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  1. NOT touching ranked ever again.

    If you're confused, just ask. They weren't farming XP - they often openly admitted what they were doing "I'm saving my star!"... So don't start telling me what I've observed as though you have some deep mystical insight to which only you are privy - you clearly don't. When "getting more damage" = revealing your location to receive return fire, when a) you don't need to and b) it could easily result in your death, it is tactically stupid no matter how you try to shine it up... and as that is precisely what happened on a number of occasions, it was born out by experience rather than wishful thinking. People switch from "playing to win" into "playing to save a star", a situation that only exists because the star-save exists and none of that is teamplay orientated.
  2. Why NA server players are more welcome than us?!

    because... Internet.
  3. NOT touching ranked ever again.

    Oh, there is. A DD gets 3 caps and spots well, then goes seppuku because he knows he's got no damage - he rushes for kills and dies, the game turns, you've no DD and you lose. And that DD can do that whether or not he tries to save a star or win a star (as suggested above as an alternative method). I've witnessed loses from positions of dominance where people keep pushing for no other reason than to increase their score "in case of defeat". They aren't trying to win at this point, they're trying to cover their arse in case of defeat... similarly a BB that does a ram to grab a chunk of damage bonus when his team is heading toward probable/possible defeat - but the ram will get him lots of points "guaranteed" and possibly save him a star so its "better" to ram, than to try to survive and fight for a possible win with a protracted kill where somebody else might "steal" those points. These things are not necessarily in the best interest of the team, nor go toward a win... but they do go toward saving a star. This was in reference to the idea of "You get a star for the top player in the winning team, not a star for the whole team"
  4. I lost my game, and not to players...

    I do feel sorry for the CV players, but not sorry that CVs are changing. Will the proposed changes make things better? Nowhere near enough info~ to say atm.
  5. I think he was dead but didn't realise it. (Its the only way for the screen to be empty after all - he's sunk)
  6. NOT touching ranked ever again.

    I think that any system that uses stars, either as a reward or punishment (via a loss) is going to be inherently flawed... because people will play for the star, not the team. On the assumption (and I agree it is a contentious point in and of itself) that awarded base XP was a fair reflection of your activity in any one game (and, yes, DDs need more rewarding for "Doing their job") wouldn't it be better to require a player to attain a certain XP average over X games to advance a rank? "In theory" a player that cannot shoot straight f.ex~ would be hard pressed to get an average base 1500XP over X games. If the average XP per game, and the number of X games, rise for each rank, would that not give a better indication of every individual's contribution? e.g. base XP 1000 over last 5 >games ->>>> to base xp 2000 over last 15 games. Somebody who can average 2000XP over 15 games should be a better-ranked player than somebody who can only manage 1000xp over 5 games. ????? edit: This is, after all, how "emblems" are awarded and they are supposed to reflect you in-game ability.
  7. NOT touching ranked ever again.

    First time with a Tier X ship in ranked. 70 games to get to rank 5, with around 70% win rate in Republique. Then 56 games to get back to rank five after dropping to 7... and 54% win rate. I kept some loose notes over the period: 1 loss - i crashed couldn't get back in - team lost 5 losses - another team member AFK or Crashed (2 CVs, 3 DDs in there) 3 games - I dun fked-up - mistake by me that probably/certainly cost us the match. 5 games - sub-par game by me (under 100k damage) - usually/mostly poor positioning (I can aim and hit fine, just find myself in the wrong place to be most useful) 13 loses - snatching defeat from certain victory - people simply cannot understand "HOLD" as a command (see later) 2 loses - our CV outmatched, their CV blitzed us 3 wins - our CV outmatched theirs and blitzed them 1 "AFK" loss "Sorry guys I'm only here to qualify for the free container, have fun". (there are no words) The rest of the games were a mishmash but I often kept a star through damage output, average about 100k. The most interesting point is those 13 loses we didn't need to lose: Either people do not understand how cap points work, and what a ship-loss costs your team, or they are so uncertain in their victory that they continue trying to always cause damage to save that star IF it turned into a loss situation - so they keep pushing and pushing and pushing - and die and DO cost the game. I've been 3 - 0 caps up and 5 ships to 2, screaming at my team to HOLD! STOP PUSHING and watching them keep pushing and dying horribly, uselessly and stupidly. I cannot think of other reasons than "trying to save a star" or "Don't understand the point scoring system in the game and can't read English". Everybody should really have the mod that predicts win/loss - although I do have doubts that the aforementioned people would understand that either. There are a few things that I have learned: 1) The "save a star" system encourages selfish play and seems to be a contributing factor of needless loses. 2) Few "experienced" players seem able to help/advise/take control of a match - I have often asked, "Where do you want me?" (or similar) to be completely ignored or told: "If you don't know by now you shouldn't be playing ranked". 3) Devastating Strikes automatically cost you 1 Karma 4) 1st person to die on a team has to scream "Fking N00b team!" at least 3 times before rage-quitting. 5) if you're the last one alive at the end of the game (on your losing team) then it's your fault... (this is the point in time where the "Dead-Experts" come out and start using chat) and loses you 2 Karma. 6) 2, above, has a corollary that "What you should be doing" is different every team you are in. 7) Kills win games, not damage (See 1 above) 8) Helping somebody to Rank 1 gets you Karma every time. Overall - it's been a so-so experience. I'm most disappointed so few people who've played ranked a lot before are willing to take control of a game and organise their team-mates: yes, there is some merit in "You should know", but to know, one has to learn somewhere. I wish there were more 'bossier' ranked players, who would speak up BEFORE you fk-up, not only after you Fk-up. They may not be there to teach, but doing so can only help them. But that sounds like I am blaming them for my poor play, which isn't true at all. It's not a simple topic.
  8. just don't take British Gallants - had 3 in the last run-through and as their total AA is "2" each it means you get swamped by planes.... first time i've not gotten 5 stars in this mission (PT and live) and, yes, I realise how ironic that is and pointed it out on PT at the time.
  9. Leaked CV Rework CO-OP Game Video

    Yup, looks pretty interesting to me too
  10. Submarines ingame?

  11. As per the title: "When must Anniversary Tokens be spent by?" I've got about 180 left, do I have to spend them before the patch on Thursday after which they are "lost"?
  12. Update 0.7.9 PTS - General Feedback

    I know i'll get panned for asking but... aren't the PT rewards due from these two rounds?
  13. This is for KINGS clan

    Yup, the rest is wasted, save them for others ¬_¬
  14. This is for KINGS clan

    not in 1 game you cant, only the first is valid... the rest you wasted if spent on the same guy in the same match.