful self-indulgent BS.
  4. Starchy_Tuber

    Overpen mechanic getting out of hand!

    erm.. I'm not sure you understand this thread at all...….
  5. Starchy_Tuber

    Overpen mechanic getting out of hand!

    "Because cruisers are usually easiest to punish"" exactly not, because they are not getting citadelled when they should be..... that's the OPs point, and he is right.
  6. Starchy_Tuber

    Overpen mechanic getting out of hand!

    lols, srsly? ...people are playing the game wrong if their battleship shoots cruisers.
  7. Starchy_Tuber

    Overpen mechanic getting out of hand!

    odd how it just happens to mean less overpens… Not at all suspicious.... Please correct me if I am wrong, weren't shell timers variable in real life? So they would adjust them to what they were shooting at....? Which kinda makes the argument of "its just big shells making small holes" rather silly as the actual answer is "they just adjusted the timers so they still went bang bang" instead of "Ping oopsie". The reason deter of battleships in the game is to punish roadsides, but in actuality its entirely down to RNG, and this ahs been the case since the changes in.. iirc, around September of 2019 when the number of dev-strikes rather obviously changed and the number of overpens rather obviously went up. So all this "its working fine" is rather unhistorical and rather defeats the purpose of big guns deleting ships that go full broadside, but that doesnt happen anywhere near as much now as it used to... and you see so many more cruisers getting away with overpens where they deserve to be dev-struck. yeah yeah "show me proof" - but ive been waiting since 2019 for proof that my observations are invalid, and ive not seen any yet.... and evne if it were not "proven" there remains the issue of the fundamental question: Should cruisers going full broadside really be expected to escape easily simply due to the overpen mechanic letting them off? (It certainly isn't an aiming issue - its an RNG issue and fundamental game mechanics that probably warrant change) ttfn
  8. Starchy_Tuber

    Overpen mechanic getting out of hand!

    Unless they are Russian. In which case they give them shorter fuse timers so that they don't over-pen as much. hmmm odd that... especially considering the new soviet cruiser line and there "conveniently shorter fuse times than others" railgun ballistics... odd that...
  9. Starchy_Tuber

    Italian BB's

    The USP should be that they are Italian Battleships. Sadly WeeGee have gone the route of "everything must be different in gameplay in some fashion" so they've handicapped themselves. Just imagine a game where there were only historical ships with all of their multitude of differences, all based in facts... rather than paper-tigers out of the Sovietski Dream Machine. I mean, who would want to buy into that eh?
  10. Starchy_Tuber

    Numeric separators in mission requirements

    but it is....apparently
  11. obviously people wanted it because it wasnt OP at all.
  12. Starchy_Tuber

    Numeric separators in mission requirements

    their argument for not doing it is because not every nation uses the same form, ,'s or .'s the obvious alternative is to go 35 000 000 - but even that is apparently "too confusing" for people, so instead were stuck with 350000000 and having to count the zeros.
  13. Starchy_Tuber


    This +1 The channel that used to be full of "LFNarai" or "LFN" is gone with the wind.....
  14. Starchy_Tuber

    Time for a SuperDuper EU Battleship.

    In order to compete with the upcoming Russian cruisers we need the "Scharnhorst-Class Battlecruiser". That way we can Nuke them from orbit. Its the only way to be sure.
  15. Starchy_Tuber

    Censored CC content

    TWW has masses more replayability than any TW game before it. Its new content is largely FreeLC, you only need to buy the DLC to play as that faction, every time a new faction comes out you get to play against it for free - so almost every dlc is a new experience. They linked 1&2 into a fabulous mega campaign... "for free" and it is HUGE,... And the reason there was no DLC for Shogun 1 and closer titles to that was because people hadn't invented DLC. Sales of WTW 1 & 2 and the DLCs far exceed anything previously, they regularly outscore previous games in reviews, and more people are still playing them than any other TW title, ever. {Indeed WTW has been so successful that is has forced so much interest into the tabletop game that GW has resurrected the World form which it is based and the factions and figures (which they utterly destroyed, literally, to make their new GW games)} And they make more games as the company is bigger... If you want to go back to Shogun and take a look at the company size and revenues etc, go for it, I've known them since before then (The forgotten Sports-game Era) and interviewed them a number of times for print magazines, the Producer of MTW is a personal friend (albeit now with EA in the USA, traitor!) and I've known and followed them through Activision and Feral and Sega days... MTW2 was an MTW remake using what they learned from Rome and wasn't a massive commercial success (success, yes, massive, no) and Empire had numerous technical and gameplay issues that were never fixed..never addressed even. (It's a darn shame naval battles never continued in all other titles but people just couldn't handle them and actual "sailing" played no real part in winning) Empire AI was retarded at almost every level. Rome 2 used a different engine version (of warscape) - which wasn't ideal for the game...and that's a large part of why it took so long...but its loooong series of patches post-release finally fixed most issues. (they listened to fan issues oddly enough) RTW2 outsold all previous TW titles and passed the magic 1 million mark. Its "Divide et Impera" mod is widely considered as a Gold-Standard for modding and for the game itself which is nowadays rated highly (and deservedly so) So, I can tell you that they do listen to fans, but listening doesn't mean "Doing what they say", and they are perfectly aware of noise-signal ratio and forum whoring. Your arguments have poor foundations...if you really want to look for "bad guys and reasons" then look to the publisher "Issues" rather than the production studio, and take off the rose-tinted-glasses about Empire and MTW2, they were far from perfect. There is no "rule of the elite". Don't get led along a path by the tendency of the forums to appear to be ruled by "My stats are better than yours, therefore I am right and you are wrong!" people. Its an illusion. They've already announced an easing on profitability with the change to consumables... Tier 10 profits will be easier to come by (something the "elites" don't want) You have it almost entirely backward in fact. 1) A good idea is a good idea regardless of where it comes from and their testers are not an avalanche of Super-Unicums with a powdering of Average. 2) They cater heavily to the masses right now 3) See 2 above tbph you sound like somebody who has had their ideas rejected and will be bitter for evermore, regardless of what they do. (WG and CA both)