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  1. antenociti

    player saying he reporting me for no reason

    By "report" he probably means give you negative Karma - which does... absolutely nothing. I would recommend saving replays and uploading them to wowsreplays ( https://replayswows.com/ ) if anybody does a similar "i'll report you for xyz" - the public replay can be viewed by everyone and that normally is better than a million words.
  2. antenociti

    Clan Battles Test Season "North"

    No, it sucks donkey balls @MrConway I turned up most times to try to play and got in a grand total of 4 games in..... and yet... nada. Twice I cancelled something RL to set aside the time for clan battles .... only to have the sessions cancelled. And of the other times we only find out it is being cancelled after the session was due to start... or none of the clan turns up because they've been told its cancelled, and it wasn't..... and now an arbitrary reward to people who fall lucky - and sod-all to people like me who turned up to every available session they could but got shafted by the permanently moving goalposts and lack of information. And it falls almost exclusively on your inability to let your player base know wth is going on in an appropriate timeframe and manner. I don't mind it being a TEST, I don't mind not hitting the lucky "Play 5 and win" arbitrary award (well. i do a bit), I DO mind having to constantly search around forums or Reddit trying to find out if something is On or Off .... and cancelling or missing RL events when WG cannot be arsed to let us know wth is going on. I'll tell you how much motivation I have for doing anything TEST for you atm - its naff-all, but I'll carry on doing PT, carry on doing TST because I like the game - I just hate your inability to communicate to the player base in a timely fashion and in a proper manner i.e. meaning I don't have to go searching for it - Let us take THIS VERY THREAD as an example - your Notice goes up on the News with a "Discuss This on the Forum" link that goes to a CLOSED THREAD. You cannot even be bothered to put a link to THIS THREAD in your announcement fcol.. people have to go looking for it. Can you honestly tell me @MrConway that all this effort by us is worth at least the consideration of being kept informed in due time and in a logical and easy to find place?
  3. antenociti

    Season 4 of Clan Battles

    I'm the only person in my clan who goes on to the test server - so I can't actually test anything do with clans... as I need to be a Clan div to enter CBs.... If i leave my clan to find another to join - i have the 3 days wait period before i can join another clan. Why am I even in a clan? To test the new Clan Base before it was released. Im not hugely fussed, but.. too many hoops to jump through atm WG.
  4. antenociti

    CV Rework Beta Test - Feedback thread

    Only had a short time to grab a few battles before the close... on the live server, I have only around 40 battles in Tier 4-6 CVs. XP was broken for a long time, so after the first battle had to wait for a fix. Dropped into Tier X games with a stock Tier 8 CV gives a nasty impression of the game... to start with... my others impressions so far 1) Flak bursts look good but there is no tangible border to their area of effect and often you can do nothing but run into them when trying to approach a ship. (This may be intended) 2) Sound when "Piloting" the planes around, for flak fire and MG fire is rather tinny and underwhelming... 3) When multiple ships are firing AA there is little that allows you to determine what ship is putting out what flak (again, this may be intended or a non-issue) ..I'd also like to see a lot more muzzle flashes and other indications from the ship that is firing AA at you (realistic or not) if any exist I missed them. 4) Rockets are easy enough to aim after a little practice but there is a lack of in-game feedback as to their efficiency i.e. why am I scoring zero damage hits (Can be resolved off-screen but this sort of thing should always be communicated clearly {zero dam pens anybody}) 5) Stock Tier 8 aircraft in Tier 10 games get absolutely butchered by AA flak, but only nominally affected by close-in MG AA - is this intended? 6) The aiming reticule seems to be out-of-whack for dive bombers when boosting into an attack - the bombs don't go anywhere near the reticule if you use the boost. 7) Torpedo bombers present a lack of information about the ship you are attacking, such as an impression of their speed, so working out the required lead is difficult - may be intended and just requires more practice. 8) Torpedoes seem slow... the "attack run" also needs some Two Steps From Hell magic in terms of sound. 9) I actually like the inability to abort an attack run once started, you've committed, deal with it (subject to any serious gameplay issues I've not thought about) 10) I don't like having to abandon my squadron to get back to the CV to dodge torps or put out a fire - I assumed I was missing some info but others playing with me also didn't know... so if there isn't, there needs to be. Can I not just "park them" doing circles until I return to them as I can with using MM and AP? 11) I like the fighter's system - "dropping fighters" into an area for X time, as a form of area denial system seems to work. 12) AA fire from ships is... well, it *seems* ineffective and just a lot of tinny noise when you are playing the ship but feels more effective when playing the aircraft... but it certainly seems to be "all over the place" in terms of what ship is putting out what AA damage - DDs seem to be real killers compared to cruisers or BBs. 13) "Flab Bubbles" are deadly, literally murderous to Tier 8 planes in a Tier 10 game - could be WAI... 14) The flight controls to avoid flak bubbles is, with the combination of partial-louse and AD keys, a bit unintuitive and cumbersome - I'd like more mouse control and less dramatic key control - part of that comes down to the disappearance of the targeting reticule from certain angles, speeds and during manoeuvres..some of those sharp turns with the keys seem "radical" and you practically lose control of your aircraft... you always lose sight of your reticule in sharp manoeuvres .. and the ability to do such sharp turns that your squadron can stay within the "close range and less effective MG AA" is a bit suspect and will no doubt be abused. 15) I went from "all aircraft totally destroyed" to "learning how to dodge flak" in 3 games or so - certainly not perfected it and sometimes the flak just appears on you, so no way to avoid it - I don't mind that, but it takes some adjusting to. Hard to judge efficacy as so little time in game and no direction to qualify that experience 16) I want to shift-click on a squadron to focus AA - the "area AA boost" thingy - don't like it...and it lacks visual representation also (give us auditory and visual feedback clues please) 17) Had nowhere near enough CV games to start making in-depth conclusions about the gameplay - didn't get to tier 10 and my time (once XP was fixed) was largely spent experimenting on how to fly and drop, rather than playing a game to win and score max damage. 18) The central concept of the gameplay appears sound to me - it can be made more enjoyable and logical but you REALLY need to start setting test requirements i.e. "test this specific interaction". I've been a professional game reviewer (print and net) and long-time professional alpha/beta tester for many games (as well as Dev~)... and you're not giving people enough direction or information - this is resulting in lots of reactionary posts with little direct feedback on core elements. Its rather pointless to throw lots of people into an essentially open test if you do not direct them to test specific things and receive targetted feedback - this thread is chaos as clearly exhibited by the morass of "AA is too strong / AA is too weak" - such contradictory statements require qualification and validation through testing, but you're not providing anything to the (public) testers to do that. If you want more constructive and targetted feedback then you need to sort this out and start setting tests of specific functionality in specific formats/circumstances.... throwing lots of people into a mixer and saying "what do you think" will generate 99% noise and 1% useful data... if you are lucky. Disappointed that you are not better organised.
  5. antenociti

    T8 BB's in T10 games, an idea for survival.

    Yes, and, well, damn it, yes... we do...
  6. antenociti

    Mechanism to stop accidental use of doubloons

    Ask the OP if he felt he was being trolled - no, don't, he already answered that... but if calling being unfriendly, sarcastic, mean-spirited and generally "toxic" is made better by substituting that phrase with a less offensive phrase such as "salt" then go for it, if it makes one feel better... does it actually change the behaviour one bit though..? No. ...and so the central issue remains the same: there was no need to be such a [edited] about it. *A good user interface should not require you to be "careful" when using it. Defusing bombs? Yes, careful is good... Using a game GUI..? Really? Let me review that for you: "The game interface encourages mistakes; costing you doubloons (which you buy with money) if you forget, or do not know, that you have to set, on every individual ship, an option to NOT spend doubloons on refreshing certain temporary camouflages from one game to the next. Should you go from one game to the next, without returning to the port, there is no warning that your next game will cost you Doubloons for your camouflage (or certain flags) when they are depleted from your camouflage stocks and automatically refreshed for new games. Players can, therefore, find themselves spending money, via doubloons, without knowing about it until they do return to the Port screen... which in some cases could be many battles. When finally they do return to the port screen they can have unintentionally spent hundreds of doubloons without knowing about it. And that is poor design (unless you're the direct beneficiary of it e.g. WG) A GOOD design would require to OPT-In, not to Opt-Out when spending money (translated via doubloons) is concerned. (Especially when there is no notice that you are doing so when going from game to game. At the very least there should be a warning and.or prompt to return to port). (Similarly, another QoL issue would be a Camo running out producing a pop-up/alert that it will, producing an option to return to port to add another camo rather than go to the next game without a camo - it's the same poor design that provides the user with no feedback - yes, you can say "learn or suffer" but that's just dumb as it alienates customers {and almost certainly produces a CS overhead} - poor design, GUIs that require you to "be careful" - these are not a good thing to have in your game because when you piss off your customers they go elsewhere.)
  7. antenociti

    What is going on with the game?

    It does seem as though there are more 1 sided games atm, but sadly confirmation bias tends to undermine any "feelings" about whether or not it's worse, better or the same. WG could probably tell us, but...
  8. antenociti

    Mechanism to stop accidental use of doubloons

    Yes, having to manually and individually de-select a global option should have a global-deselect option. And a button to de-flag and de-camo every ship in your port wouldn't go amiss either... General "quality of life" improvements that take little coding time (or so one would imagine)... in the meantime, I will stick to (claiming) it being done deliberately as a way to use up a "currency" that is consistently losing its value in the game.
  9. antenociti

    Mechanism to stop accidental use of doubloons

    and the other two as well i guess my little cherub?
  10. antenociti

    Mechanism to stop accidental use of doubloons

    "Some people learns from their mistakes and some blame everyone else" simples.
  11. antenociti

    Mechanism to stop accidental use of doubloons

    It's not illegal for the OP either, so stop acting like your opinions are oK and his arent, stop saying he cannot learn, stop saying he is blaming everyone else - just stop being a douchebag (and then trying to act as though you are a harmless little cherub) You know full well you were being an arse... and he has a perfectly valid point which you treated with contempt, as well as attacking him personally, don't make strawman arguments, be contemptuous and they try to act innocent and be the injured party - it is the definition of trolling kiddo and it isn't needed. If you want to act offended by me calling you out - then add "hypocrite" to the list of your FAILS.
  12. antenociti

    Mechanism to stop accidental use of doubloons

    ... frak me, but you've built a MAHOOSIVE strawman out of a legitimate and simple request -next thing you'll be accusing him of muddying the gene pool. The current way it is set up is DELIBERATELY done so that people WASTE doubloons when they don't mean to. It's cynical and it's poor design from the customers perspective... Stop with your incessant whining about "not complaining" and go and buff your halo somewhere else.
  13. antenociti

    CV Rework Beta Test - Feedback thread

    same here, following the instal instructions but no TST option available
  14. antenociti

    One of the funniest sprint ranked games

    I thought the most amusing part was when the jianwei and enemy acasta are being lippy in the chat "you're useless" (Confederate) "Yes is a coward" (High Caliber) and so on and so forth... the literal evidence of you not being crap is scrolling in front of their eyes and they keep taking crap. oi vey Kongo was useless, but the jianwei made it look great.... if only the Kongo hadn't gone awol you could still have won. I would also report the jianwei for giving away your position - that was pure malice and trying to fork over your own team.
  15. antenociti

    Pretty sure, that Stalingrad got ninja nerfed

    Opinion, observation, suspicion, search for corroboration of a feeling, or negation of confirmation bias. Non-misanthropes only. Still no need to be a [edited] about it.