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  1. Premium shop ingame issues

    "The tier and the name seem to be one."
  2. Injustice and unjust

    He's got you bang to rights there Sargento.
  3. Would you like a after chat?

    I wouldn't confuse "most people" with "a few vocal people in the forums"... and don't provide obvious solutions such as "don't use it then" - it upsets people when you use logic and common sense.
  4. Would you like a after chat?

    What tosh! - your figures are made up to be convenient to your attitude and as such are deliberatley alarmist. Games build community through communications tools, a post-game lobby is an extra tool to allow people to discuss the recent game in a group environment, many games do this *lobby* approach and they work well. I'm confident that the Devs work on more than 1 thing at a time... and coding a chat lobby won't strain their dev-team too much.
  5. TO WG regarding the radarsituation

    if they can play without problems the game is broken.
  6. Would you like a after chat?

    If we follow your logic, there would be no game at all. "Oh no! don't make that game, some people will whine!"
  7. In the police, we'd come up against these people who'd say things like "but I've been driving for 20 years" as if it meant that had spent all 20 years learning how to drive... and that driving for 20 years meant they were somehow better than somebody who'd just passed their driving test.... whereas, in fact, and in practice, the moment they passed their driving test they stopped learning and often forgot the basics... and now had 20 years of bad habits and were 20 years out of date on road theory, tech, saftey and all otehr aspects... 1000 battles can easily teach you nothing good at all.... just like that guy with an 8K average damage in a tier 10 Hindie after hundreds of battles.... or the Tier 2 DD driver with 1000+ games none above tier 3. The game teaches you very little.
  8. Confirmation Bias is now active....
  9. You missed the key element - the GAME doesn't teach one much - almost all of those resources are third-party content and not part of the GAME. One cannot create a game and then expect people to learn how to play it by going out of the game to a third-party resource..and then complain that they don't know squat... most people will not go to a third-party provider to find out how a game works, they expect the game to teach/tell them. Its lazy game development - the game should show/force you through a series of tutorials that explains all of the core game elements, ship consumables, game modes and so on and so forth... ....and many people just don't realise how hard it is to get internet users to click on a link or button. Edit: Plenty of videos about going middle and having it work - a favourite pastime of Flambass and friends for one thing... but at that point, you are conflating game-strategy with game-mechanics... which should be separate discussions; strategy is based on opinion, mechanics is based on rules/code.
  10. Mockery discounts (rant)

    10% isn't a significant enough amount to persuade me to buy something that I don't need.
  11. Well, that's a consistent underlying problem with WoWs - the game teaches you very little.
  12. Is Blacklisting supposed to work?

    Does that apply instantly or only after that game for subsequent games? ( We recently had a player constantly hitting "Negative" throughout the enter game and there seems no way to silence them at all)
  13. Is Blacklisting supposed to work?

    For Co-op, yes I did actually... I couldn't see how it could be abused. ...for Random I wasn't sure. ( I know it didn't for Ranked and Clan.) Hence me asking the question... that is a process where one finds things out by asking others.... not sure how that is amusing, I've done so throughout my life and find it very useful to ask, and not just assume things. (thanks to those who answered without the need to be juveniles about it)
  14. Is Blacklisting supposed to work?

    I've blacklisted a few players, in particular, a CV player who consistently does nothing for his team - and yet this is the fourth time he's been present on my team over the last couple of months. Is blacklisting supposed to actually do anything or is it just a cosmetic "feel better button"?
  15. Right gotchya... not logged in atm, but pretty sure all my captains were unskilled (with points to spend)