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  1. I had also one FDR last night and CV died in the first 10 min of game...so either the man never plaied CV (then there is then a question how he got CV to test) or he was trolling either way it is a bad thing which hurth their team. Also if you are last with CV you are 90 % trolling or 10 % you never plaied CV before...CV can not be first anymore so often but last no way...even if you do just sub 50 k of dammage.... Also 120 k of dammage is not bad even 80 k if you did spottoing and other things is deacent....I know I know all on forum do 200k dammage every game...:)
  2. Bainsmit_steel

    Orkan impressions

    Does 5 knots for torpedoes justifies 2.4 km or range? Also considering torpedoe build i also think that European dds are more of torpedoe bots then gun boats depist its guns as once engnaged Eu dd can not disengage easily...so for me torpedoe is a way to go.
  3. Bainsmit_steel

    Update 0.8.8: Fourth Anniversary!

    As Ark Royal camo will be in the patch does that means that CV would be put on sale ins store also with new patch?
  4. Bainsmit_steel

    Research Bureau: New Rewards for Leveling Up

    I relay do not like idea....this is good only for realy hard core players and how much are of them? For me is thanks but no thanks...57000 points are around 5-6 tier X resets...this is nor inovative nor engaging...this is just one big boring grind fest...for truly devoted people to this game
  5. Bainsmit_steel

    CV Rework Discussion

    Truth AA was stronger but alpha was also much stronger...i honestly think that they could make rts cvs also good for playing but greed is wonder...
  6. Bainsmit_steel

    CV Rework Discussion

    If you play half competent you should not die in first 5-10 minutes...so given that cv should feel the same (for cv no plane no game)...and there are a game that all die (bbs,dds,Cas...) in first five minutes is that a base line for all? Not to mention that in 80% percent of time all ships have full strike force until the end...why would be then bad that cv has 30-50% strike force toward the end... 15 minutes are end... Btw I can loose all my planes in 1-3 minutes but that also should not be base line for deciding a thing as I can be a a bad player or an troll...
  7. Bainsmit_steel

    CV Rework Discussion

    Half squadron is ok in 12-15 minutes after the start but not 5-8 :)...
  8. Bainsmit_steel

    CV Rework Discussion

    Look my comment just a few post above yours i agree with you majority planes are lost on comeback not on run itself.
  9. Bainsmit_steel

    CV Rework Discussion

    And if you are dd cry babies then it is even more profitable :)....
  10. Bainsmit_steel

    CV Rework Discussion

    AS someone who plays CVs a lot here are my opinion: 1. Cvs..where on the strong side mainly because of unbalanced AA. 2. This was a try to balance things but I think that it is not good and funny enough not because I loose more planes but because I loose more planes when I can not do a thing i.e when they return to CV. Squad then despite size melt in few seconds...even when only one ship is there with mediocre AA. 3. There is a way to fly from AA zone and then try to return but result is almost the same as said in point 2. 4. Solution as I see it to tone down a bit AA or to decrease plane re spawn time or to give a little more returning immunity when F is pressed (that I think it is the most prudent). 5. Low plane or slow plane CVs should be buffed in some way (t8 are at bad spot apart maybe Enterprise). 6. GZ feel a bit more consistant but AP bombs are still pretty bad...they are mainly a miss weapon...if there is only two bombs like at GZ two scenarios are possible either they are like now but do more damage or they do less damage but they are much more precise....in today's form they are at bets meh.. and more frustration tool then relay a fun thing like all things in any game should be. On the bright side torepdoes are now fine. 7. If AA is buffed further as predicted I think that majority of CV players will loose all its planes in the first 8 minutes of the game thus making CVs unpliable. 8. I am at no means super player wr with CVs are somewhere around 55 % and total is 50% but I think that something must be done as in this state or even in future even more nerfed state CVs are no fun to anyone....damage wise I can still do around 100k...but damage is not all.. 9. Bottom line if CVs can not be brought to order they should relay be scraped then in total... in this game are much hate for Cvs but...game would be so boring without it and game play would be so stale and at least for me boring...(island HE spammers, sniper bbs, invisible dds etc...).. Those are my two cents... take care :)...
  11. Bainsmit_steel

    CV Rework Discussion

    Has anyone tired GZ on PTS? How it fare?
  12. Bainsmit_steel

    Which is the Best Premium CV?

    Is someone plaid GZ on PTS? IF so how it is it did get some buffs...along one giant nerf :)...
  13. Bainsmit_steel

    Which is the Best Premium CV?

    Gz now goes 180 without boost and around 250 with boost. In the future it will go 180 without boost and around 215 with boost...still a large Nerf...although it did get some buffs at bomb department...but I would say that overall it is Nerf.
  14. Bainsmit_steel

    Future Plans for Aircraft Carriers

    So to summarize you plaid UK CV line on Implacable you have 51% and on Audacious you have 40%...and yet you claim that they are op...but your favorite Kutuzov is not op (it is one of the worst over powered ships in WG history)...strange way of thinking...also what wr should be for cvs that you deems that they are not op ? Maybe 0%?
  15. Bainsmit_steel

    Graf Zeppelin underperforms. Please fix it.

    Funny my best average damage score is with Audacious (around 116k) and best win rate with Impacable around 60 % :)...also my worst average damage score is with midway around 90 k...Also big E is great CV...GZ is okeish but nothing spectacular i find game play for it a bit boring...I also like Shokaku...