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  1. Bainsmit_steel

    When do the midway HE dive bombers finally get nerfed?

    It is funny how the most unbalanced class cry about lack of fairness...it is not so easy to hit dds with bombs even if it looks like it...and if dd is hit it should be hit not tickled..and if dd wonders too much from a team looking to ambush cv or some bbs then it is high risk high reward play so you must expect taht you can be obliterated...why dds do not complain about invisible torpedoes and other "balanced" staff...hitting dds with torpedoes is dds fault and not skill of cv captain..many dds are even faster then torpedoes...basically main damage dealer for Midway is HE bombs...if you nerf that there will be no more Midway...and if you come across some unicrum well tough luck...I had game where I had 0 damage against top Midway player so should i cry nope....you can not balance game around that but around average Joes which are most of us are.
  2. Bainsmit_steel

    The CV Captains Cabin

    Take care mate you will be missed :(....
  3. Bainsmit_steel

    Aircraft Carriers - Plans for the near future!

    In this state CVS are literaly unplaiable...again few unicrums are on rampage which makes us ordinary unable to play this class so everyone is not happy...today my squad got sloughtered by two ships 1 bb and 1 CA (not supe duper aa ships) in literaly 2 seconds and it was not flack but hat invisible dammage....i fear that this is not going into the right direction....
  4. Bainsmit_steel

    The CV Captains Cabin

    But that is the thing loss of planes do not mean a thing. In one game i deliberately destroyed every squad i flew and I still had 1/2 or even 3/4 of squad ready for next flight (if you cycle squads 1,2,3)...so you are not punished at all...mechanism per se is ok...but it does not punish anything....tough for now biggest concern is Haku stealth torpedoes...
  5. Bainsmit_steel

    The CV Captains Cabin

    If they want us to believe that they made rework in order to balance cv that is a big NO. I agree that console is written all over this rework also CV especially Hakyuru is even more unbalanced then any cv was before (if CV was unbalanced...many says yes...i do not think so...)....there is even some talks that one Haku player made 500 k of damage...also it has that torpedo exploit...not to mention that CVs now become uber sporting tool....and damage is not significantly less then before....CV now is also the least interactive class of all bacillary you can not do a thing apart to flay that little planes which loss does not mean a thing...this is not a good way...and I am betting that even less people will play cvs when hype is over...apart damage chasers they will play it.
  6. Bainsmit_steel

    The CV Captains Cabin

    New game play may attract some people but for us i think that game play is mildly said rubbish...but then again who likes it likes it who do not do not...only good thing is that some people can now play cvs on consoles....
  7. Bainsmit_steel

    The CV Captains Cabin

    It is consolized version of World of Warplanes...we expected it a long time ago....can it be fun...maybe...will die hard CV captains love it 99% no...but then again they are small minorirty...90% of population is welcoming those changes no matter they sux for us...If nothing those pesky AA divisions will loose on their importance at least a bit.
  8. Bainsmit_steel

    The CV Captains Cabin

    Well as we predicted a long time ago bye bye rts cvs welcome world of planes console cvs....for me it is not good at all for others maybe....i will just say what i said a long time ago if I wanted to play world of planes i would play that....if nothing uk cvs will soon emerge....
  9. Bainsmit_steel

    Worried CV Rework

    There are some rumors that CV rework will appear at late September.
  10. Bainsmit_steel

    The CV Captains Cabin

    I will say that you have a right to your opinion just like i have at mine. The thing is that as consolization is approaching nothing will be matter until then...so then we will moan about some other staff :). For HOTS for example you have 1-2 player que and team que 3+ but as i said it is not important....you will not change your mind nor will I :)...
  11. Bainsmit_steel

    The CV Captains Cabin

    With low population that might be the case that it is not viable to do the separation but regarding other claim that no other game or just a few do that do that I would say that many mayor games do that LoL, HOTS...so it is far from one... What is expected and what is are two different matters also even if people do cooperate when they are solo in game it can never be as effective as divisions as divisions use coordinating tools which are not viable to solo player (voice communication for one...and even if there are no voice they can pre define what and when each member will do...which is again not possible when you are solo). I do not say that beating division is impossible but it does decrease significantly CVs odds for victory (given if CV players have same skill cap) and it is particularity bad for CV play as CV is global power apart all other ships which are at best local one...so on that way basically the whole team suffers a lot. So if you are super duper CV player you will beat average cancer aa disivion alone but if you face unicrum player on another side with aa cancer division you will not beat enemy cv alone...not a chance in 90% of cases...
  12. Bainsmit_steel

    The CV Captains Cabin

    Yes and no. The main difference in CV play and other ships play is that your play style is different from other ships and in essence if they shut down CV they have massive advantage and influence on the whole game globaly..other divisions can have massive impact but it can be countered more efficiently and at least to my opinion does not have such global influence as AA CV divisions. Basically it should be done what all games do solo players should be separated from division players... Also in T10 people are the most rude and salty...
  13. Bainsmit_steel

    The CV Captains Cabin

    And if you play against AA cancer division and you are alone your chances for victory falls drastically...that is to my opinion the biggest problem in T10 for CV play...Strong AA can be countered in some ways if all players are solo, AA cancer division can not be countered so efficiently...
  14. Bainsmit_steel

    The CV Captains Cabin

    For Haku I agree. For ships it remains to be seen. As it is questionable can +30% HP trump lover speed in strong AA environment. as each second in strong AA bubble is few planes more lost..also as I said maneuvering is harder if speed of planes is lover so ships can be hit harder with torpedoes or bombs (the more agile ship is, the harder it gets...).... Also Haku will laugh more even if Midway do not choose new upgrade and Haku do.
  15. Bainsmit_steel

    The CV Captains Cabin

    For MIdway it is okish if you play against another midway....planes will have more hps...but it is debatable how longer they will last as they travel slower and AA damage per second :P...I would say it is more or less the same like usual upgrade if you play against strong AA setup and if you play against weaker AAs (like that thing exist ;) ) then it will be stronger...if you play against buffed haku i think that it is bad...also due lover speed maneuverability will be less which implies harder hitting more agile targets. For Haku it is good upgrade...it will allow its planes to outrun midway ones (like they could not do that right now...) and to strike faster any ship thus increasing possibility to survive as AA works per second again...also it will easier hit dds...and any other ship for that matter... So once again Haku beats Midway...