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  1. Starchy_Tuber

    There will never be a BB with bigger guns then Yamato...

    So, another Over-pen Simulator in the game... I'm so excited I might start playing again... Oh, wait a minute... I'm not... and I wont.
  2. Starchy_Tuber

    WG are you gonna release the % when it comes to boxes?

    except, you dont. which is the point.
  3. Starchy_Tuber

    This round of ranked is

    This +1
  4. Starchy_Tuber

    how many € you spent on mega santa gifts?

    nothing. PR disaster swayed me away from spending anything on WeeGee this winter.... the straw over and above the CV rework disaster and the generally poor investment of time and effort by WeeGee into the gameplay, over anything that earns them quick dollars.
  5. Starchy_Tuber

    This round of ranked is

    And now let the age of potato CVs begin....
  6. I very much doubt that it was a straight-up lie - they are too incompetant to do so well. Its far more likley they just haven't told the appropriate people to update the deadline date on the LM missions...or they told them and they did it wrong, or just didn't do it...so, general incompetance and misscommunication, rather than outright deceipt.
  7. WeeGee really lost the plot this December, as usual they also continued to completely ignore feedback.
  8. One thing WG can’t be accused of is being classy.... I am honestly amazed if WG really do think that their game and player base is right where they want it because I Donte knot of a single person in our clan that is happy with the game in general, let alone this PR disaster. Russian CSR/PR see so be eerily similar to the CCCP method of PR..... say what you want people to believe and assume they will believe it.... regardless of it being true or not.
  9. Starchy_Tuber

    Change Halsey and Yamamoto talents

    Cant imagine any reason why people would consider Russian Kapitan would be better than others - total coincidence, no Russian Bias here. NO SUCH THINGS EXISTS! Silly anti-Russian Western Forum biased peoples.
  10. Starchy_Tuber

    Finished PR today for 14k dubs

    I did like the flag "Grind is a Myth" and he opens with spending £27 quid to make it easier.... real "myth" busting there.
  11. Starchy_Tuber

    Finished PR today for 14k dubs

    fuuny thing about those other games - when the company goes titsup you can still play the game.
  12. Starchy_Tuber

    WOWS 2019 - The Great Disconnection

    Well, some position other than last, that would be an improvement....
  13. Starchy_Tuber

    legendary/unique upgrades becomes research buru only

    Oh, wait, you mean its for THE ONE PERCENT people again? I'm TRULY SHOCKED>
  14. Starchy_Tuber

    legendary/unique upgrades becomes research buru only

    WeegEE, if you do this, after telling us that there was no time limit on getting LMs - you will lose me as a customer. Cant be clearer than that really.
  15. Starchy_Tuber

    My first week on EU