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  1. Bainsmit_steel

    How to see message(s) that I got banned for

    Thank you for your advises I started to do that from yesterday I had hope that it can be overcomed I also tried to replay few times but without luck so for me it is "ignore al"l mode from yesterday:)...things went too far...so not talking is probably the best option...in such environment...
  2. Honestly it does not looks like that problem is in hardware as all other games are working perfectly. If you use mods try deinstalling them they often can cause problems. Also try to set graphics to low to see what will happen. Sometime on some programs change of installing directory also can help (I know it sounds silly but it worked sometime for me).
  3. Bainsmit_steel

    How to see message(s) that I got banned for

    Well I personally think that biggest flaw of this game is its community it is not WG behavior it is not unbalanced ships it is not horrendous MM it is salty and unfriendly community...at the end at least to my opinion it turn more people away from this game then all other things combined...I also think from time to time to leave wows because of this as I play CVs mostly and am bad at all else (pls no comment of type it serves you well as you play CVs...) so I get constant harassing almost every day (no matter I played good or bad..)...sadly it will never change...and ultimately thats why this game despite its great potential will never reach large number of players as people comes to play an game and not to be bullied...despite how good or bad player is...
  4. Bainsmit_steel

    General CV related discussions.

    Audacious is so strong that he was nerfed in last patch so no no he is in fine state :) lol....
  5. Bainsmit_steel

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.10.1

    To access Brawls, you must have fought at least 130 battles in all available battle types. What does that sentence means? Does it means that you must in each separate battle type have at least 130 battle, also are "all battle" words include clan wars battles (which will make brawl unplayable for 80% of people) or it means Ranked, Random and CooP...or does that includes also mission battles or is that total of 130 battles plaid combined in all battle types or it is something else?
  6. Bainsmit_steel

    Campaigns seems impossible?

    You can repeat already finished missions so no need for particular ship in order to finish campaign.
  7. Bainsmit_steel

    MVR overnerfed?

    My experience is similar large bbs I can hit, smaller bbs and cruisers I can not...
  8. Bainsmit_steel

    MVR overnerfed?

    I am not aware of it but even then torps at mvr are meh at best.
  9. Bainsmit_steel

    MVR overnerfed?

    1. I did post because there is no other way to get other people experience. I was reluctant as I know what are the sentiments toward cvs. 2. I agree that old AP bombs was too accurate and did too much damage but now they can not hit a thing they are even worse then GZ AP bombs. 3. I did say that MVR should be addressedand I mean it but this recticle thingy is not solution it basically rendered AP bombs from OP to useless...at least for me...maybe some other players perform better. I personally think that bomb ap damage should be reduced and it would make life to all much easier and leave recticle like the old one. Regards,
  10. Bainsmit_steel

    MVR overnerfed?

    I do not want to start a flame war I just have an feeling tat MVR recent recticle change made it AP bombs from overprecise to not usable at all i.e they tend to go much near outer edge of recticle which make that you can barely hit even BBS with perfect drops...not to mention ca also even if it is a hit it do no damage...what are your experience about it? I do agree that state of mvr should be addressed but on that way mvr lost its main weapon more or less...or it is maybe only me...
  11. Sorry but divisions in Ranked are not fair thing as your chances for win on that way increases as you can coordinate game with your division mate and as ranked in this game is solo not going to happen. Some games did introduced two ranked systems one for solo and one for two man team but mixing solo with divisions in ranked is not good and not fair toward solo players.
  12. Bainsmit_steel

    Is too late for Hizen?

    I have one question about Hizen event. There are two starter packs in one article it states that you can buy one in one article state that you can get both. So what is the truth i.e can you choose from 4 or 10 stages or you can get 14 stages in total?
  13. Bainsmit_steel

    Clan name disapeared.

    I noticed also simmilar thingsnso it is still not fixed in full.
  14. Bainsmit_steel

    Chat server down?

    For me is not fixed I noticed the following: 1. I am in clan but when i am in game it does not show clan tag nor I can invite anyone in clan. 2. Clan message windows does not display clan tag. 3. Friends and blacklist does not show clan tags at all. So i would say not fixed in full at all.
  15. Bainsmit_steel

    Cant access Premium store or Armoury in port?!

    At my place game itself works all other things does not Shop, Armory, Chat. If I log from web browser Shop and Armory works but not all the times...so something is def broken.