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  1. So... I then sent support a list of my Mods, asking them which one was the "Illegal" one... They sent me a link to the World of Tanks Fair play policy. You cant make this up.
  2. antenociti

    Test Server Changes Have Gone Live - Is it any Better?

    AA of t10 ships seems improved... see images... but you cannot stop an attack, you just whittle away at the aircraft numbers slowly, and they eventually add up to a lot of aircraft, but the number you kill is somewhat meaningless. The *only* reason I stopped shooting down aircraft was by having to go and kill both of the CVs...that was the only way to stay alive...otherwise, they just wear you down no matter how good or bad the player is. Changing your AA focus from side to side - tbph I find this utterly pointless as the best way to avoid repeat drops is wild manoeuvring - which means aircraft rarely sit on one side of you for you to shoot at....sometiems on map border, or against an island, maybe, otherwise its a waste of time imo. Long-range with AA consumable is most effective - however, that "effectiveness" comes with a BIG caveat that it depends on whether or not the CV (Airplane) player drives into the flak bubbles or not... outside fo the flak bubbles damage to aircraft is not great and really just a mediocre DoT - what it really does is take a "Potential 4- attack run squadron" and turns it into a 3, or at best 2-run squadron. You won't stop air attacks. I enjoyed Tier 4 CV play and it felt balanced even with 2 CVs per team - thing is - its almost all versus bots on test... very few players in games other than the opposing CVs. Tier X - Im a CV n00b, total nugget... but even I can torp a ship reliably - i always get one run out of a squadron even If I frak it up or act suicidally... the planes are throw-away after all. Bombs are trickier but, other than DDs, easy-ish to land hits (again BOTS! warning, ships didn't manoeuvre much) DDs and rockets - you can do this all day long even versus players, you just hound them over and over even if you don't kill them quickly, feels a bit like cyber-bullying tbph... especially if you team-up with the other CV> 3 CVs per side per game? seriously? No. (Unless you want to hear the sheep screaming) Overall impression: showing promise, (Tier 4 was fun with torps!) totally not ready for release yet and the current Test environment bears no resemblance to the live gaming scene; so using it as a testbed is questionable at best. Disclaimer: I don't play CVs on Live! Note: 274 aircraft were shot down in that game. Note: 274 aircraft were shot down in that game.
  3. Well, I got a reply from support that sent me to a WGMods website with World of Tanks mods on it...and they told me to check that all of my mods were on that website. Yes, you did read that correctly - they told me to check that all of my mods were on "Mod Portal - World of Tanks".
  4. I got a similarly obscure message today - nothing more than a vague warning with no detail on what the supposed "Illegal" mod is - I run Aslains (which is all hunky-dory and on this very forum) for almost a year now, without any issues... it's worrying. Submitted a Support Ticket - was interested to discover that you cannot actually "appeal" a "first strike" warning as there is no way to do so via support... so had to go via "forum or chat ban". And then found this thread - where numerous reports and questions appear to have been completely ignored... so @MrConway how about some help on this matter? "Funny thing is..." I went to report somebody for TKing me yesterday and went to get the replay of the game when I discovered my replays were not there... at all. None, not even the default 30. Did some digging on the forum and found a "Replays Tool" by WeeGee - followed the install instructions for that and ran it in the game folder... played a game or two and ended session, checked replays folder - nothing there still - Did another search and found a much more recent version of the "WoWs Replay Tool" - so installed that - still didn't work - ah well, I'll fix it tomorrow. Very next time I log in I get this "Illegal mod" notice. hmmmmmmm ---- Then in this thread, there is a post with a link to "WGCheck" program - no info on it or what it does.... but ran it anyway..... and its "report" shows a bucket load of old MOD files still linked to the program files... nothing obviously dodgy about them, I just don't use them anymore (mxstat, wowsrelams, MMM etc). So I figure - wipe the entire game and re-install... which is what I am doing. However, I still intend to run mods - I'm too old and stupid to play this game without some of them (win timer, navigator, ships stats) - however, they are all "legal" mods from within Aslains mod-pack AND the official Mod-Pack - the "thing is" though - as WeeGee won't say what the supposedly illegal Mod was... how am I supposed to know what I can run and what I cant run? ---- I also note that on the US forums there are people who don't run any mods who have received the same warnings (also see above), and one guy who got the warning 2 seconds after he started the game after a clean wipe and re-install (with zero mods). That strongly suggests an automated system is in place that's looking at the game folder for any extraneous dlls or other programs (*hint hint* such a WoWs Replays) or other widgets and automatically issues a ticket/warning - hence the reason that ticket's message is also so very, very obscure. Following that thread, and others on here (EU) and elsewhere it appears that WeeGee promised in the past to make the messages less obscure and more helpful, but that was over a year ago and it seems nothing has been done since then to improve matters, combined with the above aspect of "automated warnings" I'm unimpressed and hesitant to even play the game atm .... and would like some clarification before I get a 2nd strike for running legitimate authorised WG Mods (or other WG program/s).
  5. antenociti

    Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    sry didnt see it - grinding the PEF missions so had brain turned off!
  6. antenociti

    Have you noticed getting more AP over pens lately?

    So, git-gud already. Yes, but as its anecdotal and now subject to confirmation bias it's really not worth mentioning it. (Somebody stole my devstrikes also and replaced them with zero damage over-pens, but that's also anecdotal so also doesn't count.)
  7. antenociti

    Daily win bonus bug?

    Some people still don't realise that; give them time, they need patience and regular exercise and one day they may get there.
  8. antenociti

    Zero Damage Pens... how?

  9. antenociti

    Zero Damage Pens... how?

    No, I mean they've noticeably been a lot more frequent since the previous patch. If you mean confirmation bias, well aware of that, but not in this case - they've been a lot higher in frequency since the previous patch. As I said.
  10. antenociti

    Zero Damage Pens... how?

    Thanks, folks, appreciated.
  11. antenociti

    Zero Damage Pens... how?

    The frequency of them has noticeably changed ... enough for me to notice it at least... (coinciding with a noticeable drop in citadel hits, but that's another story) The hits were visually on the lower broadside belt area... but, yeah, I know you can't really trust what you see in the game... so its most likely that they hit higher than they appeared to in-game and penetrated a module? Wouldn't that have shown a damaged/destroyed module though?
  12. antenociti

    Zero Damage Pens... how?

    Hey all, Seeking to understand how/why I am seeing a fair amount of Zero-Damage Penetration hits recently... They have been fairly regular since the previous patch and a fair amount of the time I can't make much sense of them - as to why/how I am getting a penetration hit, but no damage in cases OTHER than where a ship is already partly or heavily damaged (i.e. saturation): The latest "anomaly" was AP Penetration Hits on a broadside full HP Republique from my Republique at a range of around 21km right at the start of the battle...literally the first shots fired by our team or theirs in the game. 5 Hits: 4 penetrations for zero damage (+1 Richochet). Explanations appreciated.
  13. antenociti

    PEF........ I want my money back

    Stat-shaming to "prove" a point is pretty poor, doing so whilst on a re-roll account with bloated stats is even poorer. It's not needed. Stop doing it. (PEF seemed OK to me)